The OSWP T-Shirt!

Dear listeners (and non-listeners!) of the Old School Wrestling Podcast,

Dre and myself are thrilled to announce the debut of the first Old School Wrestling Podcast t-shirt, designed by the amazing Box Brown who’s been featured in such rags as Mad Magazine and and helps run Retrofit Comics at

We’ve been thinking about the OSWP t-shirt for awhile. We wanted to do it right. We didn’t just want to throw a logo on a shirt and call it good. We wanted a t-shirt that captured our personalities and our (and many of our listeners) perspective on professional wrestling. After being introduced to Box’s art via the Atomic Elbow print zine with his amazing adaptation of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 10 lists and getting to know him via Twitter, both Dre and I felt like he could come up with something that would really capture the spirit of the podcast.

We initially gave Box some vague ideas and he came back with some good sketches, but we weren’t happy yet. Finally Dre came up with the amazing “OSWP mail order gimmick” idea. We sent the general idea and some scans of old mail order gimmick ads and Box ran with it and blew our minds with his design, coming up with all of the specifics on the shirt. Special thanks to Atomic Elbow on the last minute proof reading.

If you’re interested in our shirts, posters, or box set, please click the banners to the right to get to our online store. As always, we appreciate your support. Thanks for listening!

Black Cat


  1. Irrestable object says:

    As a tripwire to Akeem, the Big show , big Boss man and Andre the giant. Can you make the shirt available in a larger size specifically 5xl-t?

  2. Dogfaced Kremlin says:

    Just ordered the shirt and Gimmick poster. Very excited to listen to the new podcast and proudly drop some elbows on the world while displaying my OSWP colors!

  3. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:


    Long time, no see. I apologize for my absense from the site for the past year or so. Been super busy with work, and a recent relocation. So, the other day I checked in, and downloaded about 8 podcasts of which I had missed. It’s good to hear you 2 meatheads yapping again about old school wrasslin.

    I abolsutely loved the podcast about the Yokozuna Body Slam contest. You guys had me chuckling at the gym while on the treadmill. Between staring at the girl on the treadmill in front of me (in booty shorts), and trying not to laugh at you guys, I had one bad workout.

    So keep up the good work.

    Yours truly,

    Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan
    aka. The Head Jobber of the OSWP comments board

    Re: Your Clash of the Champions podcast (the one where you kept harping on Jack Victory…), its NICK Patrick. Not NEAL Patrick. Neal Patrick was Doogie Howser.

    • Black Cat says:

      Welcome back! I will pass on all name mispronunciations complaints to Dre. And since you posted under the OSWP t-shirt page, you are now obligated to purchase the new OSWP t-shirt!

  4. MoolahTossedSalad says:

    Just purchased shirt..Thanks fellas!

  5. holzhammer says:


    Just got my t-shirt and it looks awsome!

    Now I have to explain all non-wrestling-people
    around me (= all of them) the joke…