#68 – Hardcore Hak (with Chastity) v Bam Bam Bigelow (with salad bowl), April 11, 1999

The Old School Wrestling Podcast gets (kinda) hardcore as we review this hidden gem from the dying days of Dubya Cee Dubya that comes to you live from the TACOMA DOME at Spring Stampede 1999, we go over feedback from the Steamboat/Austin show, get an AWESOME story from Dre about Virgil, and we close out the show with our special visit with The Awesome 80s Podcast discussing 80s wrestling over WrestleMania weekend. Lots of good stuff on this show.

This episode has been archived in the Season 2 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. jerryvonkramer says:

    First comment! Get in!

    On my phone, will listen tomorrow

    • Black Cat says:

      Congrats on being the first ever “First post!” I feel like we’ve reached a new level of Internet fame.

  2. fake von erich cousin says:

    another fun podcast! i really enjoyed the discussion with the awesome 80s guys. in particular it was interesting to hear dre mention that, as far back as he could remember, he always knew that wrestling was staged, as that reflects my own experience. i grew up watching wrestling with my dad and brothers, and from the very beginning my dad let us in on the secret. he didn’t do it in a “why are you watching this crap?” sort of way, it was more like “this is television, television is written” sort of way. and, of course, my dad didn’t have a problem with watching fake fighting, so why should i?

    a benefit of growing up with this particular wrestling watching experience is that i never had that “…and what about the tooth fairy?” moment of having to process finding out something that i believed to be “real” and had become emotionally invested was was not “real.”

    a drawback–and whether or not this was an issue depends on the promotion(s) grew up watching–was the mindfuck that resulted from trying to figure out the secrets of those guys who were fake fighting and bleeding like stuck pigs every saturday night.

    wrestling wasn’t “real,” so it had to be fake blood, right? i had used blood capsules on many a halloween, so i knew about fake blood and how to make it look like it was coming from my mouth, but their fake blood rarely came from their mouths, in fact, it seemed to be FLOWING–like real blood would flow–from their heads.

    luckily, i was also a fan of horror movies and a reader of “fangoria,” so i had a rudimentary grasp of how special effects folks made fake blood, and how they used pumps, tubes, and foam latex prosthetics to make it look like it was really flowing from a wound.

    okay, mystery solved. all that blood flowing from terry gordy’s head after kevin von erich puts the iron claw on him is fake blood flowing through an elaborate and well-hidden/disguised set of pumps, tubes, and foam latex prosthetics.

    now all i have to do is figure out how the hide all that stuff.

    flash forward 10 years.

    what do you mean they just cut themselves? that can’t be real blood! WRESTLING’S FAKE!

    • Black Cat says:

      Interesting perspective. I don’t think I ever thought the blood was fake even when I knew it wasn’t on the level, though plenty of people try to tell me otherwise. Really, just look at Dusty Rhodes’ forehead.

  3. Sergeant J says:

    Damnit, Jerry! Anyway, I live about 10 miles from the Tacoma Dome, and WWE No Way Out was there last year, and I would have bought tickets for me and my two sons, but they wanted 75 bucks a peice. Will be sure to comment later after I listen.

  4. Gentlemen, let me rant for a few moments please:

    [a] the “They Live” podcast was released by the lovely men at the Awesome 80s Podcast, which, after two listens, I bought the movie on DVD off of Amazon.com. I mention this fact because that podcast has been released before, not by you guys, but by those great men.

    [b] why does Disco Stu and the Black Cat go by different names on different podcasts? Yes, OSWP is like the NWA/WCW and Awesome 80s is like WWWF, but still, you four are BFFs, can we have a constant within the sister podcasts?

    [c] even though I listened to the second half a few weeks back via the Awesome 80s feed on iTunes, I found the 80s wrestling discussion to be a tad bland. Its a normal conversation I would have with my wrestling buddies, why would I want to ease drop on another groups conversation?

    Okay, I’m off my soap box and done ranting, thank you men for doing this podcast and releasing two podcasts in one. It gave me an hour or so of entertainment (the first advertised podcast) while at work tonight. I fell in love with the Hardcore Hak promo at the end that I fast-forward too to skip the wrestling discussion (didn’t want to listen to it again, due in part was I was at the same station I was at while I listened the first time around). I’d love to hear another 1999-2001 WCW PPV review.

    And was it the 1994 WCW Spring Stampede you guys were thinking of in regards to a famous Stampede PPV that WCW did that was famous, head-lined by Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat for the WCW Worlds Heavyweight Championship (in words of Jim Ross)?

    Boys, it’s pushing 3am Saturday morning here in central Minnesota and I wanna be up in about 7 hours, I shall sign out for now. Boo to lack of sleep, but YYEESS to the weekend! Thanks for another show and the hard work (or at times, lack there of) into the shows. Thanks for dealing with my crabbiness in this post, another podcast I listen to, I seen a post that went up tonight that pissed me off (afterdarkradioshow.com to see what I’m referring to, UFC Hater…). Anyways, I’m finally out.

    • Black Cat says:

      1 – I recorded and edited the They Live podcast.

      2 – We have different names because it’s funny to us.

      3 – It was a wrestling discussion among buddies.

      And you’re probably right about Spring Stampede 94.

  5. M.D.Johnson says:

    Awesome episode as always guys! I never saw this match because the only thing I wanted to see from WCW at that time was the greatest Hardcore wrestler ever, Norman Smiley. I use to mark out big for the Norman Smiley Big Wiggle. Anyway, I want to know what the pantheon of OSWP listeners and hosts feel are the top 5 greatest finishing maneuvers ever! This includes tag teams and submission holds as well.

