#70 – Tajiri v Super Crazy v Little Guido, March 3, 2000

Dre and the Black Cat take the space cycles back to the year 2000 and reminisce about this classic never ending feud between Tajiri, Super Crazy, and Little Guido and read some amazing feedback from the amazing listeners of the Old School Wrestling Podcast regarding the New Breed episode. If you haven’t already, check out our box set with the first 50 episodes (no longer available on the website) for only $9.99. You can also support the OSWP by purchasing the upcoming Chikara iPPV through our GoFightLive affiliate link. To order through us click on the Chikara iPPV poster on the right side of the website.

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  1. Sergeant J says:

    Two for Two

  2. Dame Kash says:

    Made It, 2nd seed. Free Hat!

  3. The Perfect Dirty Dawg says:

    I’ll be number two, behind one man only… Sergeant J!

  4. Robert says:


  5. Dame Kash says:

    To be the man, You have to beat the man. Dawg!!! Like F.B.I used to say, Forget about it!

    • The Perfect Dirty Dawg says:

      When I wrote it, your comment wasn’t approved. I’ll be number 3 for this episode.

  6. Well, it took 70 episodes, but Dre finally mentioned those three little letters.

    I think before the FBI, Big Sal E. Grazziano was originally brought in to lose to Spike Dudley when Spike was the Giant Killer.

    I would love an explanation as to what was going on in the closing bit where apparently wrestlers were traveling and trying to decide where they were going to eat.

  7. Sergeant J says:

    The Regional Finals of Sergeant J’s OSWP Tournament are set to go, but before they get underway, there is a press conference to make some special announcements regarding special stipulations and also predicate the official OSWP Dreamcard taking place at the Toronto Skydome.

    First, for all Regional finals there will be a special guest referee, and enforcer type person who has also been mentioned on previous podcasts to ensure good order and discipline are maintained throughout the matches. These special enforcers will be positioned at ringside, and have the authority to get involved in the match at any time. To aleviate any possible tampering with those officials, they will be kept classified until introduced before the match.

    The Skydome Dreamcard will be an interpromotional event consisting of wrestlers dating from 1983-1989, and wherever they had the most success, they will represent their respective territory. Representatives from the NWA (Mid Atlantic-Florida), WWF and AWA (World Class)will be competing in the matches. Each match will be a Triple Threat Match, to include tag team matches. The matchups will be decided on a comparable level of size and success. The winners from each match will be involved in a Tower of Doom match right before the tournament final, and the winning wrestler will recieve a title shot at the next OSWP PPV.

    Cue Howard Finkel “The following contests are one fall with a one hour time limit”

    Regional Finals

    Dusty Rhodes(1986) vs. Abdullah the Butcher (1982)
    Randy Savage(1988) vs. Sabu(1997)
    The Rock(2002) vs. Andre the Giant (1988)
    Hulk Hogan (1987) vs. Ric Flair (1989)

    The results will be in soon……

  8. DustyforPresident2002 says:

    2000 was a great but bittersweet year for ECW. Great in that they were putting on some of the best wrestling that year, bittersweet in that they were so broke it was amazing they were still around. I havent seen this match, but I loved Super Crazy in ECW. He had some great matches. And Little Guido was always fun. Great episode guys.

  9. Butt Douglas says:

    I fondly remember watching ECW on TNN. I more fondly remember watching RollerJam on TNN. I most fondly remember fondling myself to RollerJam on TNN.

  10. a Mark marking out in Tulsa says:

    I remember tajiri and his taratula stretch. I think his big move was that side kick to head when the other man was down.. Plus mist. What is more offensive Little guido vs roddy pipers black body work at WM VI. I mean seriously how could they let Roddy go out there. Then they put the IC trap on him later. WM VII Piper trained virgil to beat Million dollar man. Perhaps he made ammends when he did that.

  11. DK says:

    As always, Dre and the Black Cat’s match remembrances make for an entertaining listen. However, there isn’t much better than the alternate reality explanation of how Dusty Rhodes actually became President. This explanation was detailed enough to satisfy my inner political nerd, while being completely illogical – like much of what Dusty actually said throughout the 1980’s.

    Anyway, I’m thinking there could be an OSWP sister podcast devoted exclusively to imagining/reflecting on a Dusty presidency. Just imagine his West Texas “college” friends being appointed to Cabinet positions, Dusty becoming a Tea Party darling and multiple sex scandals featuring Jim Barnett.

