#86 – Lightning Kid v Jerry Lynn, July 13, 1991

We go global this week on the Old School Wrestling Podcast with this review of a light heavyweight match between Lightning Kid aka 123 Kid aka Syxx aka X-Pac aka Sean Waltman vs Jerry Lynn aka Mr. JL aka Jerry the Ram for the GWF light heavyweight championship. Dre also shares a heartwarming story about his Christmas present for his wife. Please support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com where you can buy our tremendous “mail-order wrestling gimmicks” t-shirt, posters, and the box set of our first 50 episodes.

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  1. For “the Rumble Prediction”/Episode 87, I hope you guys cover either the 1999, 2001, or the 2002 Rumbles. Why those Rumbles?

    The 1999 Rumble has the memorable “I Quit” match for the WWF Championship where the Rock defeated Mankind with at least a dozen chair shots to the head, even back then, was hard to watch. The Rumble match itself tells a different story with Austin and McMahon using the match as a continual storyline for their feud.

    The 2001 Rumble has a card full of awesome matches. The Ladder match between Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental title has to be one of my personal favorite matches (besides being a huge Jericholic, of course). The Walls of Jericho spot on the top of the ladder has to be one of the few replayed memories that doesn’t get played because of Benoit… 🙁 The WWF title match between Kurt Angle and Triple H has to be amazing too, simply because of their technical ability. The Rumble match has to be the first time when the Rumble “went hardcore” and featured some weapons, and Al Snow using his bowling ball spot to someone’s junk.

    The 2002 Rumble has to be summed up as this link: http://camelclutchblog.com/wwe-royal-rumble-2002-review/ – a review I did on the PPV.

    Awesome podcast between the Kid and Lynn. I enjoyed the brief history lesson of Global Wrestling Federation and Dre’s legal decision between the GWF and the WWF, for the dispute of “the world versus the globe!” I’d love to hear more matches of smaller promotions or less known promotions like this podcast, even if your information isn’t up to par!

  2. "Oh, you didn't know!?!" says:

    Listened to this today on a lengthy drive. Once again, another great podcast gentlemen. Without giving it much thought I listened episode 50 afterwards. Needless to say I now feel extremely well versed in the life and career of Scott Hudson.

  3. Brian says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to find some way to work “Mexican Ceiling Hug” into my daily conversations.

  4. indiandeathlock says:

    Please post the unedited Nash bumper. I am laughing so hard.


    • As soon as he said “I’ll tell you later”, I knew he didn’t buy it. Gotta try and talk to the guy down. Based on the reality tv that I watch, you can basically get anything for 50-75% of the asking price.

  5. Dogfaced Kremlin says:

    Good episode, as always, but I had a problem hearing the final 15 minutes. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my download, but at approximately the 1 hour mark, the episode abruptly just starts over.

    As I said, perhaps it’s just my download, but if anyone had this issue, it’d be good to know it’s not just me. And, of course, how to fix this?

  6. Dre, I wish I would’ve known about Barmitzvah Wrestling before I met your mom. I would’ve thanked her profusely for calling GWF that.

    Jook, you should never have to get Dre’s permission to read my comments. In fact, mine should have their own segment each episode.

  7. RagnarR says:

    Thanks for more unearthing of obscure promotions. Would love to get your take on Lighting Kid’s “deadly elbow knock” to the mic (@ 00:46) http://youtu.be/or4ZtKQl9pQ Sure is weird seeing both Sean Waltman & Jerry Lynn without facial hair & intro music.

    Apparently the GWF had initial financial backing from a sketchy Nigerian investor http://wrestlingclassics.com/.ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=109539 Also, the wiki page for Pedicino says he was promised a $10 million dollar investment but went with another investor after the deal fell through.

    If you guys ever do a OSWP Roadshow from the Bay Area, I’ll get you some proper Mexican food – no Carlos O’ Brien’s here. Though, I once thought about getting “Tex-Mex” food in Norway. (Burrito with pickled herring?) Also, we need a campaign to get Mexican ceiling hug & Bar mitzvah wrestling to get into Urban Dictionary or at least start a super feud* on these ideas.

    * to use another OSWP-ism

  8. jackie crockett's library card says:

    Hey gents,
    Love the podcast. I vaguely remember giving Blackcat a best of Lightning Kid tape, and much like any other tape I’m sure I said “this is the best match ever”. Now that I think about it I really should dig that tape up and see how good it was. All kidding aside Lynn and Waltman had great chemistry and when you figure what else was going on in American wrestling at the time…this shit was crazy. Having worked a few shows with these guys, the discussion on who fared better over the years is no contest.
    I was on a bus with Waltman for about 4 hours and he was passed out for most of it. The highlight was when he was conscious and we were playing the wrestler name game. As we played, it was the last letter of the wrestler to start the next name. He had to come up with a wrestler whose name started with an “X”. We all sat and stared as he racked his brain until finally getting an assist to come up with “X-Pac”. So I’d say Jerry faired a bit better. Nevertheless, great match and lots of fun to listen to as always.

    Keep up the good work

    • Dre says:

      First off, it’s about time you stopped writing your episode notes in a scratch pad and shared them with the rest of the Internet connected world.
      Second, I would love to know how many other VHS wrestling mix tapes you had in that neon green Honda.

    • How the F did you come up with Jackie Crockett’s Library Card?