    Top 5 Finishers:

    1) The Canadian Destroyer
    2) The Diamond Cutter (DDP’s not Randal Keith Orton’s RKO)
    3) The Stone Cold Stunner
    4) The Funk Spinning Toe Hold
    5) The Jake Roberts DDT/Raven’s Evenflow DDT

    Honorable Mention:

    -The Sharpshooter/Scorpion Death Lock
    -Masahiro Chono’s STF (The sleeper hold variation instead of a head wrench, I thought he murdered Muta with that move)

    For the hell of it-
    Worst Finishers:

    1) James Doogan’s Clothesline
    2) James Doogan’s Old Gloryhole Knee Drop
    3) James Doogan’s Taped Fist Punch
    4) James Doogan’s Face
    5) James Doogan’s Soul

    • Sergeant J says:


      Best finishing maneuver is a tie between the Camel Clutch and the figure four leg lock. Have you ever been in either one of those, ouch.

      Taking a clothesline off the top rope from Hawk while having the beast Animal throw you backwards onto your head sounds terrible.

      There was a certain beauty to pro wrestling watching the Macho Man fly off of the top rope with that elbow. He really landed hard on those opponents as well.

      And finally, I would not want the Yokozuna Bonzai Drop. That sweaty crack and balls best describes a new feeling of wanting to commit suicide before that would happen. Especially if your girfriend was in the front row. It is tough for a girl to take you seriously if she saw that happen to you.

      Honorable mention-Ole Anderson ripping the arm off his opponent right after he tapped.

      The worst finishing moves of all time is the Shake, Rattle and Roll, Hogan’s legdrop, Anyone’s sleeper, Anyone’s Claw, except Barry’s, and the bear hug. Why wouldn’t someone punch, or gauge and eye, or something?

      • M.D. Johnson says:

        Awesome reply to my post, you and I shall be true rivals on the level of Steamboat/Flair, Freebirds/Von Erichs! I agree with those finishers and I justed wanted to spark convos. I have been put in those moves and I’m a huge Flair mark. However, that STF sleeper looked like people were seconds away from death and the spinning toe hold just looked like a shin was about to explode. Am I the only one who likes the sloppiest/craziest stunners?

        • Black Cat says:

          I like the various stunners but there are some that just look like shit. It’s usually when it doesn’t look like the guy taking it really gets knocked silly.

        • Black Cat says:

          I’ll throw in the airplane spin. I love it but really, both guys spin around just as much.

      • Black Cat says:

        The F4 certainly gets points for being the easiest to convince your friend to do and cause the most pain.

        I can’t imagine the Mulkey’s or George South ever got used to taking the Doomsday Device.

  6. M.D.Johnson says:

    You caught me! My name is Marc Johnson and I’m from New Orleans but I now live in Fayetteville for work. I will defend Demolition until the day I die! They are hated on for no reason. Several episodes ago, you guys mentioned that you didn’t mind the Natural Disasters, yet hate the Demos because they are fat? If you can sit here and say you liked The Rockers, then why would you hate the Demolition? The Rockers are a poor man’s Rock and Roll Express. Shit, the Rockers are a poor man’s Fantastics! I would take Rock and Roll, Midnight, and even the ill-fated Lightening Express (Tim Horner and Brad Armstrong)over the Rockers.I digress, the Demolition are a great tag team, and the Legion of Doom were pushed by every federation they were in to high heaven. My essay about the LOD will come soon, you can bet on that pantheon.

    • Black Cat says:

      I am totally registering oldschoolmark.edu NOW.

    • Sergeant J says:


      You have my undevided attention, my man. How you can come out here in front of the whole world and discredit the tag team who reinvented what is meant to be tough? Huh, you call yourself a “old school wresting student”, but yet you don’t back it up, period. I have delved into the body of work which is known as Demolition, and I see nothing remotely strong about them. Some of their signature moves are basic, and show a lack of ingenutiy as well. Ooooh, ax handle, kick, punch. Their finishing move was off the SECOND rope.

      Road Warrior Hawk was a freak. 6’6″ 315, and climbed the ropes like a cat. He was doing “old school” while Mark Calloway was in high school. Who would you rather fight, Hawk or Ax. At least I can outrun that old bastard. Hawk would be running like Robocop.

      Animal was a strong as anyone, and flew through the air like a scud missle with his shoulder block. He was the powerman of the group, and wrestled with a broken orbital bone in his face. Ax’s heart was “weak”, and retired, but apparently he still works house shows to this day. I bet he bowed out when he heard the LOD signed the contract.

      OK, fine, who would you rather have as a manager, Mr. Fuji, or the brains and intellect of Paul Ellering. The man motivated the Road Warriors to new heights due to his mentorship, and them keeping their goals in sight.

      How dare you take Demolition over the Road Warriors. I respect your decision to make it, but pal, be prepared to stand behind those words, because this time, its war, and I’m taking no prisoners.

      • Black Cat says:

        Your description of the Road Warriors brought a tear to my eye.

      • Your description of the road warriors made me put steroids in my veins.

      • Black Cat says:

        While I love the Road Warriors, I do not believe that Hawk would be “running like RoboCop” unless RoboCop blew up after a quarter mile. And by blow up I mean his heart explodes.

