#83 – Starrcade 1985: The Gathering at David Crockett’s House

We celebrate another Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Crockett and the rest of the gang along with the OSWP listeners as we review Starrcade 85. Gather with us as we enjoy fine dishes from our listeners including 2 Cold Green Bean Salad, Cran-Barry Windham Sauce, Sushi Kabobs on Asiatic Spikes, Prince of Darkness Potato Puffs, and much much more. Please support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com where you can buy our tremendous “mail-order wrestling gimmicks” t-shirt, posters, and the box set of our first 50 episodes.

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  1. Frankito says:

    was that anomoly on Dusty’s stomach created when Plymouth Rock landed on him?

  2. Eric Miller says:


  3. Dan Rackley says:

    This is a late entry for the Crockett Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration, but I’m going to suggest for next year somebody bring Barry Darsow’s Break-Your-Stinkin-NeckBone Soup.

  4. MoolahTossedSalad says:

    Great show guys..Gave BC the info on twitter concerning krusher.

    Darsow was doing jobs in mid south and he faced Nikolai Volkoff..Volkoff beat him down and somehow Nikolai’s beat down made barry love russia…He went by krusher darsow(didn’t shave his head though) and still was a jobber to the stars unless teaming with volkoff..He got a push later as TV champ before heading to florida for a while then to mid atlantic.

  5. The Big Slow says:

    Hey fellas like that distant cousin you’ve only heard stories about I have shown up unexpectedly for the first time bearing food too show my well meaning. I have recently learned of this podcast and well done boys. I look forward to listening too more great shows and commenting on the days of yesteryear.

    Ohh yeah my dishes this year are…

    The Big Show-Slaw
    Mr. Wonderful Paul Corn ” on the cob ” dorff
    Betty Rockers Cornbread
    Savage Peas

    and to wash it all down
    El Matatdor Tito Santana-ria… A high flying luchadore prison style of wine punch typical of Spain, Portugal, México, and Argentina. It normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy… circa 1984 when Tito won the IC belt.

    and for dessert
    Brutus the Barber ” Beet ” Cake… I hear its like carrot cake but I doubt it…

    sorry no turkey. I had one. A purely sexy on I liked to call Michael Blaze but I had to let him go. It didnt feel right I just had to… I dont know. Fellas enjoy the food and keep on keepin on.

    Wellll its the Bigggg Sllloooowwwww! The biggest, baddest, slow in town. Welll its the Big Slooowwwwww *drops mic*

  6. Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

    A few things:

    It’s been a while since I listened to the bonus WrestleMania III show you guys did, but if memory serves me correctly, did you guys mention during that podcast that show maybe the only time you’ll cover a “Billy Jerk” Haynes match? Cause if so, you guys covered TWO BILLY JERK HAYNES matches with this awesome podcast!!! 😀

    And a story along with listening to this podcast over the holiday season…I did listen to the show on Thanksgiving (partly) — I listened to the show while at work stacking boxes for an 11 hour day. I would of listened to the show if I didn’t have a “date” on Saturday over seeing the family for Thanksgiving. Don’t worry guys, she already turned me down, not once, but twice. BURN!

    Thanks for the awesome show and thanks for finishing up the “Jesse the Body Hot Dish” and letting Dusty win the Pose Down at the Crockett’s. Man, he’s a poor loser!

    PS: Beverly Hills Vangpire = Eric Darsie’s Former Roommate
    PSS: Beverly Hills just got dirtied!

  7. Another great show. I am happy to say OSWP was a soundtrack to the maiden voyage of my new tour bus. Nothing better than pushing diesel down the 401 TransCanada and listening to a blow by blow of Starcade 85. Will post an interior photo of the bus once I have my Dean Stahl Savage/Elizabeth poster properly mounted.

  8. holzhammer says:

    Just found a fact, you may not have known:

    David Crockett had a short career as a wrestler
    – he was called David Finlay!


    (scroll below the first two newspaper-clips an see
    the entry “Charleston SC 72/08/11”!



  9. Dogfaced Kremlin says:


    Apologies for not being able to make it to David’s place. I know I missed out on some wonderful dishes.

    I was actually in New York watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as I listened to Dre mangle Crusher Kruschev, Black Cat doze off between Dusty and Wahoo McDaniel, and both of you gush so much deserved praise on the epic Magnum TA-Tully Blanchard cage match.

    While I wasn’t there to hear Dusty regale us with tales of “clubberin and goin’ to the pay windah,” being able to reflect on the events that could’ve caused a South Carolian like Barry Darsow to adopt the Communist teachings of Ivan & Nikita made me feel like I was right by the Crockett’s fireplace, sipping a post-turkey brandy as I watched Dusty and Ole nearly come to blows over that last, lonely drumstick.

    Happy holidays all around, OSWP-brethren!


    Dogfaced Kremlin

    (*barks in faux-Russian accent*)

  10. RagnarR says:

    Hey Dre & Black Cat,

    Thanks a lot for the invite for David Crockett’s house & I’m glad you liked my the food I made from the soon-to-be diabolically popular Kevin Sullivan Cookbook (page 666). I have great memories of this Starrcade & my then 15 yr. old squared circle-obsessed self in the lead up to it that summer as it rekindled my interest in wrestling. Now listening to OSWP is my new Thanksgiving tradition!

