#71 – Clash of the Champions 7 – Guts and Glory, June 14, 1989

Things heat up on the Old School Wrestling Podcast as we review Dre’s favorite Clash of ALL TIME and take a trip down wrestling memory lane with some old rasslin’ magazines.

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  1. Dre + Nikolai Volkoff + Freebird = tears streaming out of my eyes.

  2. Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

    YES! Another Clash of Champions! Can’t wait to listen to this great masterpiece at work tonight! Thank you gentlemen for your hard work (as usual)! Can’t wait for another 71 podcasts!

  3. JBLCENAFAN says:

    Can’t wait to hear this , first thing that comes to mind is Jim Ross sweating to death and people not knowing Funk or Steamboat …

    • Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

      It was fitting for me to listen to this “hot” podcast while working in the hot, humid, sticky Minnesota summer in a cement warehouse, finding the “total package.” 😉

  4. Sergeant J says:

    Dirt Dawg,

    Ill follow you anyday. Clash VII, Download begins, Im on it. Thanks Dre and Cat.

    Dre and Cat,

    Question, and I am a man of honor and esteem, but when the fuck are we going to get some fucking T-shirts. I demand a fucking answer from you two.

    • Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

      I’m with Sergeant J, I’m down like Judge Joe Brown on tee shirts. Heck, I’ll buy at least two, just to wear one at work!

      And Serge, it’s an honor to follow you and it’s a bigger honor having you follow me. I know my back’s covered with you following me! 🙂

  5. t-dog says:

    any show with the terrorist at a basic training base is gonna be fun.

    • Dirty Dawg Darsie says:

      Random thought: Would WWE go to new lows and bring back “the Terrorist” to TV?

  6. holzhammer says:

    Dear good people!

    Nice Show, as always…

    Lance Storm spoke about working with Dr.Death Steve Williams:
    His punches looked brutal, but barely touched you.

    “It’s called being a good worker!”
    (Copyright Les Thatcher)


    Peace, guys!

  7. Sergeant J says:

    Dre and Cat,

    I will definetly be able to break down the military portion for you, for I am a Staff Sergeant that has been on Active Duty for ten years, and have been to Iraq for a total of 31 months.

    Fort Bragg is the home of the 82nd Airborne, 1st Battalion, 75th Rangers, and the Special Operations Command, amongst other units. There were no Basic Training Soldiers there, for there are no Basic Training units on Fort Bragg. This show, I am sure, was open to the public, not just Army personnel. Back in 1989, Army posts were open to the public. Since Sept 11, 2001, though, you would need an Armed Forces ID Card, or a special pass to be on post.

    The “Green Beret” Military Police were not Green Berets at all. Green Berets are reserved for the Special Forces, and Special Forces units are not authorized to have Military Policemen in their units. These Soldiers were wearing Red Berets, which indicate they are in the 82nd Airborne Unit, and were infact Airborne Soldiers.

    Even if there were Basic Training Soldiers there, they would not be there, or allowed to drink alcohol. Basic Training Soldiers are on lockdown 24-7, and those guys definitely dont get out to see much of anything, except Drill Sergeants, rifles, and training areas. Dont even get to watch TV except if the President is speaking.

  8. DK says:

    Have to put this out there again…treasure chest of NWA video:


  9. Excellent podcast as always. Would love to hear a segment with Dre as Dusty & Nikita Koloff while Volkoff’s singing “On the Road Again” in the background. Why does Cougar Jay look like someone who ran a New Jersey disco in 1982? The Ding Dongs were Jim Evans & Richard Sartain who also worked as the “Rock N’ Roll Rebels” in the Deep South Wrestling in the mid-80s.

    While Ranger Ross-a-mania was short lived but after his societal heel turn he did make a minor comeback. http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/r/ranger-ross.php

  10. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Hi guys, this was a terrific show as ever — always think your love of this era of NWA shines through — but I’m not here to talk about that …

    I am on a business trip in Paris and I’ve been saving my Bonus Wrestlemania 3 show for this. I just listened to the first hour and a bit, first on the Eurostar, then itermittantly on the metro and finally sitting in a cafe eating an “American Cheeseburger” with a coke as various grumpy looking Parisans turn up the collars of the big raincoats, smoke and look generally French.

    Anyway, a few little things, this may be one of the longer posts I’ve made in a while:

    1. Last night, as I was getting ready for this, I finally busted open my Oldschool Wrestling Podcast Collector’s edition set and out fell two of your trademark stickers. I excitedly showed them to my wife, who was already slightly put out by the fact that I’ve been watching football (NB. “soccer”) for 3 days straight (Euro 2012 – England- France tonight!).

    “Where can I put this up? I’m definitely putting it up!”

    “What? Nowhere!”

    “What about the fridge? The side of the microwave? On the back of the door of the bathroom?”


    Anyway, I took it into my study and stuck it on the one place that was 100% mine and no questions asked: my desktop PC. Just so you can picture this, it’s a black vertical stack that I’ve got ontop of my desk so you couldn’t miss the sticker if you walked into the room.

    Couple of hours passed and we watched some TV and then I went to my PC. She came to say goodnight and then she saw it. She just stopped and glared at it. I burst out laughing for about 10 minutes. I will be majorly pissed if I get back from Paris tomorrow night to find that she’s ripped it off there. I want that sticker to stand proud man. I want that sticker to be on that PC for as long as I have it. If she does peel it off, I’ve hidden the 2nd one and will stick it in exactly the same place.

