Episode #7: Ultimate Warrior vs Andre the Giant

Dre and Black Cat bring you this special 10 minute mini-cast reviewing the classic Saturday Night’s Main Event Andre the Giant vs. Ultimate Warrior match from 1989. Watch the clip and check out the OSWP review. Five snowflakes@!

This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Yikes. Goldberg and Brock Lesner thought that match was bad. Refresh my memory, was that the same night that Hogan fought Savage with Buster Douglas as a special guest referee? If so, that night was historic for one Mr. Lo Pan as it was my very first exposure to wrasslin. Other then that, great minicast-only beef with it was that for whatever reason, I was not able to download it off my iphone like previous shows you guys have done.

    Sidebar-my gf got me a make your own monopoly for my birthday, so of course I’m doing a wwe themed board. If you guys have any clever suggestions, give me a Teddy Long holla. Here’s what we came up with (while slightly drunk) so far: Know Your Role Blvd, Jabroni Dr, Parts Unknown Pl, Death Valley Ave, Dudleyville Dr, Godfather Ho Train Railroad, A-train Railroad, Railroad to Wrestlemania.

    Community Chest- Vince McMahon govt indictment=get out of jail free card. Marry the bosses daughter=$1000. Pick up Andre’s beer tab=-$300. Pay for Sean Waltmans rehab=-$200. Sued by World Wildlife Fund=lose a turn. Edge fucked your gf=lose a turn. Free JBL stock advice=$200. 619 phone bill=-$100. Jeff Hardy Go To Jail Card. You are Al Snow=Lose a Turn

  2. Black Cat says:

    This wasn’t Hogan/Savage…Hogan defended his belt against the worth opponent of LANNY POFFO that night. I will take your WWF Theme Monopoly under serious consideration for our next podcast recording.

    In regards to your iPhone problems – which I take very seriously as I live and die by mine – I just checked and I was able to download Ep 7. It does take a couple of days for iTunes to pick up new podcasts for some reason.

  3. dre says:

    And here this whole time I thought wwe WAS the monopoly…

    David lo pan, you are very funny, I don’t think you need our help, but I do have some suggestions for the players pieces.
    Hedge clippers
    an urn
    can of whoop ass
    Bobby Heenan’s neck brace
    frankie the parrot with a perch
    rubber hand
    Mark Henrey’s 20 year contract
    fanny pack
    a mean gene burger
    and the iron sheik’s curly boot

  4. dre says:

    oh, and you need a fourth railroad, I suggest “Ice Train” (obscure 90’s monday nitro jobber managed by teddy long)

  5. Black Cat says:

    I cannot believe you called Ice Train obscure.