    Great stuff – always look forward to the podcast.

    For future OSWP ideas – or for anyone wanting to re-live an overlooked 1992 WCW classic, watch this match. The star power is amazing.

    Keep up the great work.

  12. Dame Kash says:

    So what you’re saying is by Rowdy Roddy Peeper training da Virg for his upcoming match with Millionaire Ted, It makes up for the act he pulled that night. I think Somewhere right now, Ron Simmons would be saying DAMN! And that Martin Luther King picture Teddy Long lug around with him, would be shedding a lil tear.

  13. DK says:

    Also, for any NWA fan – I just found this YouTube channel:


    This may only be news to me, but there are hours of great NWA video to pour through.

  14. Location: The Other Side of the Tracks

    Setting: The 14th annual- Mulky Brothers and Virgil Memorial All Star Wrestling Convention a.k.a Jobber Con

    Mood: Pissed off because Virgil prevented me from meeting S.D.Jones and somehow Virgil has 100 of my dollars.

    Subject: “What happened to just good old fashioned ‘marking out’?”

    Dear OSW Pantheon

    It is I , the Disrespectfully Charismatic Enigma, here once again with a fantasy road report and commentary. I first like to thank the great hosts of this podcast for reading my report on Dusty Rhodes and his rise to absolute power. Concurrently, the hosts have once again brought us back to a time when wrestling was must see tv. However, this podcast made me pounder a tiny question in my prefrontal gyrus, “When did we stop marking out?” Ask yourselves pantheon, when did you stop enjoying wrestling and worry about the storyline and “work rate” and the other bullshit that has really crippled the art form. As much as we talk about old school wrestling, really think about our fav superstars then and now and line up their “work rate” and the other bullshit demands we place on workers. Here are some comparisons:

    1) John Cena vs Hulk Hogan- John Cena has more natural charisma than Hogan(Firestorm! I’m waiting for the hate), look at pre WWE Cena promos and then look at Fl/Memphis Hogan promos(Hogan sucked). John Cena has just as many moves than Hogan and he even jumps off the top rope!

    2) CM Punk vs Macho Man- CM Punk could wrestle circles around the Macho Man in a legit MMA shoot and CM Punk is maybe a step under Macho on the mic. Yet, Punk is still not the”guy” even though he is the Internet marks wet dream. CM Punk has nowhere near the impact of Macho.

    3) Andre vs Big Show- Andre would be a hated wrestler if he started in 2000 and Big Show would be beloved and would have been the greatest heel ever if his prime was in 1985. Nuff said….

    4) Rick Rude vs. Randy Orton- Rick Rude had an ok work rate. rude’s in ring ability is nothing to Orton’s now. However, Rude can get more heat and oozed an ocean of charisma compared to Randy and Rude was only an Intercontinental Champ once for 4-5months?

    5) Ricky Steamboat vs. Daniel Bryan- D.B. had the exact same gimmick as Steamboat when he came to the WWE. However, he did not sell tickets and the Internet nerds wanted him to be wwe champ yesterday. One problems, NO BODY MARKED OUT FOR HIM LIKE THEY DID STEAMBOAT. Steamboat sold tickets and D.B. is just now doing so.

    Conclusion: If we would just relax and go along with the illusion of wrestling, then we could possible view the new crop in the eyes of a happy good lucky wrestling fan. You know those fans, the fans who believe that it’s a sport and not a work. The ones who believe its about titles and glory and not work rate. Hogan,Macho,Rude,Steamboat,Andre would out draw Cena/CM/D.B./Orton/Big Show even though the new guys have a better “work rate,” are more athletic, and have about the same amount of charisma (Randy Orton drains the new crop team). Why, because we all forgot how to mark out……..and I mean that with the utmost disrespect.

    Always Disrespectfully Classy,

    Marc E. Blassie

  15. There was a point in time, in the WWF, where I actually thought Tajiri may have been headed towards a main event spot. He was getting big pops, his matches were always solid and he was sporadically working with the top tier guys on Raw.

    Alas, he really never got the ball to run with, which is a shame, because he knew how to “work” in almost every sense of the word, as his matches were exciting and quick while he maintained a believability not often seen in other high-flying cruiserweights. He even showed great comic timing, when it was called for.

    Ultimately, I’m guessing his size and lack of English skills (maybe along with a touch of old-fashioned racism) prevented him from getting that really big match. I wish he hung around longer.