    2. Speaking of both Paris and Wrestlemania 3, I found out something incredible this week: when he was growing up, Andre the Giant was driven to school by Samuel Becket — not the guy from Quantum Leap, but the world famous playwright and Nobel prize winner! This is the most incredible wrestling connection I’ve ever read about. Apparantly they used to talk about cricket.

    3. Being from the UK, I definitely know who Samantha Fox is. Genuinely surprised to hear she had any connection with the WWF at all, or indeed at ANYONE from the US has even heard of her. She was mainly famous for being a “page 3 girl”. If you don’t know, here in “Great” Britain we have a newspaper called The Sun, which is only a very slight upgrade from toilet paper. Since its inception, every day a girl of around 16 to 20 poses topless on page 3. Fox was famous for this and at 20 took her mandatory retirement and then recorded whatever song it was that she did. She’s also famous for hosting a big music awards show we have called The Brits in 1989 and making a total pig’s ear of it. Like really awful hosting job, total clusterfuck.

    I realise I didn’t talk alot about the show there, but so far I’ve loved the Wrestlemania 3 one. Laughed out loud at the Jack Tunney stuff.


    Finally, inspired by Fox, I’m going to put this out there:

    Who was the sexiest woman in wrestling, aside from Elizabeth and also let’s say Missy Hyatt and Kimberley Page, in the 1980s? I’m going to say your cut off point is 1992.

    To make it a bit more saucy, why don’t we say who would you do? The options are endless …

    Baby Doll, she’d pound you into submission
    Sherri, probably a screamer
    Alexandra York, always the quiet ones
    Sweet Miss Sapphire, down and dirty
    Moolah, could teach you a thing or two

    Other options include: Alundra Blayze / Madusa, The Glamour Girls, The Jumping Bomb Angels, Wendi Richter, Velvet McIntyre, and many more

  11. Robert says:

    Thanks for mentioning the thing I do on this episode of the podcast.

    If anyone is interested, you can order my wrestling fanzines and some other stuff at http://theatomicelbow.bigcartel.com

    Sorry to hijack the thread with a commercial.

    Maybe it will if you listen to this song while you read it…


  12. I have a white couch. Probably not one of the wisest decisions since I have a black cat (named “Conrad” not Williams) who sheds all over it. I may be out of style, but at least I know I have something tangible in common with the Nature Boy in his prime. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shoo Jim Ross off my property…

  13. Butt Douglas says:

    I would like to hear Nikolai Volkoff singing other power ballads. If memory serves me right, I think he wrote the original ‘Runaway Train’ while living in Soviet Russia, riding through Siberia on their broken down Communist rail system.

  14. I’d like to hear Volkoff’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow”.

    Here are the lyrics if Dre is feeling adventurous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CalWeKDN_q0

    Imagine him singing that in 94 when he was down and out and working as DiBiase’s lackey, wrestling with cent signs on his trunks.

  15. Dan Rackley says:

    If you guys thinking a former Army Ranger wrestling a guy billed as “The Terrorist” is hokey, than you honestly haven’t seen anything like the horrors I have seen. In early 2001, I had the fortunate occurance(or unfortunate)of attending an indy show at the Norfolk Naval Station. Aside from paying twenty dollars for a Ricky Morton shirt(who knew that a decade later I’d be making money off of Ricky Morton) I got the prime example that sometimes wrestling can be a little bit behind the diplomacy curve. Out comes a man in a red mask being billed from the Soviet Union spewing Yakov Smirnoff lines about how great the Soviet Union is. Never mind the fact that the USSR had been dissolved some years earlier didn’t stop this little communist that could. It was like going to an indy show in 2005 and hearing “Wrestling Superstar” Virgil talk about how Hollywood Hogan sent him there on NWO Business. He took a dive for a First Class Petty Officer that threw a limp noodle clothesline. What was so great about it is the Russian Assassin later pulled a Jack Victory and wrestled of all people, Hard Work Bobby Walker later on in the evening. Great show as always guys.

  16. I always heard that Jim Herd was to blame for gimmicks like the Ding Dongs. Fortunately, the Hunchbacks (you can’t pin them!) never made it to TV.

    Wink wink at Dre knowing a lot about candy.

    I was out jogging recently and the Midnight Express’s music came on the IPod. When it ended I realized I was going much faster than I usually go. I forgot that the Samoan Swat Team came out to the theme from Halloween. This match features two of my favorite movie scores.

    I hope Dre was kidding about the pinfall/Disqualification argument. If he was serious, I must side with Jook on this one.

    I haven’t seen Clash of the Champions 7, but I’m very surprised that the commentators didn’t put over that Steamer was “fighting fire with fire”. If Steamboat was being more aggressive than usual because he was in the ring with Funk, that sounds like a major story point and I can’t believe Jim Ross didn’t mention that.

    I remember calling the Captain Lou hotline when I was like 7 or 8 years old. It was a pre-taped recording (imagine that) but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying or what he was talking about. So I just hung up.

  17. Eric Darsie's Former Roommate says:

    My favorite part of this Clash, which also is my favorite, is the reveal of the new Freebird. They keep playing it up big time, then when the birds come out, Ross is just like, “And the new Freebird is…Garvin, yup, Jimmy Garvin. His nonchalant-ness and non-excitement over who it is make me laugh every time.