#69 – New Breed v The Armstrongs, May 4, 1987

KICK IT. 2002 Style. Get off the space bridge, park your space cycles and get comfortable as we break down the mythos of the New Breed and review this great match between the New Breed and the Armstrongs in the opening round of the US Tag Team title tournament.

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  1. Sergeant J says:

    First in the shoot, podcast is downloading, and I cannot wait to listen and respond. Jerry Von Kramer, maybe next time.

    • Sergeant J says:

      During the promo, did you see his eyebrows, that was crazy. I assume too much “coffee”

      • Black Cat says:

        I can’t imagine anyone able to operate at that level of consciousness without some sort of mind altering substance.

  2. Butt Douglas says:

    Oh yeah? Well I already listened to the WHOLE THING! I loved that part when they talked about the Armstrongs, and then the New Breed. The feedback was fantastic again, too. Awesome.

    • Black Cat says:

      It’s almost like you can predict what each episode is going to be like…what are you? From the future?

  3. tony M says:

    I want dusty for prez

  4. Besides the “may the fourth/may the force” be with you crap with Star Wars, why did you guys have to time travel?

    • Because the gimmick of The New Breed was that they were from the future and came back to the 1980’s to destroy Dusty Rhodes.

      Always Disrespectfully Classy,

      Marc E. Blassie

      • Should of listened to the full show before writing my original post, but thanks Marc E. Blassie for being classy and responding to my post.

        Dre and Black Cat, because the New Breed didn’t win the match and didn’t go on to win the United States Tag Team Championships, Dusty Rhodes didn’t become US President and Tony Schiavone didn’t put out those work-out videos, either. So you guys can thank the time traveling dudes from the “year 2002” for loosing their match, which made WCW loose to the WWE in 2001, which made Dusty Rhodes not run for President of the United States, which makes us a one sad country for not having the American Dream as the American President!

  5. Butt Douglas says:

    So you bring up that the New Breed “forgot” their mission. I think they remembered it, but just failed miserably. Following up on your theory, I imagine that the Boogie Woogie Man was paying off the Supreme Court to choose George Bush as president. And if the New Breed had followed through on their task, we would have had Al Gore/Lieberman/Dusty Rhodes in the White House. And the WCW would still be kicking WWF’s ass in the ratings with John Cena taking on Scott Steiner in a Tower of Doom match this Sunday at Slamboree.

    • Black Cat says:

      Cena vs Steiner in a Tower of Doom match is a match I really want to see.

  6. fake von erich cousin says:

    is dusty rhodes from the future? or has he visited the future?

    he mentions “donnie darko” in the discussion of a 1987 gimmick, positing it as an influence on him during his (possible) creation of the new breed. now, of course we all expect a gimmick to have outside influences, but rhodes’ inclusion of from 2001 complicates an already complicated timeline by allowing for multiple time travelers leaving from and arriving at different points in time.

    having multiple time travelers and points of arrival and departure further muddies the new breed’s mythology, and ultimately undermines their role in the angle. after all, dusty being from the future and/or having been to the future makes the new breed a little less special–they aren’t the only time travelers in the NWA. not only that, but by mentioning a specific cultural product that really will exist in the future, rhodes puts himself over–even if it takes fourteen years for anybody to realize it.

    is this another case of dusty rhodes the booker looking out for his own best interests as a wrestler? was he so enamored of the time travel gimmick that he wanted it for himself, or so sure of its success that he wanted to be part of it?

    or does the truth take a greater leap of faith, a quantum leap, perhaps?

    • Black Cat says:

      Pro wrestling, as a rule, requires a quantum leap of faith.

      It’s possible that Dusty Rhodes was president in 2002 but unaware of the time traveling program. The New Breed could’ve possibly been a part of a clandestine operation of which he was unaware.

  7. Setting: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico at the 10th annual Billy Jack Hayes Loves Oregon Wrestling Convention or B.L.O.W. Con

    Mood: Sadden that Billy Jack Hayes is not here

    Subject in question: How does Dusty Rhodes become President in 2002

    Dear OSW Pantheon,

    We have been joined together once again by another episode of the OSWP. The hosts once again have proven why they provide the most entertaining podcast. The reason they have done this is because they have made the New Breed and the Armstrongs interesting! As a sidebar, the reason there was a US Tag Team Title tournament was because Dick Murdoch(half of the champions with Ivan K.) was suspended for pretty much breaking the neck of Ivan’s nephew, Nikita, with a crappy looking brain buster on the cement floor. Therefore, the champs were not able to defend their titles within 30 days and were subsequently stripped of the US Tag Team Championships ( Later renamed the Fantastic Midnight Memorial Tag Team Title).