        I would like to have Paul Ellering as my life coach. Maybe I’d finally have that mini-basketball hoop in my garage built.

  7. Dame Kash says:

    Honorable Mention:
    X-Pac’s Bronco Buster aka Rey-Rey’s Face Full Of Stuff, or something like that. I dont know. Thats what a pal would call it. Great show by the way Billy & Chuck, Dig the old school toy & ppv commercials etc. Go a bit longer next time, YOU CAN DO IT, MAGGOTS!
    Sin Cara’ly Yours
    Trigga-Man Dame

    P.S Can we throw Headshrinker Fatu’s Stink Face on that pile of worst Finishers done in matches. or maybe these have been Signatures and not Finisher’s. And Im just holding a grudge. Peace

  8. Butt Douglas says:

    How come we’re all talking about finishers? Was Virgil’s finisher mentioned in his segment? I may have missed the lengthy discussion of the Fujiwara armbar. Too bad I don’t know how to rewind/replay podcasts. Anyway, another great job dudes! Don’t know how I’d get through my day without your casual wrestling discussions. Makes my cubicle seem like a wood-paneled basement, and my junk office coffee taste like Mello Yello.

    • Black Cat says:

      The comments on this show have taken a strange direction. I do not understand but I love it.

      And I think “makes my cubicle seem like a wood-paneled basement, and my junk office coffee taste like Mello Yello” is the new tag line to our podcast.

  9. M.D.Johnson says:

    Setting- The Universal Wrestling Debate Mid South Omni Arena 20 yards south of the cross section of Parts Unknown and The Dark Side.

    Issue- Demolition vs. The Road Warriors

    Panel of Judges- OSWP Pantheon, Dre, Black Cat Owen Art Masterson IV, Disco Stu, and Billy Jack Hayes

    Argument by M.D. Johnson for The Demolition

    My friends, I would like to start off by saying thank you to the OSWP for giving myself and other Demolition fans the forum and opportunity to defend a team that was a cornerstone of the WWF Tag Team Division in the golden age of the WWF. Also, I would like to thank the fine citizens of The Dark Side and Parts Unknown for hosting the OSWP Pantheon and Billy Jack Hayes in their fine communities.

    I come here today to continue my fight for the reputation and honor of one of the greatest tag teams in not only WWF history, but the history of the sport of Professional Wrestling/Rasslin. As hard as it is to believe, people hate on the tag team that still holds the longest single title reign for any tag team, main evented tons of house shows, and had the privilege of having Andre the Giant’s last WWF match on TV. Despite their many accomplishments, they are just seen as clones of the Road Warriors who had just as many if not more accomplishments than the Demolition. I am here to prove that the Demos have earn their place in history and that the Road Warriors are becoming more myth and legend than truth.

    * Billy Jack Hayes has stepped down as a judge for this discussion because the Demolition have once again put his cousin Brady Boone in the ICU of the Parts Unknown James Hellwig Memorial Hospital.

    1) Please refer to my previous essay about the Demos entitled “The Humble Defense of Demolition” as posted in last week’s comment section.

    2) The base of any great tag team is its presence. The LOD without a doubt look like two of the baddest mother fuckers to walk on God’s green Earth. I will not deny that. I would never want to be in a fight with those guys because they would murder me. However, the Demolition offer that aura with the added chance that they would not only kill you but torture /rape you. I ask you pantheon, would you be more terrified by guys who are tough bikers who would beat your brains in or two huge tough guys that dressed like Lord Humongous that want to torture and then rape you and then murder you. Presence in this case is a Draw.

    3) The greatest tag teams have the best managers. Now my esteemed pantheon brother and brave patriot Sergeant J, has stated that the manager of choice here has to be the brilliant Paul Ellering (manager of the Road Warriors) over the Devious One Mr. Fuji (manager of the Demos). I say with all due respect, and I mean all due respect, but are you high on an 8 ball? Remember, I said all due respect because Serg J, you could probable kick my ass! Mr. Fuji has won dozens of tag team titles in the NWA, AWA, and WWWF! He would later manage a WWF World Champ and managed the Demos to a WWF tag team championship. Paul Ellring couldn’t even keep the Legion of Doom in GCW together and he couldn’t even keep the Road Warriors together as Hawk would wrestle in Japan without Animal. Clearly the manager of choice is not Paul but the Devious One Mr. Fuji.

    4) Physique- This one I will concede to the Road Warriors. They and Hulk Hogan were freaks of nature and yes they had better builds and better steroid habits. Conversely, the fat, out of shape Demolition are still around and sorry to say guys, Hawk is in heaven right now (R.I.P.).

    5) Finisher- This is where I will get the most flack. The Doomsday Device of the Road Warriors always seemed soft to me compared the the Demolition Decapitation. So the Doomsday Device is when Hawk hits you with a top rope clothesline while you are sitting on the shoulders of the Animal and as you get hit, Animal tosses you back. That sounds and looks brutal but there is alot of space to protect yourself. Now imagine a big son of a bitch puts you in a back-breaker and holds you on his knee while bending you like a bow. Oh yeah, then a 280lbs plus mother fucker laughs at you from the second rope and drives his elbow right into your throat. Pain and Destruction are delivered! Now just because the elbow is on the second rope has nothing to do with the effectiveness. Ask Bret Hart or Stone Cold about second rope elbow drops. Also, the Decapitation was more precise, because if you watch you tube clips, Ax actually takes a giant step on the ropes to aim for the poor bastards head. Winner- The Demolition Decapitation.

