#82 – Showdown At The Corral, December 15, 1995

This week we get obscure with this rare gem of a show from the Calgary Corral. What happens when you put together a show in honor of the great Stu Hart’s birthday? A lot of fun, some great wrestling, Ed Whalen and some amazing Canadian commercials. We also go over Dre’s tongue lashing from last episode and discuss the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner at the Crockett household. Please support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com where you can buy our tremendous “mail-order wrestling gimmicks” t-shirt, posters, and the box set of our first 50 episodes.

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  1. I had no idea this show existed. Thanks for this review!

    Dre…Sean Whiteman? Glen Gilbaldi? Love you anyways 🙂

    I have no idea what happened to 1-2-3 Kid/Syxx/X-Pac in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Maybe he figured amazing wrestling won’t get you over, so why bother. I heard his matches with El Generico at Chikara’s King of Trios either this year or last is just incredible. Apparently he was his old early to mid-90’s self again. He was on an indy show I used to frequent a couple years ago and had what I thought was the best match I’d ever seen in that promotion.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Terry Funk do intentional comedy. I have to see this show now.

    Laughed out loud at work during Dre’s Stu Hart impression. Everyone’s Stu impression is the same, but it doesn’t make it any less hysterical.

    I can’t agree enough that house shows are always better than TV tapings. Instead of playing to the camera, they’re playing to the crowd. If the wrestlers botch something, they have fun with it instead of trying to cover it up. I heard about one time where it was Randy Orton vs. Batista, and they messed up the Batista Bomb finish. They did it again and when Orton was up for the move, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders as if to tell the audience “yeah, we messed up. It happens”.

  2. Frankito says:

    HITMAN! the bible of professinal wrestling?

    i think ” my life in wrestling by playboy gary hart is as close to a bible that pro wrestling has. it may not be as thick as brett harts book, but its full off inside information on the sport from a booker and wrestlers view.

    yet another great show boys, i had never even heard of this! so now i have to find it!!!!


    • Black Cat says:

      I’ve heard mixed reviews of the Hart book…..I’m a huge fan of Matysik books, specifically the Brody book.

  3. Dbrewer9783 says:

    I have been listing to your podcast for a while now and love the show. I do listen to a lot of podcasts but not a lot of wrestling shows. I did listen to new one this week and now realize just how good your show is. Don’t wanna bury another show just wanted to let you guys knew how much I like your show. Big fan from N.C.

  4. Jblcenafan says:

    Hey guys , great show as always. Just wanna say it’s great hearing your shows on my long drive to work. Your love for wrestling and funny insight are very entertaining. Other pod casters tend to waste show time putting themselves over and talk for 30 minutes about everything but wrestling at the start of every show… Thanks for staying on topic.

    • Black Cat says:

      I remember one of the first thing Dre told me was “don’t talk about ourselves, talk about wrestling.” Honestly, wrestling is far more interesting than anything else we could talk about.

  5. Mike C says:

    Great show guys. Here are my picks for the funniest parts of the show, just for the hell of it:

    Dre: “He had a family of 12 brothers and sisters who were all just fucked up in the head”

    Cat is not fond of Tor Kamata’s optimist for Stu Hart’s future: “Hes only 80 years old he can go another 50!!”
    “… unfortunately i think he would only go another five…”

    The debate on whether Stu Hart was injured by a fire truck or not, and how to ask Bret about it.

    Talking about the old infomercials and their CALL IN THE NEXT 15 MINUTES schtick.

    Cat: “out comes Keith Hart”
    Dre: “one of my least favorite Harts”
    Cat: “he’s a very special Hart”

    Cat: “For no reason the ref just says….. you know what? continue the match”

    Dre and Cat being both disturbed and confused by Ed Whalen hammering home how good of a guy (and how small!) Chris Benoit is.

    Cat thinking a guy in the ring next to Stu is Larry Bird LOL. Dre disagrees, and proposes that ALL Canadians look like Larry Bird.

    • Black Cat says:

      I still claim that was Larry Bird.

      • Frankito says:

        is it that far fetched to think that Larry Bird was trained in the dungeon? you dont hit that many three pointers unless you have an intense fear of missing. im sure old stu would strech Larry if he missed too often. and that was probably the ONLY story brett left out of his book

  6. I believe the Hart/Pillman team went by the name of, wait for it… BAD COMPANY for while.

    • Yeah that’s it! I remember from some dvd that there was a promo from them and they debuted their new piece of merch– the BAD BUNNY! A stuffed bunny wearing sunglasses.