    I digress, as a member of the medical community, it is my job to know the “ins and outs” of 1) the human body, 2) medicines, 3) The U.S. government, and 4) The Geo-social political landscapes of several timelines contained within the space-time continuum. Guys, Dusty Rhodes did not become Secretary of State! In 1997 G.W.Bush was being groomed for the presidency and Tom Delay was a major threat in the House of Representatives. Dusty Rhodes also saw the writing on the wall for Ted Turner and AOL, therefore, Dusty Rhodes decided to run for Congress in the 13th congressional district of Texas. His plan was to tighten up monopoly laws whereby preventing the Ted Turner merger and stopping the expansion of the WWF. In 1998 Dusty Rhodes won the congressional race with the “Common Man” gimmick. Dusty Rhodes took the GOP by storm and quickly gained power within the House. In the year 2000, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman won the White house over Geroge W. Bush and Dick the Cheney. Dusty Rhodes was also voted in as the Speaker of the House in 2001. In 2002 Air Force One was destroyed in another terrorist attack and Al Gore tragically lost his life. Joe was so full of grief that he resigned as V.P.. By the line of Succession, Dusty Rhodes ,as House Speaker, is 2nd after V.P. and thus becomes POTUS number 44 and selected Ole Anderson for his V.P. The Sec. of State is 4th or 5th in the line of succession Black Cat Art Owen Hart Masterson IV. Thank you for your time and you stay classy OSWP, and I mean that with the utmost disrespect.

    Always Disrespectfully Classy,

    Marc E. Blassie

    • Black Cat says:

      Hold on, trademarking B.L.O.W.Con….

      Okay, where were we?

      Thank you for the reminder of Dick Murdoch’s actions, I actually do remember that brain buster. Remember when moves busting a brain meant something?

      Fascinating history lesson. Your version actually makes much more sense and thank you for going there with the terrorist sub-plot. But who is behind the attack? Is the New Breed and Dusty Rhodes somehow affiliated with Al Qaeda? Or is this some sort of bigger plot involving a table full of faceless evil people like in the end of a season of 24?

  8. New List of the Month OSW Pantheon,

    Worst-Best Finishers of all time

    1) People’s Elbow
    2) Warrior Splash
    3) The Atomic Leg Drop
    4) The James Doogan Running Clothesline
    5) The Double Dropkick

    • Black Cat says:

      The leg drop sucks.

      The People’s Elbow is possible the most absurd bu the overacting of the whole thing makes it great.

      How can you claim the Double Dropkick is a bad finisher? You have the compounded force of two men crushing your chest!

      • Dear Black Cat Art Owen Hart Masterson IV,

        I can see your point in the double drop kick, however, I must disrespectfully disagree. The reason I put the leg drop in the same boat as the double drop kick is because I have never really seen a stiff one that would make me feel as if the opponent was really popped hard. If we want to get down to physics then let’s examine the Leg Drop. Based on anatomy, the biggest group of muscles are in the Lower limb, namely in the hip flexor and extender region(the thigh). Let’s take the lower limb of a steroid pumped, 6’7, 300+ pound freak, Hulk Hogan and have him jump and drop his steel like thigh and pelvis on your throat! Sadly, we have never seen I really stiff Atomic Leg Drop or one that Hogan even tried to make look good. Undertaker’s leg drop looks like he crushes people and remember Yoko’s massive leg drop? Hogan’s leg drop sucked same as the Rock and Roll’s Dropkick. The move never look like a KO punch. That’s my disrespectfully humble argument, thank you for your time. I expect to see you at next year’s B.L.O.W. Con because I’m dressing as Hercules Hernandez in hopes of drawing out Billy Jack from the shadows.

        Always Disrespectfully Classy,

        Marc E. Blassie

    • Sergeant J says:


      I still don’t understand your meaning of Worst-Best, but I will take a gander and assume worst.

      1). The People’s Elbow is entertaining, but far from believable. I am honestly more of an 80s NWA guy, but did he really beat any good competition with that elbow. I would have a real hard time thinking he would beat Hunter, Angle or Cold with that one.

      2). The Warrior splash was interesting enough for me, because he did press slam the individual onto their face, chest and stomach, knocking the wind out of them, then getting a ton of momentum in front running the ropes. Warrior was athletic enough to exude force from the splash to crush them enough to daze them before the pin.

      3). Unfortunately Hogan would be so automatic with the leg drop, as soon as you saw it, you knew it was a done deal. Andre, Savage, Perfect, no one ever kicked out of it for SIX FUCKING YEARS! I honestly think Warrior was the first ever to do so. He pinned the who’s who with that one. Extremely weak finisher leads to why I was never a Hulkamaniac.

      4). If anyone truly thinks the Doogs was any good never deserves to comment on this page ever. In fact, I think they should be asked to go to Abdullah the Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food and be shown the VIP treatment in the back!

      5). Do not knock the Double Drop Kick. High flying entertainment at its best. THE Killer Bees had Jumpin’ Jim’s drop kick, still the best drop kick in the history of the business.

      I have a question for you, and the “pantheon”. I had asked this last page. What is the best match you have ever seen that no one ever talks about. Mine is the Bulldogs/Dream Team match from Wrestlemania 2. That was the early Steamboat/Savage match in my opinion. The match that stole the show.

      I also had Sergeant J’s OSWP Heavyweight Tournament. The tournament is currently in the Semi-Finals, the final eight have been set, and they are now competing for the final four spots to be held in the Toronto Skydome. I will repost that in a second, along with the results from the first two rounds. Thanks.