    6) Move Set- They were both bulky and knew what the fans wanted. The Road warriors were Goldberg before Goldberg. The Demos were the Hulk Hogan of Tag Teams, nuff said. For move sets, Draw.

    7) Theme songs- We all can agree that Iron Man is an awesome theme and it would get over very easily. That is what the LOD did and its not that big of an accomplishment in choosing a great metal song for a biker team. However, the fucking Demolition put their own lyrics in an all time classic wrestling theme and they basically laid down the gimmick and what they were about to do to their poor opponents. Here comes the Axe and Here comes the Smasher, the Demolition, walking disaster, pain and destruction are our middle names.They even go as far as to say you better state your act of contrition. OMG, the best theme by far is the Demolition!!!!

    I submit video evidence of for point #7:


    The Demos-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aS1Xfb6ckE
    *Look how fucking evil Fuji Looks… on the youtube clip

    Friends and countryman, I hope I have a least shade light on the point that the Demolition deserve more credit and they deserve to be in the Top 10 Tag Teams of all time. In the end, they sold merchandise, they drew money, and millions upon millions of people marked out to them. That is true greatness.

    Thank you to the OSWP and thank you pantheon and Billy Jack Hayes for allowing and listening to me ramble. Have a nice day.

    • Sergeant J says:

      Mad Dog,

      I’ll tell you this much, I am not high on an 8 Ball. Frankly, I don’t even know what an 8 Ball is, but brother, you really are reaching through the depths of your “intestinal fortitude” to come up with reasons why the Demolition is better than Hawk and Animal.

      Exhibit A-From their humble beginnings in Georgia Championship Wrestling all the way back in 1982 all the way up until May of 2003, the Road Warriors were on a rampage, kick the teeth in of all comers, winning an unprecedented EIGHTEEN sets of Tag Team Championship gold, and the illustrious Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, the wrestling equivalent to the Stanley Cup. That is 20 years and 19 Championships. Don’t forget about the NWA six man championships, two with the Dream and one with Genichiro Tenryu. Yes, they may have split due to contract negotiations, but they were and will always be family. Let us venture into the longevity of Demolition. Don’t blink. From March of 1987 all the way through June of 1991, Demolition won three tag team titles in the WWF. Sixteen years later, they won another three tag team titles in the unknown GLCW and KSWA wrestling circuits (I don’t know, me either). To cap off Exhibit A, Road Warriors were ranked as the #1 Tag Team of the PWI Years (1979-2003), Demolition made the same list, but ranked #59.

      Exhibit B-You want to talk about presence, we’ll go into each teams banner year. It is not hard to take 1988 as the banner year for Demolition. Hell, you only get four to choose from. Their stupid hoods, with those stupid metal studs, stupid jackets, and those godforsaken ring outfits with those stupid straps on them. What was that harness for anyway, can you explain that? Their theme song, for which you want to give a Grammy, but let’s look into the artist that produced the song. For Demolition, it was Rick Derringer, who also sang the song “Hang on Sloopy” back in 1965, and did Hulk Hogan’s “Real American”. Sorry, but just not cool. The Road Warriors, on the other hand, we have a plethora of years to choose from, we can go 1984 in the AWA, or 1987 in the NWA. For pure presence, we are going to go 1987, with the shoulderpads with 4″ steel spikes coming out of them. Those could take out an eye if you weren’t careful enough. They ran with the American Dream and the Sickle Pickle. Mohawk and reverse mohawk vs slicked back bald spot. Full uncreative face paint vs. the different colored spider with the star and triangle. Last but not least, Rick Derringer vs Ozzy Osborne.

      Exhibit C-Competition. Yes the Demolition had to face the formidable teams of the Bulldogs, Killer Bees (see my rant on episode #58), Hart Foundation, and Strike Force? The Road Warriors had to face the Midnight Express, Powers of Pain, Manny Fernandez and Rick Rude, Ivan and Nikita Koloff, The Four Horsemen, and in Japan they had Tenyru and Hada. I don’t count the Skyscrapers (Ask Black Cat). Yes Demolition beat the shit out of the Powers of Pain, but they were not the Road Warriors either. Don’t take credit for beating Andre. Andre was still a force, but 1978-1981 Andre who have squashed them in a handicap match. The Road Warriors also had their hands full with the Freebirds and The Fabulous Ones, and also Scott Hall and Curt Henning back in the AWA.

      And finally, Exhibit D-The finisher. Nuff Said.

      I am not high on drugs, and I am not biased trying to make sugar out of shit. Top to bottom, Animal and Hawk are the originators that could never be duplicated. They are the greatest Tag Team to ever consume oxygen, and Demolition is a cheap knock off.

      Face Paint and Heavy Metal don’t make you cool.

      A body of work makes you legendary.

      Very Disrespectfully,
      Staff Sergeant Jeff Jahelka
      U.S. Army, Infantry

      P.S. Shame on you for not noticing my JFK movie reference on Episode 67 blog

      • Sergeant J says:

        AND…………..I would take damn Rocco over Mr. Fuji.

        • M.D.Johnson says:

          Now you are just being dumb and silly.

