Episode #9 – WrestleMania VI

Dre and the Black Cat EXIT THE STRATOSPHERE reviewing WrestleMania VI! Ultimate Warrior is nuts! And his hair is teased!

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  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Its me, its me, its D-L-P. Great choice for a podcast. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one completely dumbfounfed by pipers questionable decision to go black face. When I watched it live, I totally remember thinking “this is f#%ked”. I was 8. Also, best of line of the night was when Ventura pondered “did they just announce Dusty and Sapphire coming in at a combined weight of 469 lbs?! Are you telling me that Rhodes only weighs 200?”

    Also I was able to attend wrestlemania live this year (also went to WM7-that’d be an awesomely bad show to review). Brief notes-Crowd was WAY more lively then what came across. The pyro was insanely good. Who in the blue hell is yoshi tatsu? I’m buzzed while being the only guy in our section cheering for CM punk. The bret hart match was an abortion and actually didn’t even meet my insanely low expectations. Everyone in the crowd who remembers bret seems depressed. Missed the entire ladies match. Surprisingly, I heard it wasnt that good. I’m drunk for the batista/cena match and LOVING it. Who saw that coming…….seriously. Tons of Cena marks in the crowd. Schnockered for the main event and cheering-my-ass off. Crowd was very pro-HBK. HUGE “thank you shawn” and “HBK” chants at the end. Lost $50 to my girlfriends brother gambling on sporting events with pre-determined outcomes (no one picked Swagger to win MITB). That’s it from the bleachers.

  2. David Lo Pan says:

    And yes, I do recognize the irony of cheering for CM punk while drinking 10 dollar beers

  3. Black Cat says:

    Welcome back, DLP!

    Congrats on the trip to WM26! I was at WM13 in Chicago, but I really want to make it to a big stadium WrestleMania. Big arena crowds always come across flat, sadly. That Bret match was just bizarre. I liked Batista/Cena but liked their Extreme Rules match more. Would’ve loved to see the HBK/Taker match live. We have an annual WM pool, but for the low entrance fee of $1!

  4. Uncle Soda says:

    Great recap as always. The discussion about Piper was hilarious, but the funniest exchange you ever did was the one with Warriors new tassles. If I knew how to do it I’d sample it and use it as a ringtone. “Do not let Hulk Hogan see my tassles. It’s a surprise”. i must have repeated it 25 times when I heard. Laughed like an idiot on the train 😀 Awesome, guys””

  5. Black Cat says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Dre cracks me up all the time.

  6. Trak9 says:

    Sapphire was from St. Louis and she used to drive the wrestlers around whenever they were in St. Louis so a lot of the older wrestlers like Ted Dibiase recognized her. Also Slick and Bad News Brown were not fans of the Sapphire name for obvious reasons.

    Haku probably the toughest guy to ever step into a wrestling ring who was not some sort of shooter. I’m sure you guys know the story about how he took out one of Jimmy Jack Funk’s (Jesse Barr) eyes when Jesse was talking smack somewhere in the Carribean. One of Haku’s sons (not sure if he has more than one) is in WWE development in Florida. Haku was the Rock’s best man when he got married and I believe he still works at a car dealership in Florida.

    Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior both made a million each for their match. I believe Pat Patterson helped plan out their match.

    I believe you guys are right when you said that Wrestlemania 6 was Andre’s last match. He was at Wrestlemania 7, A televised WCW event (I believe a Clash of Champions) and he wrestled in Japan with Giant Baba against Smash and Crush of Demolition a few weeks before he passed away.

    Bill Eadie (Ax of Demolition) slowed down due to getting sick from all of his trips to Japan over the years which included eating the food over in Japan(before all the standands with say sushi for example).