      • It’s the worst moves that seemed like they would never KO anyone, but they were so so over. You got the point in your list.

        • Dear Serg,

          I’m glad you took the duties of booker for the tournament! I don’t want to say anything about the Bulldogs/Dream Team match because I need to rewatch it. I don’t remember liking it, but I hate WM2 because it may be in the bottom 5-7 WM’s. In reference to your question, the least talked about match that was great would be , in my disrespectfully humble opinion, the Great Muta/Masahiro Chono NWA title match at Starcade. That match was incredible and as a kid I was in awe. As far as now, go rewatch the Cena/JBL I quit match for the WWE title, I have always thought that this was his best match and his character should have stayed in that direction that the match portrayed. That match was the best nonWM main event for JohnCena and I will go as far to say his best match as WWE champion. JBL made him look awesome.

          Always Disrespectfully Classy,

          Marc E. Blassie

          • Sergeant J says:

            So, if I was to run an OSWP Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Tournament, here is how I would do it. 32 of the top wrestlers mentioned in past OSWP episodes would appear. The wrestler has to have been mentioned on a podcast, and the wrestler has to be from one particular podcast. For example, Ric Flair was on many different podcasts, but I could only choose one version of Ric Flair, so I would choose the Ric Flair from Episode 25.

            Four Seperate eight man tournaments would take place from four different venues mentioned from previous podcasts. Mid South Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Greensboro Coliseum and for some odd reason, the Spring Break venue from episode 50. The remaining four would go into the Skydome for the Finals of the OSWP Heavyweight Championship tournament. The seeding is as follows..

            1. Ric Flair (Greensboro #1 seed) (Episode #25)
            2. Macho Man Randy Savage (Spring Break #1 seed) (Episode #39)
            3. Dusty Rhodes (MSG #1 seed) (Episode #10)
            4. Ricky Steamboat (Mid South #1 seed) (Episode #25)
            5. Hulk Hogan (#2 G) (Bonus WMIII episode)
            6. Andre the Giant (#2 MS) (Episode #38)
            7. Abdullah the Butcher (#2 MSG) (Episode #20)
            8. Sabu (#2 SB) (Episode # 23)
            9. Sting (#3 G)(Episode #1)
            10. Rick Rude (#3 MSG) (Episode #2)
            11. Ultimate Warrior (#3 MS) (Episode #9)
            12. Terry Funk(#3 SB)(Episode#23)
            13. The Rock (#4 MS) (Episode #65)
            14. Nick Bockwinkel (#4 MSG) (Episode #30)
            15. Cactus Jack (#4 G) (Episode # 21)
            16. Steve Austin(#4 SB)(Episode #45)
            17. Arn Anderson(#5 SB)(Episode#53)
            18. Nikita Koloff (#5 G)(Episode #57)
            19. Roddy Piper (#5 MSG) (Episode #12)
            20. Brian Pillman (#5 MS) (Episode #24)
            21. Atsushi Onita (#6 MS) (Episode #41)
            22. Bam Bam Bigelow(#6 MSG) (Episode #68)
            23. Lex Luger (#6 G) (Episode 5)
            24. Terry Gordy* (#6 SB) (Episode 59)
            25. Honky Tonk Man (#7 MS) (Episode #38)
            26. Tommy Dreamer (#7 SB) (Episode #37)
            27. Ted Dibiase (#7 G) (Episode #39)
            28. Tito Santana (#7 MSG) (Episode # 43)
            29. DDP (#8 MSG) (Episode #44)
            30. Paul Ordorff(#8 G) (Episode # 60)
            31. Superfly Jimmy Snuka** (#8 SB) (Episode #
            32. Jerry Lawler** (#8 SB) (Episode #

            *Did not wrestle on Podcast, but was mention as a big part of the storyline

            **Added as replacements due to lack of interest

            ROUND 1-SPRING BREAK

            In the first match of the evening, in 18 minutes, Arn Anderson dressed in his famous Street Fight ensamble, was able to pull the upset over Stone Cold Steve Austin with a textbook DDT after revesing the Stone Cold Stunner.

            Macho Man Randy Savage was victorious over The Memphis King Jerry Lawler in 10 Minutes with the Flying Elbow.

            In a bloody brawl, Terry Funk was able to sustain a vicious beating from Terry Gordy and outside interference from The Freebirds at ringside to win his opening match against Terry Gordy.

            In an Extreme Rules match, Sabu was able to score the victory over Tommy Dreamer with a kendo stick shot to the nuts.


            Cactus Jack Manson scored a victory over Nikita Koloff with Tommy Young as the referee. During the match, Nikita’s little nightmare flopped out of the trunks, and before Young could make the save, Cactus Jack ripped it off and hit him over the head with it to get the 1, 2, 3.

            Sting escapes the tourture rack at the 15:30 mark, puts Luger in the inverted bulldog, Stinger splash, and the Scorpion Death Lock, and Luger taps. Sting moves on to the Second Round.