        • Point of fact, I do not consume intoxicating substances other than the occasional ethanol. However, I do possess an extensive knowledge of numerous drugs secondary to my vast medical knowledge and my interactions with the many plebeians of the USA. Don’t get me wrong, I mean that with the utmost disrespect. Nevertheless , an 8-Ball is when a hopeless plebeian consumes 1/8 or 3.5 grams of a potent stimulate such as cocaine, speed(meth), or even ketamine ( special K, the K, Kit Kat, Kronus, Vitamin K, K-Crush/Quick).

          Always Disrespectfully Classy,

          Marc E. Blassie

          • Black Cat says:

            I feel like I’m in the middle of a post-modern American novel written in the mid-90s by David Foster Wallace.

    • Black Cat says:

      Very nice essay, sir. I would definitely put them in my top 10. I was previously only considering in-ring destruction, but if we are talking post-match, behind locker room door, sexual assault potential, I would probably be overall more intimidated by Demolition. I will disagree and say I’d rather have an elbow in the throat then flip over and possibly break my neck.

    • Black Cat says:

      Amazing WWE.com JUST posted the Top 50 Tag Teams of all time.


      LOD is #8, Demolition is #3 and EDGE AND CHRISTIAN is #1….ugh.

      • I’m not mad at that because you know they put E&C at number 1 because of Edge being in the Hall of Fame recently. However, it is a true tragedy that the Midnight Rockers are at #11. The zenith of their run in the WWF is when Mr. Shawn Micheals did a Gorilla Monsoon Cresent Kick into the fragile jaw of a plebeian named Marty Janetty and then threw Janetty through a glass plate. Number 11 WWE, really?

        Always Disrespectfully Classy,

        Marc E. Blassy

        • Black Cat says:

          Just looked at the whole thing. A few observations…

          LAYCOOL (36) is one ranking about the Powers of Pain (37)

          Sheik and Volkoff are referred to as the “Foreign Legion.” Were the ever actually called this?

          The Brain Busters at 28 is heresy, especially when you consider the Quebecers are 22.

          • Those two goofy bastards were never called that and when did LayCool become a tag team. Jumping Bomb Angels could be them now. If you read the disclaimer they just count their WWF time and I happen to agree with that ranking. I was one of few people that watched the dark age of WWF and the Quebecers were one of the few wrestlers that had some real heat. Not saying they were good, however, they had a better WWF run than the Brain Busters.

            Always Disrespectfully Classy,

            Marc E. Blassie

  10. M.D. Johnson says:

    Dre and Black Cat, how about you guys set up a WCW/OSWP Heavyweight Championship Tournement with the top 12 wrestlers you have have discussed in pervious podcast. Set it up and we of the OSWP Pantheon can vote on the winners.

  11. M.D.Johnson says:

    Sergeant J and the OSWP Pantheon

    I see the fumes of rage with blood of crimson red boiling through your last post. Though I like the gimmick of Mad Dog, the M.D. stands for Medical Doctor Johnson. With that, I think you have a severe case of acute on chronic markitis neuropathy with a secondary acute markosis. The only cure for this is an intramuscular injection of Geodon with 25mg oral dose of reality 2 times a day for 10 days with no refills. In my world, I prefer the Demolition to the RW. However, my whole point is despite being a clone of the RW it worked and got over. I don’t care about the subjective PWI rankings. For all that, WWE ranks them #3 on their tag team list over LOD and the Brain Busters and seeing as the only company around is WWE then the PWI means nothing.

    Longevity goes to the LOD hands down. However, you cant count the 1995 beyond LOD because they sucked. Vince Russo fucked that team up and they never were the same. So what you are telling me is that Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Rick Rude and Manny, E&C, Tully and ARN, Arn and Ole, Ric Flair and Greg Valentine, The Demos, Ray Stevens and Pick a partner, Rock and Sock, The Outsiders,The Midnight Express, Doom, do not hold a candle to teams that lasted 10 plus years. So the only teams that can be counted are the Rock and Roll Express, The Dudley Boyz, The Steiners, and Jerry Lawler & Jerry Lawler? The reason the LOD stayed together was because they made more money together than apart. The Demos split because Axe would have died in the ring from a heart arrhythmia. Unlike Hawk’s vast substance abuse problems, Bill had a legit heart problem because he was at the end of his career. He wasn’t falling off the titantron like a kayfabe drunk Hawk.

    Back to the point about clones. Clones are a part of wrestling OSWP Pantheon. Gorgeous George led to guys like NATURE BOY Buddy Rogers and “Handsome” Harley Race, Adrian Adonis,etc. Oh yeah, ask Ramblin Ricky Rhodes and NATURE BOY Ric Flair about their views on clones. They both have shoot interviews out. Also, I believe Shawn Micheals has strong opinions about clones when his legendary tag team The Rockers/ The Midnight Rockers were ripped off(I hate the Rockers). Ask Tiger Mask II and III and Mr. Wrestling II, etc. That is a bogus argument.

    OSWP Pantheon, I really am not trying to prove the Demos are better than the RW. I like them more than the RW, Im sorry, I like the Rolling Stones over the Beetles, sue me because I have a free thought in my head. However, for the hosts of this show to sing priases of the Natural Disasters and having no problems with the POWERS OF PAIN! THE FUCKING POWERS OF PAIN! THE POWERS OF PAIN! Really!?! The Demolition have made their mark and were a great tag team. They drew money and sold product, period. J, you cannot deny that fact at all and if you cant deal with the fact that I like Aliens over Alien then sorry. I don’t care if you like them, but you cant deny that they were delivers of pain and destruction.

