#67 – Ricky Steamboat v Steve Austin, August 24, 1994

Dre and Black Cat announce the release of the OSWP Vol 1 Box Set, including remastered episodes 1-50, the unreleased WrestleMania 3 review, and an AWESOME OSWP button all for only $9.99! Ordering info below. We also take a look at a tremendous match between Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat, and go over the feedback from our last episodes.


This episode has been archived in the Season 2 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!



  1. M.D. Johnson says:

    Ok this is part 2 of my comment for the day. On episode 38 our hosts brought up a good point about older wrestlers, they all had to pass the “Could he beat the shit out of my Dad” test. This is where Vince has truly destoried the business and why there are few larger than life characters. Look at the 80’s roster of NWA, UWF,WCCW compared to the WWF roster of the 80’s. The majority of the wrestlers were already proven around the country before they made it to the WWF and you can tell the difference. I would fear for my dad’s life against 98% of the wrestlers in the non WWF promotions. However, I think my dad could kick the shit out of 50% of the guys in the WWF in the 80’s. In fact ,the mid 90’s I felt he could destroy 79% of the WWF except my favorite wrestlers being Undertaker, Bret Hart, Mankind, Nash,Ramon. Now, since our wrestlers aren’t beating up guys in the neighborhood bar and protecting the business, today’s wrestler seems soft. Any of you think you would lose a fight to John Morrison, Miz, Cody Rhodes, Heath Slater, Evan and Kofi, Christian, and so on. Hell, I feel I would have a chance against 90% of the roster and I should not feel that way. The Usos are the least intimidating Samoans in wrestling history and it’s because of the soft WWF style. I would never think that I stood a chance against any of the wrestlers back then ( except the Mulky Bos) and I don’t think I could beat Terry Funk today!

  2. Dame Kash says:

    Agreed, now how bout setting up a match between Skip Shefield aka Ryback Killa & yourself inside the octogon from 98? Still feel lucky? I smell a squash match, damn i want that boxset. make a deal, black cat?

  3. Statman says:

    After listening to the episode #67 Steamboat vs Austin (which as usual was classic fellas), I hope the folks on Techwood Drive passed out a couple of pink slips.

    One for Doug Dillinger
    How did the so called head of security for “dubya C dubya” let someone execute a hit on the Hulkster. Doug always did seem a little fat dumb and happy escorting talent to the ring.

    One for someone in public relations
    Just who is the genius who books Sting for a meet and greet in another town at the same time of a national television broadcast.

    On the bonus match coverage of Flair vs Morton, nobody and I mean nobody takes an ass-whooping better than Ricky Morton!

  4. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Awesome, just got mine – looks great.

    Never knew Black Cat was bald with a beard.