            While the referee was knocked out cold, Ted Dibiase had Hogan out with the Million Dollar Dream. Virgil came into the ring and raised Hogan’s arm three times to confirm he was unconscious. Dibiase let him go in celebration, and was proclaiming victory. Somehow Hogan regained consciousness and jumped to his feet, and gave Dibiase the Big Boot and Leg Drop for the victory.

            In the final match of the Greensboro first round, Ric Flair made quick work of Paul Ordorff with a roll up while Flair used the momentum of his feet on the ropes at the 7 minute mark


            In the opening bout, Roddy Piper faced Nick Bockwinkel in a closely contested bout. With the Brain at ringside, Bockwinkel scored the victory over Piper when Heenan held the legs of Piper shades of his holding of the Ultimate Warrior’s legs at Wrestlemania V.

            In the second bout, crowd favorite Tito Santana hit the flying elbow onto Abdullah the Butcher, and had him set up for the figure four, but while the referee was distracted, Gary Hart threw in a spike to Abdullah, allowing him to hit Santana as he wrapped his legs. Santana, a bloody mess, was covered for the pin.

            In the third bout of the evening, Rick Rude got a clean victory over Bam Bam Bigelow, when Bigelow missed the flying headbutt off of the top rope, enabling Rude to set him up for the Pile Driver.

            In the final match from MSG, the ever popular Dusty Rhodes scores a victory over DDP, when he broke free of the diamond cutter, and put some big elbows on Page.


            Jimmy Snucka scores the biggest upset yet of the first round with a clean victory over Ricky Steamboat. Snucka caught Steamboat in the High Cross Body from the top rope, gave him a powerslam and then went to the top himself for the headbutt and the 1, 2, 3.

            The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow on Brian Pillman at the 13:48 mark for the win.

            Andre hits the Honky Tonk Man with a series of headbutts, and finishes him off with the double under hook shades of the Main Event move on Hogan for the 1, 2, 3.

            The final match of the Mid South Coliseum first rouns sees the Ultimate Warrior finish off Onita with the Gorrilla press and Warrior Splash at the 12:15 mark.

            SECOND ROUND Tag Team Matches-
            In order to give the wrestlers in the tournament some breathing time, there were Inter-Promotional Tag Team matches at each venue to start the Second Round.

            At Madison Square Garden, the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette beat the Hart Foundation with Jimmy Hart when Cornette hit Bret Hart with the Tennis Raquet while Jimmy Hart had the referee distracted. Beautiful Bobby came off the top with the Alabama Jam and the three count.

            At the Spring Break venue, the Killer Bees and the Fantastics went to a 20 minute draw.

            At Greensboro, the mighty Road Warriors went head to head with Demolition in a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match. The Road Warriors won when Mr Fuji threw salt in the eyes of Ax by mistake, allowing The Road Warriors to double team Smash and get the three count.

            Finally at the Mid South Coliseum, the Rock N Roll express were victorious over the Midnight Rockers when Shawn Michaels got throw over the top, allowing the RNR to execute the double drop kick on Marty Janetty for the win.

            Second Round Heavyweight Championship Matches coming next week on Flair Chop Illustrated.

  9. This New Breed team’s story reminds me of the short lived Techno Team 2000 from mid-90’s WWF. I think Eric Watts was on the team. They were billed from the future and a friend of mine suggested on Raw sometime they should do an vignette where Techno Team 2000 says wrestling today is too bland so they’re going back in time to 1996 to save wrestling. Very few people would get the joke, but it would explain why they were billed from the future back when they were on TV.

    Wasn’t Ultra Magnus an Autobot? Why would he advise the New Breed to take out the Boogie Woogie man and Lasertron? Galvatron I get, but not Ultra Magnus.

    Was Shawn Royal the forerunner for Chris Farley’s Matt Foley character in that second New Breed promo you guys played?

    I’ve got to think the ultimate insult for someone who’s gimmick is he’s a transformer would be to call him a GoBot.

    I don’t know if Chris Champion did his Ninja Turtle gimmick in Memphis before or after this. Probably after.

    I love it that Mrs. Black Cat wears the OSWP pin to her sewing circle.

    I really want to join you guys on a Wizard World trip in late August. I’ve never been and after hearing Big Daddy’s and Super Tito’s stories about these places, and after watching Big Bang Theory, I really really want to go to one of these conventions just to people watch.

    Here are my bullet point comments from the Wrestlemania 3 review from the box set:

    I too was a Little Dragon as opposed to a Hulkamaniac. I did root for Hogan in his matches, but I preferred Steamer and the Bulldogs.

    The neighborhood house I watched PPV’s at as a kid was also not well kept and smelled like cigarettes. My Mom used to always complain that while she liked our neighbors, my brother and I reeked of smoke when we got home. Also, I’m pretty sure my neighbors paid for the PPV’s.

    I forget what the occasion was, Dre, that I got you the Wrestlemania 23 ticket.

    Excellent, excellent Harley Race impression!