    Always Disrespectfully Classy,

    Marc E. Blassie
    M.D. Johnson

    P.S. Point of Fact, my true loyalty lies with the greatest tag team ever Tully and Arn. The RW could never get the belts off of them and Demolition lost to them as well. Dre and Black Cat, you two just hit on a booker’s dream. The Sergeant J vs M.D. Johnson feud can sell out for the next three months ending with a chain linked steel cage, I Quit match in the Omni. Book it!

    • Butt Douglas says:

      Here is the counter-point to your argument: In case you forgot, Ax is Bill Eadie in makeup, and Smash is Barry Darsow in makeup.

      • Butt Douglas says:

        And I like those guys, but they’re so clumsy they probably fall over when they fart.

        • M.D. Johnson says:

          Dear Butt,

          I know you are a part of the OSWP Pantheon and With due disrespect, I have no idea what you first point means. are you saying that the all star team of the Masked Superstar and the Krusher make them clumsy and silly? I don’t understand.

          Always Disrespectfully Classy,

          Marc E. Blassie

          • Butt Douglas says:

            I’m saying that they’ll always be the two overweight, clumsy wrestlers that needed a gimmick at the time. They’re the drunk old men that sit alone at bars and try to start deep conversations with you and don’t realize when you and your friends are making fun of and throwing snowballs at them.

            With that said, Barry Darsow scared the shit out of me as the Repo Man. How did I get talking about the Repo Man again? God damn these things always come full circle I swear.

    • Black Cat says:

      Congratulations, you are officially the OSWP doctor. If we ever have any medical issues (only while recording), you will be on call.

      WHY DID YOU BRING UP POST 1995-LOD? I swear I actually had wiped that from my mind. Haven’t thought about that in 12 years. The masks? Sunny?

      As long as a team is firmly established, I wouldn’t look at longevity as a deciding factor. If we’re talking all tag teams, I probably wouldn’t put LOD above #5. Top 10 for sure, but Tully & Arn, Midnights, Bulldogs, Harts, Steiners all should go above them.

      I really have no explanation for my POP affinity. I don’t think I said they were GOOD, but my childhood self thought they were pretty awesome to watch.

  12. Anyone hate the Midnight Rockers like I do or am I alone on that one?

  13. JBLCENAFAN says:

    best thing was Virgil , everyone has one that has ever been to a convention. One time , asked us for a ride to New York from Jersey , another time asked for a ride to Wal-mart. Third and best time asked for a ride to the airport cause’ his brother said Vince overnighted him ticket to be at Raw Monday , and indeed he was on Raw with Teddy Jr. the next day! All these were at different Legends Of The Ring conventions. He always bums off fans to avoid any out of pocket expenses , will sign anything for $5 , don’t be fooled!

  14. Does anyone remember when that silly son of a bitch, Hardcore Hak, used to roll out with a “Surge!” drink cart full of carnage inducing weapons and plunder? I remember when I saw the “Surge!” drink machine on campus and the first thing I here from my friends is that it makes your testicles smaller due to the obscene amount of yellow 5. I then thought, ” Did Hak drink a lot of Surge to replace beer and therefore reverting his testicles into its embryonic form and then travel upward into his Gubernaculum?” Some questions are better left unanswered.

    Always Disrespectfully Classy,

    Marc E. Blassie

  15. I’d love to have another Steamboat/Flair review! OSWP faithful, do you agree?

  16. holzhammer says:

    dear good people!

    finally your box-set found the way over the ocean
    to vienna/austria and it’s awsome!
    52 episodes full of fun and whackiness.

    thanx for the extras (button and trading cards).

    get your copy today!



  17. Dame Kash says:

    Chainsaw Charlie VS Hardcore Hak
    Book It and the people will come.

  18. When you first wondered about which Spring Stampede was remembered as a great PPV, my first thought was Spring Stampede ’97, where Booker T. cut his infamous “Hulk Hogan, we comin’ for you (explative)!”

    If you get thrown in a pool, like Kanyon did, do you really take a bump?

    Dre, I love it that you didn’t let Virgil work you. That whole situation sounded fishy to me.

    The “Dead Reverend” slip up will never get old.

    I loved the “Barry Windham” edit to censor Mike’s last name. You could have just deleted out the last name, but Flair saying “Barry Windham” was much better. Then later in the episode Lawrence says Mike’s last name again.

    First wrestling memory: renting and watching Wrestlmania 2 and The Wrestling Classic over and over at my cousin’s house when I was 6 years old. I, too, loved the whole good guys vs. bad guys style they had going on.

    Pro Wrestling for NES was also the first wrestling video game that I really liked. I also played but didn’t care for The Wrestlemania Video Game with six guys and you had to grab their icons for power-ups. Macho Man’s icon was his sunglasses.

    I can vouch for Dre that he is not making up Saturday Night Slam Masters.

    Here are my bullet point thoughts from the “They Live” review from the box set:

    Piper made a lot of demands that Carpenter bowed down to.

    I agree that Community is an excellent TV show. It’s funny to hear you say the Pulp Fiction episode was just aired. Shows how much time has passed.

  19. In light of the boring Edge DVD, I would like to ask the Pantheon one question? What superstar from today or yesteryear would you like to seeing their own dvd.Me I want to see:

    1) Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
    2) Harley Race
    3) The Funk Family
    4) UWF Riase and Fall
    5) Just because I saw Memphis Heat, I want to know more about Lawler and the Memphis Rasslin Scene.

