#85 – OSWP Holiday Tag Team Double Feature Spectacular 2012

We celebrate the holidays by reviewing two TREE-MENDOUS tag team matches that both happened on Christmas days of old school wrestling-past. First, we watch a battle between the Midnight Express and the Fantastics for the American Tag Team titles on December 25, 1984 in Dallas, Texas and then we hop on a plane and fly up to St. Paul, Minnesota for a brutal grudge match in a cage between the Midnight Rockers and Buddy Rose and his partner Doug Somers from the evening of December 25, 1986. We also have a surprise visit from the Macho Claus and then open some tremendous presents. Please support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com where you can buy our tremendous “mail-order wrestling gimmicks” t-shirt, posters, and the box set of our first 50 episodes.

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  1. Daniel Brewer says:

    Hey guys I am in the middle of the podcast and had to post this. I just watched a Fantastics shoot interview and they had two great Von Erich stories. The fist was about Kevin, they said they were in the looker room and Kevin walked in with a rusted saw blade and thought it would be funny to throw the blade a peoples bare feet. The second was on Kerry they said he found a stray cat outside the arena brought it in the looker room and and started slinging by its tail around his head until he ripped the tail off. Had to share these two stories.
    Thanks Guys, Hope you guys have a great Christmas.

  2. Frankito S says:

    A yuletide Classic! Big Sexy intro? those Shirts must be selling like hotcakes! always a great job fellas.

    some of my personal Favortie Moments:
    -The Vocal Stylings of the Black Cat!!!!!!
    -Dre doing a Boston accent for New Yorkers that shop at Trade Fair!
    -Dre Name dropping Bowie and Bing Crosby!!
    -Dre Slurping water like he had just emerged from a weeks vacation in the sahara desert!!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Dre, Black Cat and all the OSWP peeps!

  3. Oh, how I love these double length holiday spectacular episodes. Macho Claus responding to our letters to him had me literally crying laughing at my desk at work. And I somehow had to laugh that hard without making any noise, because I would be the crazy guy laughing at his desk for no reason. And how do you explain to co-workers that you are laughing at Macho Claus fancying Bray Wyatt’s walking stick, and telling you that his breath is starting to smell like rotten pepperoni from all the Slim Jims? YOU CAN’T. So be warned everyone. You will laugh. A lot.

    And so what if I enjoy Colonel DeBeers. He’s a cool dude. Besides the whole apartheid thing.

  4. Nice on getting Kevin Nash to introduce the show! Did you get his the same time as you got Booker T.’s? Can we expect more wrestling stars doing intros in the future?

    Jook bringing up his grandma makes me wish Dre could bring his “grandma” on the podcast. She could teach us all how to throw powder in your opponent’s eyes.

    I remember liking Carlos O’Kelly’s. Of course, I haven’t had it in about 15 years and my whole life if you stick a burrito in front of me, I’ve always been happy.

    I never understood how guys like Buddy Rose could wrestle long, fast-paced matches and take big bumps and not have a heart attack by the end. Dusty Rhodes and Adrian Adonis are other examples. They don’t look like athletes, but they sure work like it.

    Macho Clause was a lot of fun, but that Nicholas Cage impression was the pits.

    Fun episode as always, gents. Happy Holidays!

  5. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Happy Christmas, gentlemen!! As per usual, I loved this week’s episode. Why? Let’s see…1) You featured 2 non WWF/WCW promotions 2) WCCW on Christmas are, historically, one of their best cards of the year. I loved the aural picture that you painted of the crowd. I could practically smell the spilled Lone Star Beer! 3) Macho Claus! Where have you been hiding him? He’s a piss riot!! Quick tempered though. 4) Last, but not least, The Cat’s reaction to Dre’s gift gave a different look at the wolds greatest podcast hosts. Excellent! I hope you guys, and your families, have a great holiday. As I always say, thanks for all of your efforts in providing Smarks like me, Dead Reckoning, Dirty Dog Darcie, Bad News Boucher, etc. continuous great programs!!!

  6. I have yet to do any serious comparative listening, but the sound Black Cat makes when describing the Buddy Rose crotch job is eerily similar to the sound that the possessed Regan makes when first doused with holy water in “The Exorcist”.

  7. holzhammer says:

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Great show guys, a really good start into
    the holidays. Cheers to you and best regards
    to the one and only Macho Claus.

    Merry Merry Christmas!

  8. The Last Von Erich says:

    Great job. Not sure if you know but Marc Lourance use his Wrestling commentary money to pay his way through Divinity School. He is now a Methodist Minister using much of what he learned from pro wrasslin no doubt.

  9. Tough as Nails says:

    I get a real kick out of the way Black Cat remembers events with food choices. The 20 McNuggets thing a couple episodes back and the spicy peanut brittle were great sensory association. I have a buddy who played offensive tackle for the University of Minnesota. We would go to Arby’s often as that was his favorite place. They had a family meal deal where you got 5 large sandwiches, 2 large fries, 2 large drinks. That’s what he would order…for himself. Then he would get dessert and definitely would scrounge another 500 calories off of the people he was sitting with. So impressive to see somebody do that just as a normal lunch on a Tuesday.

    Carlos O’Kelly’s as a half-Mexican restaurant/half-Irish pub was a great observation too. There’s one here in the town I live in and I’ve never seen more than 5 cars in the parking lot…yet it’s been open for like 15 years. They must get their food at diiiirt cheap prices to stay afloat.

    Macho Claus was spectacular. It went on a little long (though thankfully not as long as the Stone Cold parody) but I laughed a number of times. Well done.

    Nice to see that I’ve been listening and thinking about this stuff for a few months and NOW because of this podcast I realize there’s a forum. D’oh. Maybe I should have been clued in by the “forums” link at the top?