    I heard Hogan was PISSED that Piper also came to the ring without the mini-ring cart. Apparently Hogan was supposed to be the only guy who came to the ring without riding the cart.

    I’ll bet that Andre was pile driven in Japan in his younger days. Before his issues with his back, Andre was a very good wrestler.

  10. It may of been because it was a Friday but I was bothered by the talk about time travel (even though it was the New Breed’s gimmick). It bothered me because I studied a full semester a class called “Philosophy of Time” and we discussed time travel.

    In the end, time travel cannot happen (as of yet and obviously in the year 2002). If time travel is possible in the future, why go back to the year 2002, then go back further to be pro wrestlers and wrestle against the Armstrongs (or any team) to a draw? I mean, come on!

    This is the philosopher in me coming out but if you guys talk about such topics again in future podcast, I’d love it if you fine gentlemen would do some research along with it, to enlighten the fans to some “good stuff” along with the good stuff produced in your podcasts. I do have some articles I can send your way about philosophers take on time and time travel, if you fine hosts and listeners care to read.

    Anyways, as the local philosopher of the podcast, thank you for getting my mind off of work for an hour and on something else to “get bothered by” for a bit. Thanks! 🙂

    • Dre says:

      A major in philosophy will never lead to a real job.

      • If I had continued my education and got my PhD, I’d be a legit doctor! It’s pretty sound, check it out Dirty Dre!

        And I got a real job, I work for Spee Dee Delivery in the warehouse, dealing with everyone’s packages! 🙂

      • Sergeant J says:

        BOOM!!! That just happened.

        • Sergeant J says:

          Hey my major is in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, where will that lead me?

      • The Perfect Dirty Dawg says:

        Also, this comment makes me sad! 🙁 I might go back to school to learn how to podcast.

    • Black Cat says:

      I spent at least six hours fact checking the science of this podcast with Dr. Emmett Brown.

  11. Dan Rackley says:

    I’m no expert on time travel by any means, but I would like to lend a theory or two to the infamous “New Breed” time travel mission that everyone knows President Dusty Rhodes authorized in 2002 and no one seems to be willing to recognize. Being certified time travel specialists, the New Breed had bounced all through time Quantum Leap style. However, during some of that routine galactic work you guys spoke of, one of them hit a wrong button causing the Flux Capacitator to malfunction and originally sent them to a high school gym in North Carolina sometime in the recent past. After giving a man they were under the impression was David Crockett one of the Dusty Rhodes 2002 Presidential campaign Vuvuzelas, they departed back to their original present.

    Upon returning to 2002, they were greeted by President Rhodes with their orders to take out LazerTron. It has been well documented in past television appearances President Rhodes aversion to Robots(See:Hard Times Promo) so he decided to have them all dismantled, apparently before SkyLab could become self aware.

    Apparently the mission failed and they couldn’t even take out LazerTron’s hoboesque mechanic Jimmy Valiant. So to be given their secondary mission plans, they transport back to 2002 on their Great Space Coasters. Upon returning, they see 2002 in absolute ruin. Buildings have crumbled and society has completely failed itself. My God it was horrible. They eventually find President Rhodes holed up inside a Mello Yello bottling plant. He informs them that they are actually in the alternate 2002 and it was the result of not taking out LazerTron.

    So, the New Breed had to once again go back to the mid 1980’s, and execute plan B. Which was kidnap David Crockett, and take him to his last known whereabouts in the future so they could cause a rift in the space time continuum by having him look at his other self. upon arrival, they instantly realize that the David Crockett they had seen in their earlier visit to the future was not David Crockett after all; merely an impostor.

    So, they kidnapped the impostor, brought him back to 1987 along with the real David Crockett. Vaporized the real one by mistake, which in turn aided in the decision of Jim Crockett to sell to Ted Turner, thus igniting the Monday Night Wars. President Rhodes was relegated to an alternate existence of wearing polka dots and delivering pizzas. Upon returning for the last time to 2002, Dusty Rhodes finds the New Breed, holding a newspaper clipping erroneously announcing his election to the highest office in the land; tossing them into a speeding train. This I hope explains their sudden disappearance.

  12. My one thought after listening to this episode: I wonder who is in President Dusty Rhodes’ cabinet in this alternate reality. Is it made of Crockett wrestlers? Who would his Vice President be? Are the Road Warriors Co-Secretaries of Defense simply because no one would want to mess with them? Just a thought….

    • Sergeant J says:

      Sickle Pickle is definetly the Secretary of State

    • I say “the Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has some kind of backing in the presidency…maybe as the vice president and backer of the whole gig.

