Episode #10 – Great American Bash 1986

Dre and Black Cat discuss the classic GAB ’86, Black Cat RAGES ON DAVID CROCKETT, and Dre tells about the time he introduced the Chicken Gyro to Ricky Morton.

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  1. I love that Dre had to disguish that it was a mustached Tony Schiovone that commentated during the tape.

    I had heard the story about Robert Gibson wanting to go to Popeye’s, but was disappointed Dre didn’t say that when he asked, Gibson said “You got Popeye’s?” Also I’d never heard the chicken gyro story and I loved it. I have to think Morton was correcting Drake on how to pronounce gyro, which is funny because Ricky was dead wrong.

  2. Black Cat says:

    There is a HUGE difference between mustached Tony Schiavone and non-mustached Tony Schiavone. Perhaps two completely different people.

    And I’m very happy we know have an audio recording of the Ricky Morton Chicken Gyro story.

  3. Jeff says:

    A little knowledge for you guys, and Black Cat you should know this, being a Crockett Promotions guy. The National Heavyweight Title was merged with the US title. Sometime in August 86, Wahoo McDaniels beat Tully Blanchard for that belt, and about 10 days later had a unification bout with Nikita Koloff, with Koloff coming out on top. I owe you an answer on the TV belt. I believe there was a tournament for the creation of that belt. ILl get back to you on that.

    One other correction, not to act like a wise guy, but there weren’t 64 teams in the Crockett Cup. There were 24, with byes for the top 8 teams.

    You guys are the shizznit.

    I want to hear you guys do the PWI video for the Ringmasters GAB 85. Top to bottom great wrestling. I watched it about a hundred times and would love to hear your opinions for each match.

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks for the info. I’m a little sketchy on 86 history. Didn’t really start following religiously until Jan 87. I remember seeing some Saturday Nights from 86 on WWE 24/7 with the National title on it and the US title discussion.

      And I think we might’ve been blurring the Crockett Cup with the non-existent AWA title tourney that Stanley Blackburn didn’t have the capacity to book in 1983.

      • Jeff says:

        The NWA TV title was created in 1974 as the Mid Atlantic TV title, then merged to the NWA title in 1979. No additional pertinent info.

        My favorite period for pro wrestling was 1984 to 1994, being from NYC, I suprising had a bias toward the NWA, but also closely followed the WWF.

        I also had a major break due to my interest in actually having a life increased. Briefly back into it from 2003 to 2007, with being a fan of Flair and Triple H. Just not the same without those throwback issues of PWI, or the charasmatic wrestlers involved. Now that I’m a big fan of your podcast, and a historian of that era, I have confirmed that I indeed have no life. Can’t wait for the next episode!