    • Black Cat says:

      I think Diamond Dallas Page might have a problem with that name.

  7. BlackRockABilly says:

    Never knew this show existed but sounds like it was a very decent show at the least…As you guys were going over the shows card I couldnt help but think about the Terry Funk retirement show from “Beyond The Mat” and it made me go into further thought….I wonder did Stu Hart had to deal with any friends like Dennis Stamp while putting this show together? What do you guys think? Love the show I’m a new listener and WILL be purchasing the box set very soon! Thanks and keep up the great work! -BlackRockABilly

    • Black Cat says:

      No way. Stu would’ve just stretched Dennis until he did what he told him to do.

  8. Frankito says:

    the Hart/Pillman team should have been called “Pill Hartman”

  9. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Still catching up, half way through the Havoc 97 show. Want to just put this down as a marker:

    Dre going apeshit on for like 5 whole minutes on Blackcat for underplaying Arn’s injury is one of the greatest fucking moments in the history of this show. I think we need to try to come up with a top 10 OSWP moments for the end-of-year show.

    THAT has to be in there.

    Also, anyone else noticed that Dre’s Tony Schiavone sounds just like Kermit the Frog?

  10. BJ says:

    Awesome episode! I vaguely remember this show happening. You guys mentioned you couldn’t think of too many promoters that Vince would let his guys go work for that wasn’t on his watch. You mentioned Fritz Von Erich might have been one of those guys, but then retracted that statement. In fact, Vince did let Ricky Steamboat compete on a Cotton Bowl Show in 1986 against The Mighty Zulu.


  11. Patrick M says:

    I will admit that I have only listened to about 20 minutes of one of your podcasts, but in that short time I realized…this is the podcast for me. I was an 80s wrestling junkie, and only had a handful of really dedicated wrestling friends. Haven’t been this pumped since I met another guy that actually owned Champions of the Galaxy (and had way more cards than I did).

    Hopefully I’ll start catching up on your past episodes, but wanted to get this out now to keep doing what you are doing. I’m really looking forward to it.

  12. Best episode yet.
    Ed Whalen, Razon Ramon Mullet, Stampede Wrestling, Hart Family, attempts at Canadian Politics/Geography.
    5 star.

  13. JamGlad says:

    I must admit that I never saw anything in Alex Wright that made me think he was good, WCW was the one pushed him to the point of obserdity, and I have a story to prove it. I once went to a WCW house show, and Alex Wright was on the undercard with the main event billed as Sting vs Earthquake. When it came time for Alex Wright to wrestle the sound system was malfunctioning so Alex Wrights music could not play. Sting came out to the ring at this point and said that he wasn’t going to wait to get his hands on Earthquake, he wanted him right now! So just because Alex Wright couldn’t come out and do his dance routine WCW decides to go ahead and have the main event of card as the 2nd match! I could never figure out why they pushed that guy so hard when he had zero talent. Also on this show Harlem Heat took on the Nasty Boys and that match alone was worth the price of admission. Those two teams tore the house down for about 25mins. I don’t even remember who won, but man was it good!

  14. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Great f-ing episode, boys!! You gotta go on Youtube and check out Ole Anderson’s Stu Hart impersonation. Priceless!! Totally agree on the Bret Hart book being the standard bearer of wrestling books! Actually read it twice! I also recommend Terry Funk and Stained Belly’s books as well! Both good reads! Just got Brody’s book, and have to say that I thought it was Matsyick’s weekest. Too much from Bruiser’s wife.

  15. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Laughed out loud and hard at Dre’s Larry Bird comment. “When I think of a typical Canadian, I think of Larry Bird”. Almost crashed my car.

  16. ElvisBoogens says:

    Going through all of the available back episodes. I’m a newcomer to the show but I love it with my entire heart and soul. I ESPECIALLY love Dre’s Dusty impressions. “Domo Arigato, if you weeeel” just made me spit soda everywhere. Moving on to Thanksgiving….

  17. Tough as Nails says:

    I was expecting a lot more Canadian schtick than what came out. Though the “expectations” of father’s in the 50’s was quite fantastic. Growing up in a family of all boys where the gap between oldest/youngest is 13 years made it very poignant when the “Owen had to sleep in the girls room” revelation came out. Pretty sure my youngest brother was introduced to more ideas by the time he was 6 than I knew at 16.

  18. theburningzone says:

    Davey boy smith, owen hart, brain pillman and chris benoit four of the five matches had at least one wrestler that have died since then