    • I found the wikipedia page with Dusty’s cabinet in 2002:

      Vice President- Ole Anderson
      Sec. Of Defense- Ole Anderson
      Sec. Of State- Jim Crockett Jr.
      Sec. of the Treasury- J.J.Dillion
      Sec. of Homeland Security- Magnum Terry Allen
      Co-Attorney Generals The Road Warriors
      Sec. of The Interior- The Boogie Woogie Man
      Sec of Agriculture- Dirty Dick Slater
      Sec. of Veterans Affairs- Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch
      Sec. of Energy- Arn Anderson
      Sec of Education- Kevin Sullivan
      Sec of Transportation-Teddy Long
      Sec. of Health and Human Services- Babydoll
      Sec of Labor- The Rock and Roll Express
      Sec of Commerce- Tully Blanchard
      Sec. of Housing and Urban Development- Jimmy Cornette

      White House Chief of Staff- Dustin Rhodes
      White House Press Secretary – David Crockett
      Federal Reserve Chairman – Ric Flair

  13. Robert says:

    You guys are missing the point here. All of this is cyclical. It’s STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. 2002 was only 15 years away from 1987. The New Breed were clearly older than fifteen. Maybe mid-twenties or so. Which means that The New Breed were also alive as their younger selves in 1987. Ten to fourteen-year-old Chris and Sean were in the audience during these New Breed wrestlers. Seeing their favorite wrestlers (themselves… but they didn’t know that) inspired them to become wrestlers. And they did.

    And then in 2002, they were sent back into the past. Not to destroy Dusty Rhodes or win title belts, but because the existence of The New Breed is a fixed point in time. It’s the axle on which the ENTIRE wheel of time rotates. The New Breed themselves are the cosmic engine that drives the universe.

    If the New Breed don’t keep perpetually inspiring their younger selves to grow up to become wrestlers who get sent back in time and inspire their younger selves to grow up to become wrestlers who get sent back in time and inspire their younger selves to grow up to become wrestlers who get sent back in time and inspire their younger selves to grow up to become wrestlers who get sent back in time and so on and so on and so on forever and ever then the entirety of spacetime will fall in on itself.

    All that stuff about wrestling is just a cover story. The New Breed are beings cursed to forever repeat this cycle so that time as we know it will exist. They’re the pawns of the universe, engaged in a cosmic sisyphean task from which they must, by nature, have no relief. They are the Alpha and the Omega. They are the Big Bang and the Heat Death. They are everything and they are nothing. They are what sustains us and what will ultimately bring about our end. Hail The New Breed. Pity The New Breed.

    • Butt Douglas says:


    • Black Cat says:

      Well, as it seems we’ve solved the mysteries of the universe, it’s probably time to close up the podcast. Thanks, Robert!

    • Robert says:

      The third sentence in my post should read “Ten to fourteen-year-old Chris and Sean were in the audience during these New Breed matches.” If only I could go back in time and correct it…

  14. holzhammer says:

    I wonder what kind of weed they were smoking
    when they invented the new breed…

  15. Frankito says:

    I must admit i have NEVER heard of this angle before! did the NWA have a crossover deal with Transformers the movie? and the go bots???

  16. Brian says:

    The New Breed should have time traveled to 2000 to take on The New Blood for name infringement. It’s obvious that The New Blood ripped off The New Breed’s name from their initial 1987 time travel exploits. When The New Breed returned to 2002, they should have discovered this mockery and taken immediate action, setting up the historic, booming New Breed vs. New Blood feud of 2000. It’s the feud that could have saved WCW.

    Or maybe not, since The New Breed obviously didn’t do anything about it.

  17. Sergeant J says:

    The Sergeant J OSWP Heavyweight Championship Tournament Second Round

    MADISON SQUARE GARDEN-In the first bout, the top seed Dusty Rhodes takes on Nick Bockwinkel. Early in the bout, Dusty Rhodes controlled the momentum with great counter wrestling, reversing many arm bars, and keeping Bockwinkel at bay with elbow smashes. Bockwinkel was able to turn the tide using Dusty’s momentum and throwing him over the top. While Bockwinkel distracted the referee, Heenan hit Dusty with a roll of quarters, busting him open. Bockwinkel stayed on the attack, using head and chin locks to wear down Dusty. At the 19 minute mark, Dusty was able to again grab the momentum and knock Bockwinkel to the mat and gain a quick breather. With the MSG crowd behind the former three time NWA champ, Dusty was able to get to his feet first, and drop a series of signature elbows on the head of Bockwinkel. With the referee distracted, Heenan had another roll of quarters he slid into Bockwinkel. He took a swing at Dusty and missed, and Dusty wrapped him up in the sleeper. As Bockwinkel was about to be out, Heenan came into the ring and hit Dusty from behind, causing the DQ. The winner at 21:31, Dusty Rhodes.

    The final bout at MSG pits Ravishing Rick Rude vs Abdullah the Butcher. Rick Rude, showing he is one of the toughest in the business, takes the early momentum against Abdullah, forcing him to the ground and using headlocks and a variety of elbow and knee drops on the Sultan of Sudan. The crowd is behind Rude, as he mounts clear offense. As he goes to the top to come down with an knee, Abdullah moves out of the way, and hits him with a series of punches. As Rude is getting pummeled, Heenan gets on the apron to try to get the attention of Abdullah. As Abdullah goes after Heenan, Rude comes from behind and runs into the knee of Abdullah, sending him to the mat. Rude stays on the attack, making the Butcher immobile. As Rude goes for the Piledriver, Abdullah gives him a backdrop, which buys him some time to go for the spike. While the referee is distracted by Heenan, Abdullah uses the spike on Rude, making him a bloody mess. Rude fight on valiantly, but the ref is forced to stop the match due to Rude’s gash. The winner at 18:45, Abdullah the Butcher.

