#77 – Great American Bash 1989

Black Cat and Dre talk about an all-time classic show…Great American Bash 1989! What a show! We also announce the first OSWP Ebay auction for a Booker T autographed copy of our box set! Click here for more details here.

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This episode has been archived in the Season 3 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Dame Kash says:

    The Bash was so much better in WCW then the PPVs they’ve had in the WWE. Looking forward to hearing the show.

  2. Sergeant J says:

    OSWP Nation,

    After nine months of standing on the sidelines watching all of the rookies post on this website, I must come back with the true knowledge of Old School Wrestling.
    I have paused on posting on this forum because I did not find anyone on my level of passion for the true school of pro wrestling (1982-2001), but still continued to wait like a golden retriever at the door and listened to every single episode as a true dedicated fan of Dre and The Black Cat.
    I did the Old School Wrestling Podcast First Annual End of the Year Awards, The Old School Wrestling Podcast Heavyweight Chapionship Tournament and was victorious in the first annual Wrestlemania Pool and still did not recieve the respect I deserved. The Killer Bee hypeman is back for more, and I cannot wait to dive in head first on this podcast and post.

    Jerry Von Kramer, great job on your podcast, and I will continue to be in touch.

    Sweetwater TX is in the building.

    Sergeant J

    • Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

      “…ine months of standing on the sidelines watching all of the rookies post on this website…” I’m a rookie, Sergeant? I’ve been around for pushing 50 episodes now, thanks for considering me a rookie.

      • Sergeant J says:


        Have a little confidence in yourself.

        If the shoe fits…

        That goes for everyone else who has the knowledge and studies the psycological side of the sport.

        Don’t call it a comeback..

        Sergeant J

    • Black Cat says:

      Welcome back Sergeant J…

      Black Cat is hoping for the 2nd Annual End of the Year awards, maybe with PWI style plaques this time!

      And, yes, everyone check out Jerry Von Kramer’s podcast….


      If you thought WE like to talk about 80s NWA, check out these guys!

  3. Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

    Hey fine hosting gentlemen!

    I’ll like to comment on the “Great Muta Mist-Spiting Philosophy” you guys talked about on OSWP77, how the green mist is ‘mild,’ the red mist is ‘spicy,’ and the yellow mist is ‘deadly’ and may cause unforeseeable death.

    As usual, I waddled around a humid warehouse on a Thursday night in Minnesota (the night of the day you gentlemen posted the podcast – 8/30/12) stacking nicely boxes for the next day, and my vintage attire at work is my red Coca-Cola shirt. On this day, however, I wore a yellow shirt.

    My question on this “Great Muta Mist-Spiting Philosophy” is: would my fate end with death, lining the stars up with the color spit that the Muta spat? I surely hope not! In Lex Luger form, I breathed heavy when I thought heavily on this topic. I guess I may “Ric Flair it up” tonight after work, not knowing if this is my last time I’ll post anything on the OSWP Board and all.


    Great podcast this edition, dudes, thanks! I appreciated the discussion and debate on the mist that the Great Muta spat because it gave me some fun things to think about while stacking boxes (as shown in the comments I just typed). I watched this Flair/Funk match a few times in the past and never was amazed at the match, to be honest. I’ve never been a Terry Funk fan and the surprise ending of the match rubbed me off in a wrong way.

    It was weird, for me too, that the War Games match didn’t close the show. I guess NWA/WCW 1989 was a foreshadow for WWE 2012 was up to this point in War Games history. It always closed the show, like John Cena did, up to August of 2012 where John Cena didn’t close the show at SummerSlam, thanks to Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and Paul E. Dangerously! 😀

    • Black Cat says:

      Never……been……a…..Terry FUNK FAN????????????????????????????????????????????

      I’m not sure who our security is, but whoever it is, please revoke this man’s old school wrestling club membership card!

      And “Ric Flair it up” might have connotations you might not appreciate…glad we helped you get through another night of boxes.

      • Sergeant J says:


        Point Blank! Terry Funk is your favoirte wrestler’s favortie wrestler. Blastphomy I say. Eric, are you menstruating! Holy Shit, really.

    • Don’t you recall the greatness of the Funker when we were watching Barely Legal ’97? Funk U!

  4. maxpower says:

    YES! Watched the tape I made of this PPV so many times I wore the tape out. Top to bottom a great show and I think I love this Flair-Funk match even more than their famous I quit match.

    • Black Cat says:

      That I Quit match is amazing, IMHO. So much good stuff in NWA 1989.

  5. holzhammer says:

    Dear good people!

    Great show, guys!

    The sleeperhold restricts the bloodstream through the
    “Common Carotid Artery” in the neck to the brain and it really works.

    Watch Rowdy Roddy Piper put a guy asleep:

    I once saw a clip with (of all people) Bill Apter
    showing that hold on a poor guy, who went down.

    And by the way: Episode #77 tells me, #100 isn’t that
    far away – can’t wait for that celebration!

    • Black Cat says:

      Less than a year away from the big 100! And if anyone knows where i can find that clip of Apter let me know!

  6. An awesome two-hour finale to the Summer of Luger! It’s been a great season riding around on the Lex Express with you guys. You are the “total package” of podcasts.

  7. samseeder says:

    the great muta really had five mist he used during his matches. the green mist is most common mist. the red mist burns more than the green mist. black mist blinds pepole for a long period of time.the blue mist put people to sleep and the yellow mist witch parylized his oppoents.

    • Black Cat says:

      I’m just going to assume this is true because it is awesome. Thanks.