    • Three best Wrestling DVD’s are , in no order, Memphis Heat, ECW Rise and Fall, and the 2 WCCW DVDs

    • Sergeant J says:

      There are Midsouth Wrestling DVDs available called Wrestling Gold, hosted by Jim Cornette and Dave Mellltzer

      DVDs I would like to see released are Texas wrestlers, such as Dick Murdoch, The Briscos, The Funks, Tully Blanchard, the Blackjacks, Barry Whindam, Stan Hanson, I know we already did Von Erich and the Dream, but we could include them as well.

      The Midnight Express DVD. The most underrated talent of all time had some classic feuds with the R&R, the Fantastics, the Road Warriors and the Midnight Express?

      How about re-releasing the full airings of Starrcade, the Crockett Cups and Great American Bashs. WWF is releasing box sets of past events that they originated. Maybe Vince is envious of the product, and has too much pride. He knows they will outsell his product.

      One last comment. I would like to see a remake of the Greatest Tag Teams DVD that was released a few years back. Tag Team wrestling was my favorite and my specialty. Great concept, but poor execution. I want extras and backstories on these teams, like Greatest Stars of the 80s. The fact that it was hosted by two knuckleheads was sloppy. There needs to be a better choice of matches as well

      QUESTION FOR THE MASSES-What is your favorite match that is not ever discussed or even considered by others?

      Example-Bulldogs vs Valentine/Beefcake from WM2. The speed, power and technical wrestling from the Bulldogs were something I have never seen before this match, combined with the bumps that Valentine took were impressive to say the least. I am also a Black Sabbath mark. Surprised that I dont hear any other talk about it. In my opinion, Savage/Steamboat a year earlier. The match that stole the show.

      • I totally agree with Stan Hanson and the WWE tag team DVD is lame. R&R, The Midnight Express, and the Russians could have their own DVDs to name a few. The two matches that I can’t wait to hear about are 1) Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart for the WWF Championship in the steel cage at summer slam 94. One of my fav cage matches, and that feud was hot at the time. Also, I would like to hear about my fav Terry Funk match and only Lawler match I like, their empty Arena match. I will go as far as to say that Terry Funk is at least in the top 5 wrestlers of all time. That includes Race, Bruno, Hart, Flair,etc… Funk is one of the top five wrestlers in history. I feel as strongly about Funk as I do Demolition.

  20. Frankito says:

    they need to put out a great Florida DVD. Championship Wrestling from Florida was a great sow and the florida territory in the NWA was gold! also would not mind a nice Magnificent Muraco DVD, including his stuff from Mid South and of course his classic Vignettes with Fuji.

  21. Awesome episode. I must say I have a similar Virgil story!

    I’m a huge old school wrestling fan, and most of my buddies know this, and it usually results in a lot of jokes… Anyways, one day, I’m just sitting around my house, when I get a text message from a co worker. It read, “Dude the Million Dollar Man is at the Mall! They have his music playing and everything!”

    Excited, I jumped off the couch, and scramble to my room to grab my Saturday Night Main Event DVD to go get signed. My girlfriend, confused look at me and said, “What are you doing?” I told her the Million Dollar Man is at the Mall and I have to meet him! (Not sure why I even thought about getting an autograph, seeing how I don’t even like getting them, I guess I was just excited to meet Ted)

    So I fly to the mall, nervous Ted may have left already. In the parking lot I see a HUGE tour bus, and think, “I’m not too late!” I power walk to the middle of the mall where there are vendors set up. As I get closer to the middle of the mall, I see a giant black sign that reads, “The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase with Virgil.”

    Man am I pumped, I get to the table and there is Virgil, and no Million Dollar Man. In all the excitement, I figured he probably went to the bathroom, or was grabbing a bite to eat (perhaps on that giant tour bus). So now I’m right in front of the Million Dollar Man’s table.

    Now my first clue that something wasn’t right was there was NO line. In fact there was a line next to his table and no one was there yet. But, again, I was excited, and Virgil not missing a beat, sees me, and then sees my DVD.

    Virgil then smiles and says, “Oh man, let me see that DVD!” He then opens up the three disc set and looks at all the pictures (probably hoping to find a picture of himself…there isn’t any.) He then starts going on and on about how great the dvd set is, and trying to talk about the matches on the back, that he obviously had no recollection of.

    At this time nothing is really giving me red flags, I figure, “Ok, this is cool. I’m talking to Virgil about wrestling, and before I know it Ted will be showing up, and Virgil will vouch for me that I’m a cool guy and who knows.” It’s important to note that Virgil had a small stack of pictures, no Million Dollar belt, no pictures of him in the ring, highlighting his career, just him, this tiny stack of glossy photos, and a tiny dollar general boom box with The Million Dollar man theme on repeat.

    Virgil, who still has my dvd in his hand looks at me and asks, “Hey, you want me to autograph this for you?” He sounded so excited, like he was doing me a favor. I said, “Yea sure, that would be awesome.” He says, “Ok, I will sign right on top of Hulk Hogan for ya!” He writes his name and WWF on the cover of my DVD.

    He looks at me and says, “That’s $15.” I was shocked. I didn’t ask for his autograph, in fact he offered it to me, but I thought, “Ok he isn’t here free and this probably includes Ted’s signature.”

    So luckily I had (no lie) $15 exactly in my wallet. I had it to Virgil and ask, “so Virgil,where is the Million Dollar Man at?” Virgil looks at me as if I’m crazy and says, “He isn’t here! Its just me. He has his own things going on.” I was stunned… I just gave Virgil $15 for an autograph I didn’t want, and now he has also ruined my DVD.