    SPRING BREAK-In the next bout, Terry Funk faces long time ECW nemesis Sabu. Terry Funk gains a quick advantage early in the bout, pummeling Sabu with a series of punches and elbows. Sabu finally got momentum as he uses an inverted atomic drop on Funk to buy him some time. Sabu goes on the offense with some highflying moves such as drop kicks and a clothesline from the top. As Sabu flies of the top with a highcross body, Funk catches him in midair and continues momentum with a powerslam. As Sabu is dazed, Funk puts him in a figue four. Wearing down the legs of Sabu, Funk now sees his opening and catches him in the dreaded spinning toe hold. Sabu, almost out of strength, somehow turns Funk in a small package for the 1,2,3. Sabu is the winner, and one win away from a trip to the Skydome for the Finals.

    The next bout has Macho Man Randy Savage vs Double A, Arn Anderson, which has the promise of being another classic on the resume for both these great wrestlers. The promos for this match during the week has been electric, with Arn proclaiming his respect for Savage’s career, and how tough he is but says that he knows Savage’s weakness, and he is going to exploit it. Savage says no one knows the strategies of tournaments like he does, and says he is going to give Arn a big surprise. The match starts in a classic Catches Catch Can style, with one upstaging the other with their reversals. Arn takes an early lead in momentum with a spinebuster after Savage got caught coming off the ropes. Anderson the keeps the momentum going with a series of vicious punches and armbars, trying to soften up the elbow. With the Panama Beach crown feverishly behind the Macho Man, he ducks under a clothesline and hits Anderson with a running axehandle, knocking him off his feet. Savage then goes into his famous set of offensive moves, with snapmares and elbow drops onto the head of Anderson. A clothesline over the top rope sends Anderson down to the mat. Savage climbs the top and comes down onto his head with the axehandle. Savage rolls Arn into the ring and climbs the top for the patended Flying Elbow. Anderson plays possum, so when Savage comes off, he moves out of the way, further damaging the elbow. Anderson stomps on the arm, getting it ready for the dreaded Anderson Armbar. As Arn goes in for the kill, Savage plays a little possum of his own. As Arn reaches down for the armbar, a quick rollup and a pin for Savage at the 24 minute mark.

    MID SOUTH-The next bout has Superfly Jimmy Snuka, with his upset of Ricky Steamboat, in the second round against The Rock. The Rock has made it known that he does not want to wrestle Jimmy Snuka, his favorite wrestler and uncle. Jimmy Snuka challenged him, saying that for each one that wants to be the best in OSWP history, they have to have victories over the best. Snuka wants to erase legend of his own, deamons that have been following him on the podcasts, concerning alleged girlfriends. The match starts out fast, with Snuka showing power of his own, shoulder blocking The Rock, and body slamming him to the ground. The crowd is definitely behind the People’s Champ, encouraging The Rock to stand up and fight his uncle. The Rock, still timid against his family, is keeping the action clean, with a series of arm drags, into an arm bar. Jimmy finds his way to his feet, and delivers a head butt to slow The Rock. He beats him down in the corner, with kicks, chops, punches and headbutts. The fans are going crazy, chanting his name. As Snuka runs into the corner for a flying splash, The Rock moves out of the way, and gets some momentum as well, punching Snuka, and sending him into the ropes for the Rock Bottom. As he clinches Snuka for the finisher, Jimmy gives him the classic Russian Leg Sweep and takes him out. As Rocky lays there, Snuka goes to the top, gives the I Love You sign, and comes off for the splash. At the last second, Rock moves out of the way, stands up and looks at the crowd. He pulls off the armband, runs the ropes and delivers the classic People’s Elbow. Snuka is counted out at the 16 minute mark, and The Rock is victorious.

    The next match of the evening pits Andre the Giant vs Ultimate Warrior. Andre is stark raving mad, and wants revenge for the series of bouts when the Warrior beat him in less then 30 seconds at Madison Square Garden. As the Warrior is running the ropes during his introduction, Andre hits him with a vicious clothesline that sends him out to the arena floor. While out on the floor, Andre rams his head into the post and bodyslams him on the concrete. Andre rolls back in to avoid the countout. As the Warrior attempts to come back in, Andre grabs him and delivers a big head butt, and gives him a sidemare back into the ring. Andre steps on him, crushing his ribs. At this point, the Mid South crowd is split between the Eighth Wonder of the World, and the Warrior. Andre whips the Warrior into the ropes for a big boot, but the Warrior flies past, and delivers a shoulder block that sends Andre back and gets ties in the ropes. Warrior is attacking him with kicks and punches to soften him up. As Andre is getting out of the ropes, Warrior picks him up for the press slam. Warrior can’t get him up, Andre falls back on him, and gets the 1,2,3 at the 11 minute mark. Andre wins and will face the Rock in the Next round.