      • samseeder says:

        Sorry for taking so long to reply I fact check the mist and it all true about the mist effects keep up the good work

  8. JBLCENAFAN says:

    “Funk , we’re just getting started pal. I’m gonna dog you until I wear your texas ass out” – Ric Flair
    For almost 20 years I thought I dreamed this promo. Then Sting walks by and Flair says , “I’ve never said thank you in my whole life , but thank you!”. This aired on tv the week after Bash 89. Not able to get the ppv I rented the video and could not believe this wasn’t on it and the brawl all over the arena after the main event with Sting , Muta , Flair , Funk was left off too! A few years ago I bought the complete ppv version off Ebay and I realized it wasn’t a dream. First time I ever heard “ass” on a wrestling show. Nothing touches WWF/NWA 1988 – 1989. As I type this I am ordering a pizza and sitting down to watch this amazing show in all it’s VHS glory … or Glory Days.

    • Dre says:

      Wow, I just remembered that. If I’m remembering correctly, he cut that promo at he end of the aisle on the way to the locker room?

      • maxpower says:

        That whole brawl was insane. It seemed like Flair just went “f it” when Muta threw the chair at the ring and went nuts. They all brawled to the back, Flair and Sting began a promo, Funk and Muta attacked them again triggering another brawl, Flair does his promo and they brawl AGAIN. At least that’s how I remember it.

        I always have a hard time deciding which PPV is better: GAB 89 or Wrestlemania X-7.

  9. SummerOfLuger says:

    I remember the Road Warriors getting locked in a cage with the Freebirds and SST and them beating the shit out of Hawk. The MX came out and couldn’t get in to save them. It set up the whole feud. It’s amazing over 20 years later I remember the first time I saw LOD showed any weakness. They were like the Super Heroes of the south…

    • Black Cat says:

      This is a really good point on the Warriors. I think I had the same feelings. We’ll talk more about this on the next episode!

  10. maxpower says:

    First time I ever saw the LOD show weakness was when the Horsemen absolutely destroyed them just before Starrcade 85 when the Warriors began JCP full time. Really worth a watch and crazy how little it is remembered because it is AWESOME!


  11. Dean says:

    I think Batman made the yellow mist just to mess with Green Lantern, then gave it to Muta as a gift for being such a badass.

  12. Believe it or not, I was walking to a taqueria right when you started talking about the green, red & (rare) yellow mist. I was on my way to get a burrito when I envisioned the place being re-named J. Tex-Mex with Muta and Gary Hart scowling behind the counter. Terry Funk was working somewhere in back sorting out black beans vs. pinto beans. I imagined them having yellow, green and red salsa and filling their menus items with same said color peppers and mist (or was that salsa-flavored mist?) Coincidence or time to call Jesse “The Mind” Ventura?

    Anyway, thanks for bring back great memories of the Muta-Sting & Funk-Flair feuds.

  13. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when Sid Vicious’s hair wasn’t dripping wet.

    I’ve gotta go back and watch Bash ’89 and look for Eddie Gilbert to see how he was dressed. I’m afraid Mr. Gilbert had no influence on how I presented myself 13 years ago. 🙂

    I think Lanny Poffo was doing moonsaults in WWF before Muta. Muta’s moonsault looked like an actual splash, though. Poffo would land on his hands first and kinda gingerly land in a pinning position.

    I remember Steve Williams pressing Terry Gordy into the roof of the cage. I defy anyone to come up with a more impressive display of strength in wrestling history. Maybe when Cena had both Big Show and Edge up for the Attitude Adjustment at the one Wrestlemania.

    The best part about the Wendy Richter/Spider Lady match was as soon as the match ends, Wendy’s visiably upset and is hitting Moolah, but Moolah totally brushes off the punches and continues to celebrate as if Richter wasn’t even there.

    People wonder how Jesse Ventura was able to become the governor of Minnesota. I’d say the commercial at the end of this podcast explains that.

  14. Without a doubt, GAB 89 was the best wrestling PPV/home video ever. As a tape collector back in the late 90’s, I always heard this was on top of every collectors list. Thanks for the mention of the green mist/bloody Flair part as its been 10 years since I watched it last and never caught that. Once again great show and would love to hear a show of ECW One Night Stand ’05.

  15. Dead Reckoning says:

    Seriously, how good is Dre at impressions?

    He could go pro with it.

    Admittedly it would be a niche audience but with the right crowd – whammy!

    Keep up the fine work chaps Will be late commenting on your next episode as I’ll be at the second home ‘En Francais’ for a couple of weeks (because I’m just that middle class and old) but a query for our hosts an dthe board in general:

    Who is your favourite wrestler – all time or current?

    I’ll kick it off:

    All time – Randy Savage, because I started watching in 88, he was champ and I was a shameless glory hunter

    Current – CM Punk. Unhealthy man crush – enough said.

    Pip pip all

  16. Jake DDT says:

    Just won the Booker T signed copy of the boxed set. My wife oversaw me looking at the bid and asked what I was doing. I said I was staying up to see if I won, but she said I should treat it like Christmas and wake up in the morning with a surprise. All I can say is Christmas got here early. She also asked if Booker T was that sucka guy. Keep up the great podcast. I can’t wait for the boxed set to arrive. War Macho Man getting much needed respect with a HOF induction. War bringing back the winged eagle belt. Can you dig it SUCKA!

    • Dre says:

      Thank you. Congrats on the win. I always enjoy hearing about other wives that don’t understand our dumb hobby.