    Some other stuff:

    1) Seitan is pronounced “satan” & since it originates from the Sullivan’s Far East home (er, East Asia not Boston) does the devil’s work, eef yew wheel.
    2) I think Hector Guerrero had an identity crisis between using his Lazertron light to cook the turkey. Eventually led him to sympathizing with the soon to be cooked bird that made him shed a tear in memory of his days/daze as The Gobbledy Gooker.
    3) Sure, Krusher Khruschev might sound like the guy from a Greensboro auto parts store (with a slight Minnesota accent) BUT note the deep Cold War intrigue he represents. Take it from Tony Schiavone himself:


    (Tony): “He was born in Russia – raised in the USA…”
    (Tony & David): “he’s a traitor…”
    (Tony): “he grew up knowing and thinking much better than this (communist ideology).”

    OK, I dunno what a guy in a gorilla suit has to do with this but check the sidebar of that clip and eureka! a bunch of videos on Stalin & Lenin. Coincidence? I think not!

    Now, Tony WAS gonna tell you this himself at Thanksgiving but he got into the cooking sherry and tried to use Abdullah’s forehead as a coin slot for his laundry.

    Anyway, idea for next year: Soviet Salad topped with Krusher Khruschev’s Communist Crutons – the latter of which can be transformed from New Breed Breadsticks. (*Ivan Koloff voice*): “Soon you feel wrath of Motha Russia’s Kitchen!”

    – RagnarR

    P.S. – Any similarity to myself and RoyalityFreeHeavyMetalVanHammer like that of Dusty & The Midnight Rider are purely coincidental.

  11. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Congrats, boys! Without a doubt, my favorite episode yet! Right smack dab in the middle of my favorite era for wrestling. Like Dre, I loved Tully. He was the shit! The coolest heel to ever lace on a pair of boots! The fabulous “I Quit” match was, is, and always will be my all time favorite match. I had to get my VHS copy of Thr Best Of Starrcade” and watch it for the millionth time after listening to the show. Still love it to this day! Great job of commentary on this outstanding card of wrestling. As always, thanks for your efforts, boys!

  12. I can’t thank you, Dre, enough for explaining what a pole match is in Dusty’s words. I was hoping Jook would play along a bit with my request for you to describe the rules of a pole match, but I’ll take what I can get.

    How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It’s this really obscure number, you’ve probably never heard of it.

    Dre, I’ll give you a pass for Krusher Kruschev. It’s a tongue twister, after all.

  13. Jerryvonkramer says:

    So much fun and thanks for the unexpected shout out at the end of the show.

    It’s weird that I feel like I actually have real memories of last year’s thanksgiving party, with Dusty and David and all the family. Ha ha.

    I am hoping for an end-of-year extravaganza show from you two. If this takes, I would be most grateful if Dre could take 5 minutes out of the show to run down what are — at least in my view — his top 5 impersonations.

    In descending order:

    5. Kermit Schiavone — a recent addition to Dre’s locker of impressions but a welcome one.

    4. Big Daddy — Some weird mangled Dick Van Dyke shit that almost made me crash my car it made me laugh so hard.

    3. Stu Hart — rapidly emerging as a crowd favourite, in time may even rise above Dusty.

    2. Dusty Rhodes — the ol’ faithful, makes an appearance on every show, but never lets the side down, if you will

    1. Pervy Jim Barnett, it might have been a one-off but it was absolutely unforgettable. What a dark figure.

    I encourage other listeners to name their own Dre impressions. Maybe there are a few I forgot about.

    In other news, I reviewed Starrcade 85 on the little podcast I do with Chad from Georgia – Where the Big Boys Play. Find that and other episodes here:


    If you scroll to the end, the guest on our last show was Jason Mann. On the NEXT show, which will be on the Crockett Cup 88, OSW-favourite AtomicElbow will be making an appearance and we have some good guests lined up for the shows after that too.

    However, I still hold out hope of one day working with the masters. A man’s gotta dream!

  14. Jerryvonkramer says:

    And since I didn’t get a chance to do this before:

    Greg “The Ham” Valentine
    Hammy Fernandez
    Isaac Yank-ham
    Hacksaw Jim Dug-ham
    Vince McHam
    The Macho Ham Hammy Savage
    Rugged Ronnie Gravy, with his “Hams on the Bone”
    Ham! (Sting!)

  15. RagnarR says:

    Other Dre impressions:

    Bob Caudle – A new one but very accurate in capturing Caudle’s grandpa-like voice.

    Andre the Giant – I believe this one was on the Andre vs. Stan Hansen episode, brief & to the point.

    Japanese Dusty or Dustysan – Mentioned on the Halloween Havoc ’97 ep. I hope Dre gets a puroresu phrase book for Xmas and translates that into Dusty-isms. (Or at the least I could ask my co-worker from Tokyo how to say “Belly-welly” or “funky like a monkey”).

    Now that I think about there should be an LP’s worth of Dre “greatest hits of Wrestling impressions”. Do you think Rhino or K-Tel would be the idea label? Oh and sorry if my earlier comment was too over the top. Must’ve been that Mello Yellow-vodka mix I got from behind the Techwood Drive podium.

  16. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Don’t usually do this, but thought I’d make an exception given who is involved … just posting the show we did with Robert aka The Atmomic Elbow. He’s a very funny guy:



    See the website for descriptions: http://jerryvonkramer.ipage.com/podcast/where-the-big-boys-play/

  17. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Don’t usually do this, but thought I’d make an exception given who is involved … just posting the show we did with Robert aka The Atomic Elbow. He’s a very funny guy:



    See the website for descriptions: http://jerryvonkramer.ipage.com/podcast/where-the-big-boys-play/