    GREENSBORO COLISEUM-With tremendous energy, these are the last two matches of the second round, and they plan to blow the roof off Professional Wrestling. Ric Flair vs Cactus Jack, and Hulk Hogan vs Sting. The North Carolina crowd is clearly behind their two baby faces, Flair and Sting. As Ric Flair’s music came on, there was that famous “pop” that Arn Anderson speaks about, and Ric Flair walks the aisle vs. Cactus Jack. Flair had the advantage early, showing Manson why he is the dirtiest player in the game, using camera cords and ropes to choke Cactus Jack. Referee Tommy Young is letting Natch get away with all of it, using steel chairs and anything Flair can get ahold of to beat down Jack. Rolling Cactus Jack back into the ring, Flair keeps the momentum on his side, chopping and gauging the eyes of Cactus. A shot to the groin from Jack slows down Flair, and Cactus sends Flair crashing to the floor. Cactus then comes flying off of the apron to crush Flair with the flying elbow as he is down on the arena floor. Dazed, Flair manages to climb back into the ring and continue the match. A reversal into the turnbuckle sends Tommy Young sprawling from an accidental collision. While the referee is out, Cactus Jack goes to get a baseball bat wrapped in Barbed wire and smashes Flair over the head with the bat. Flair is out for the count, and as Young delivers the three count, here coms Teddy Long in a referee uniform to tell Young that Cactus Jack hit Flair over the head with the bat. Young looks to the crowd, and they agreed. A blood mess, Flair lays on the mat. Tommy Young walks over to Flair and raises his hand in victory, by DQ. Cactus Jack then chases the two refs away, and pummels Flair with a chair, grinds the barbed wire into his forehead, and goes under the ring for a bag of thumbtacks. As he spreads them all over the mat, it appears that he is going to piledrive Flair into the tacks. Sting comes running out from the back and jumps onto Cactus Jack and makes the save. As Sting is helping Flair to the back on a stretcher, Hulk Hogan’s music starts playing.

    The final match of the Second round is a dream match, Hulk Hogan from the Bonus WM III episode vs Sting, who took Flair to the draw from Episode 1. The two go nose to nose on the arena floor, and immediately start trading punches, with Hogan winning the exchange with an eye gauge. The fans are clearly behind their favorite, Sting. Hogan continues the assault on Sting with punches and clotheslines. As Hogan whips Sting in for the boot, Sting goes around it and comes back with a flying shoulder tackle that sends Hogan to the mat. Sting then whips him into the corner for the Stinger Splash, but Hogan gives him the boot. Hogan goes off the ropes and goes up for the big leg drop, but at the last second, Sting moves out of the way, and Hogan comes crashing down onto the mat. Sting then goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and has it locked in. Hogan is screaming for mercy, trying to get to the ropes, but Sting keeps dragging him to the middle. Hogan then begins to “Hulk up” (mind you, I am not a Hulkamanic, I hated the bastard forever, but I am also a truest, and this is Hogan from 1987), and kicks out of the Scorpion Death Lock. Sting is astounded and begins to punch Hogan, but he is now impervious to the punches. Hogan sends Sting into the ropes for a clothesline, knocking him to the mat. Hogan comes off the ropes for the Leg Drop, coming down on the neck of Sting. Hogan hooks the leg for the 1, 2, 3 at the 17 minute mark to the boos of the16,000 fans in attendance.

    In between the rounds, there have been some select matches in order to give the wrestlers involved some additional rest time.

    In a Oklahoma Street Fight, Steve “Dr Death” Williams beat One Man Gang

    In a Scaffold Match, Jim Duggan and Marc Mero both fell to their death

    In a Steel Cage match, The Fabulous Freebirds beat the Russians (Ivan, Krushchev, the Russian Assasin)

    In a Dog Collar Match, Brusier Brody beat Iceman King Parsons

    In an I Quit match, Tully Blanchard beat Ronnie Garvin

    In a Barbed Wire match, The Sheephearders beat the Fabulous Ones

    In a Flag Match, SGT Slaughter planted the Colors in the ass of COL DeBeers for the win

    In the final match before the Regional Finals A three way War Games match with wrestlers from the 80s three major promotions, the WWF, NWA, and AWA went at it. The NWA won with a cast of Brad Armstrong, Manny Frenandez, Ole Anderson, The Barbarian and The Warlord. They beat from the AWA, Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond, Baron Von Rashke, Ray Stevens and Larry Zybysco, and from the WWF Junkyard Dog, Greg Valentine, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd and Don Muraco.

    Next week the exciting conclusion to the Regional Finals, and then following that the upcoming Finals of the OSWP Heavyweight Championship Tournament and Dreamcard matchups.

    • Black Cat says:

      Love this booking. A few thoughts…

      – Rude vs Abdullah would be AWESOME.

      – Has Sabu actually ever done a figure four?

      – The story behind the Rock/Snuka match is great

      – The thought of pissed off Andre killing Warrior makes me very happy

      – I like the three-way promotion War Games, but the WWF team would get KILLED.