#73 – The Yokozuna Body Slam Challenge, July 4, 1993

We celebrate the 4th of July by reminiscing about a classic day in pro wrestling history…the day Peter Taglianetti of the Pittsburgh Penguins tried to body slam WWF Champion Yokozuna. This episode is dedicated to Mrs. Darsie.


This episode has been archived in the Season 2 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

    My mother will be proud you guys dedicate this show to her. On her behalf and on behalf of the Darsie family, thank you gentlemen for another awesome episode!

  2. Scott Mairs says:

    So I’m the guy who listens while mowing my lawn on my Toro rider. Anyway, I heard a recent interview with Luger about this very gimick. He says that he (Luger) and Yokozuna practiced this slam two or three times before, but Luger was wearing sneakers. For the actual live event, Vince made him wear cowboy boots and Luger was terrified that he would slip while hoisting the big man. He then stated that Yoko told him “Don’t worry brudda, I take care of it”. As we all can see, Yoko actually did most of the work, but in the end it all worked out ok. Love the show!

    • Dre says:

      Keep on mowin’ bro. I hope you stay hydrated with a can of High Life.

    • Dogfaced Kremlin says:

      I also listened to that interview, the funniest thing is if you watch when Lex & Yoko are jawing at each other in the ring, you can clearly read Luger’s lips as he stares eye-to-eye with Yokozuna and says “I have no footing.”

      He looks focused on talking the trash, but knowing the backstory and reading his lips makes that just hilarious.

  3. @LordAnko says:

    I heard that interview with Lex. Yoko was one of the best (ever) big men. RIP

  4. davetro223 says:

    It would have been great if Lex Luger had the face turn by bodyslamming Yokozuna…then immediately went into another heel turn.

  5. Ian says:

    Hey Guys,

    Bill Fralic who tried to slam Yokozuna (Lions football player at the time) was also in the WrestleMania 2 Battle Royal from Chicago. I’m kinda surprised you didn’t recall the name. He either was, or played the role of an ass very well at Mania 2.

    Enjoyed the show, thanks for the comedy.

  6. Dan says:

    Getting ready to download this week’s episode guys. Please tell me at some point in the episode there is audio of Randy Savage and Men On A Mission singing the Lex Express theme song.

  7. Dame Kash says:

    Hey Dre, Blackcat. Another good show but getting shorter, i like them ppv shows.
    To clear up my last comment, I once heard The Great Khali killed someone attempting to powerbomb someone years before his wwe days. If im wrong i stand corrected. Come to think of It, if i wanted someone out wiped he might not be the best man for the job. You two are safe, for now.

  8. It’d be funny if Dirty Dawg Darsie’s mom was Nitro Girl Whisper as Dre inquired because that would make Shawn Michaels Dirty Dawg’s step dad.

    You guys were mostly right about my attitude toward throwing garbage into the ring. When I was 17-18 years old and was seeing garbage being thrown into the ring on a weekly basis, I was all for it. Today all I think is “one of the young boys, or perhaps a ring announcer in a newly dry cleaned suit who hasn’t had dinner and is really hoping there’s some concession stand pizza left is going to have to clean that up”.

    I forgot to mention last episode that I love it that you brought back the “commercial consideration” parody toward the end.

    The Mr. Fuji promo at the end was interesting because I didn’t think Yokozuna spoke until his face turn in ’96, when he spoke perfect English. I expected him to call the athletes trying to bodyslam him “bruddahs” the way he was talking in the Fuji promo.

    • Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

      All I’ll say about my mother being a ex-Nitro Girl: She enjoyed the Nitro Girls discussion due to the enjoyment both Black Cat and Dre discussing their dances and such.

      Is she Whisper from the Nitro Girls? I’ll whisper you guys my answer… 😉

    • Black Cat says:

      I love the commercial consideration bit…not sure why I dropped it…oh, when i started using the Starrcade car dealership thing.

  9. The British Bullfrog says:

    Did Luger go home in the Chevy or helicopter?

  10. I celebrated the 4th with a nice walk around the park and O.S.W.P. fine insights on suplexing a truck, Lex’s acid washed jeans and sports obscurities. I’m waiting to hear what Obama and Romney’s positions are on harnessing the alternative energy source from Lex Luger’s heavy breathing.

    I watched Yokozuna vs. The Undertaker today at work. Didn’t know BOTH Mr. Fuji & Cornette were his manager. That match was must hold the record for pre-N.W.O. highest number of run-ins.

    Also, I’m guilty of throwing trash in the ring:

    The scene: AWA Battle by The Bay
    The Place: Oakland, CA – Henry J. Kaiser arena
    The “foreign object(s)”: Ice and crushed wax Coca-Cola cups.
    The victim: Col. DeBeers
    Unintended victim: Brad Rheingans – OK, my friend was aiming for DeBeers and hit Rheingans with an ice cube. Though he was a total mark for heels.

    But we weren’t the only ones. See @ 05:26:

    Finally, why wasn’t there Express mega-merger in the late 90’s. i.e –
    The Lex Midnight N’ Roll Express?

  11. Oh, you didn't know!?! says:

    Great podcast, it kept me laughing as I moved into my new apartment. I’m always looking for an opportunity to be reminded how cheesy and lame Lex Luger was. I hope the lex express will continue to make an appearance on the oswp. Keep up the good work!

    p.s. I thought you all would enjoy this article: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/25/2866568/wwe-legend-kevin-nash-working.html