    It gets even better. He wouldn’t let me leave his table! Growing up I loved pro wrestling, especially the WWF and I know a lot of the story lines, which meant I knew a lot of the angles that involved Virgil standing around doing nothing. So Virgil kept me there to be the fact checker to the stories he was telling other people who were being suckered into his table with the hope of meeting the Million Dollar Man.

    I kid you not, he would tell a story, then look at me, push his finger into my shoulder and say, “Just ask this guy! He will tell ya!” Every single time I tried to leave, he would stop me by telling me a high school story about…himself.

    A passer by asked Virgil if he could get a picture of his daughter with Virgil on his cell phone. Virgil said in a kind voice, “Yea, of course, but it’s $20.” The father closed his flip phone and said, “Forget it.” Virgil was quick to say, “No, no, its cool. Don’t worry about it.” He posed with the little girl and the dad took the picture. I saw many disappointed people for that half hour Virgil kept me there.

    But the story doesn’t end there! Remember that tour bus I mentioned in the parking lot? It wasn’t Virgil’s, it was in fact Jerry The King Lawler. That line next to Virgil’s table was for the King, who was on his lunch break. So after hanging out for a half hour with Virgil, the King walks to his table, and I can’t believe it.

    I tell Virgil I’m going to say hi to Jerry, and he says, “Ok.” I swear I felt like I was Virgil’s tag team partner. I go to Jerry Lawler, and I’m not able to get an autograph for $10 because Virgil ha s all the cash I had on me. So I go up to him and say, “Hey man, I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for the business and I’m a big fan.” Jerry looked so confused when I then just walked away, not asking for an autograph. At least it gave me an escape from Virgil.

    I have a buddy who is a local promoter for house shows in my area, and he told me that Virgil is notorious for doing this. Apparently he will search for wrestling events and signings that are close to him and just show up. This is a giant problem because the promoters are paying wrestlers to show up, and they make a small cut of the signings to help pay for the wrestlers. Virgil however, makes all profit and the promoters make nothing off of him.

    Make sure to check out this website while your at it.


    Its nothing but Pictures of Virgil Hanging out by himself at convention he probably wasn’t invited to.

  22. Sergeant J says:

    The excitement is building, and I have my own results, but here, for the fans is Sergeant J’s OSWP Heavyweight Championship tournament.

    So, if I was to run an OSWP Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Tournament, here is how I would do it. 32 of the top wrestlers mentioned in past OSWP episodes would appear. The wrestler has to have been mentioned on a podcast, and the wrestler has to be from one particular podcast. For example, Ric Flair was on many different podcasts, but I could only choose one version of Ric Flair, so I would choose the Ric Flair from Episode 25.
    Four Seperate eight man tournaments would take place from four different venues mentioned from previous podcasts. Mid South Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Greensboro Coliseum and for some odd reason, the Spring Break venue from episode 50. The remaining four would go into the Skydome for the Finals of the OSWP Heavyweight Championship tournament. The seeding is as follows..

    1. Ric Flair (Greensboro #1 seed) (Episode #25)
    2. Macho Man Randy Savage (Spring Break #1 seed) (Episode #39)
    3. Dusty Rhodes (MSG #1 seed) (Episode #10)
    4. Ricky Steamboat (Mid South #1 seed) (Episode #25)
    5. Hulk Hogan (#2 G) (Bonus WMIII episode)
    6. Andre the Giant (#2 MS) (Episode #38)
    7. Abdullah the Butcher (#2 MSG) (Episode #20)
    8. Sabu (#2 SB) (Episode # 23)
    9. Sting (#3 G)(Episode #1)
    10. Rick Rude (#3 MSG) (Episode #2)
    11. Ultimate Warrior (#3 MS) (Episode #9)
    12. Terry Funk(#3 SB)(Episode#23)
    13. The Rock (#4 MS) (Episode #65)
    14. Nick Bockwinkel (#4 MSG) (Episode #30)
    15. Cactus Jack (#4 G) (Episode # 21)
    16. Steve Austin(#4 SB)(Episode #45)
    17. Arn Anderson(#5 SB)(Episode#53)
    18. Nikita Koloff (#5 G)(Episode #57)
    19. Roddy Piper (#5 MSG) (Episode #12)
    20. Brian Pillman (#5 MS) (Episode #24)
    21. Atsushi Onita (#6 MS) (Episode #41)
    22. Bam Bam Bigelow(#6 MSG) (Episode #68)
    23. Lex Luger (#6 G) (Episode 5)
    24. Terry Gordy (#6 SB) (Episode 59)*
    25. Honky Tonk Man (#7 MS) (Episode #38)
    26. Tommy Dreamer (#7 SB) (Episode #37)
    27. Ted Dibiase (#7 G) (Episode #39)
    28. Tito Santana (#7 MSG) (Episode # 43)
    29. DDP (#8 MSG) (Episode #44)
    30. Paul Ordorff(#8 G) (Episode # 60)
    31. (#8 SB)
    32. (#8 MS)

    I purposely left 31 and 32 open for voting from the fellow listeners, just in case there was one left off that the fans of the podcast want to see. If there is enough interest in seeing this unfold, then I will place the last two that others want to see.

    I did leave off the Undertaker purposely, because he was a member of the Skyscrapers, and no big match for him to this date.