#67 – Ricky Steamboat v Steve Austin, August 24, 1994

Dre and Black Cat announce the release of the OSWP Vol 1 Box Set, including remastered episodes 1-50, the unreleased WrestleMania 3 review, and an AWESOME OSWP button all for only $9.99! Ordering info below. We also take a look at a tremendous match between Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat, and go over the feedback from our last episodes.


This episode has been archived in the Season 2 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!



  1. M.D. Johnson says:

    Just bought the Collector’s Edition and can’t wait to get it! It was a true sign of Stunning Steve Austin’s pink slip from WCW when Nick Bockwinkle (then WCW commish) forced him to defend his newly given title against James “Whacksaw” Duggan. He lost in about 20 seconds. Ricky had been injured and therefore he forfeited the belt to Austin who then immediately lost it to that pale, no talent, ass-clown Duggan. I was a huge mark for Stunning Steve Austin, because if any of you had the pleasure of seeing a Stunning Steve or Hollywood Blondes match at a seedy WCW house show, then you know what I’m talking about. The reason he was so banged up in WWF is because he acted like The Great Muta when he was younger at these shows, main evented by Vadar vs. Luger or Ron Simmions. He would dive off of cages and the top rope and get the biggest pop of the night. Steve was not understood by WCW and Hulk Hogan wanted nothing to do with you unless he could run with you and make money (like the NWO and later jump to the Wolfpack). WWF never understood him either until they just said “Fuck It” and let Austin be Austin. This was an awesome match and the only good match on card in my opinion.

    • Dogfaced Kremlin says:

      A tremendous recap of the whole Austin-Duggan debacle. I knew when it happened (back at age 14) that Austin was getting royally boned, and Duggan was a no-talent bum who only got his spot due to his buddy, Hogan.

  2. Who did the voice over at the start of the podcast plugging the OSWP and Awesome 80’s collaboration?

    My favorite excuse given by WCW to further along a storyline was when the 4 Horsemen supposedly had a closed door breakfast conference that morning to go over strategy.

    Dre was right about Hacksaw Duggan winning that match with Austin where Steamer had to give up the U.S. Title. You’d think Hacksaw would’ve won with the 3-point stance, but you’d be wrong. He won with the Old Glory Knee Drop. Even as a teenager I remember thinking that was really dumb.

    I love Barry Windham.

    • M.D. Johnson says:

      I forgot all about that piece of crqp, Old Glory Knee Drop! James Duggan is horrible!

      • Black Cat says:

        I’ll take Mid-South Jim DOOGAN. He was awesome.

      • MoolahTossedSalad says:

        In the early 80s in Mid South, Duggan would go between using the knee drop and the “spear” as finishers..Of course, he would also go between being called Doogan and Duggan.

    • Dogfaced Kremlin says:

      I also love Barry Windham. Fuck Jim Duggan and his knee drop.

    • Black Cat says:

      That would be our friend Doiner.

      Old Glory Knee Drop sounds really dirty.

      Who DOESN’T love Barry Windham?

  3. Butt Douglas says:

    You’d think that Bobby Heenan would remember Barry Darsow from one of the first angles of Raw, the highly decorated and PWI-lauded Savage/Repo Man feud.

  4. M.D.Johnson says:

    I’m a true old school wrestling fan and I’m a huge fan of Terry Funk’s whole career. Could you please do one of his greatest matches and the one and ONLY Jerry Lawler match I like, Funk vs. Lawler-Empty Arena Match. If anyone needs to know why Terry Funk’s old school wrestling is awesome, then watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=f930JknpaDk

  5. Dead Reckoning (Dr but struck off for malpractice) says:

    During the height of the Attitude era, I attempted to show some people what Stone Cold looked like before he was a beer swillin’, mud hole stompin’, wife beatin’, hissy fit throwin’ badass. The comments I received were:

    “No way, thats not the same guy, he’s wearing day glo tights”
    “Why is he getting pinned? That never happens?”
    “Whats going on with his hair”
    “When does he drink a beer?”
    “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?”
    “I’m calling the police if you don’t leave”

    Not sure they are all pertinent to the discussion, sorry

    In retrospect, Austin Vs Steamboat is enough to make any true wrestling fan a little tumescent, but the at the time, Austin was becoming a lightly pushed mid carder in the Hogan love-fest so the Disney fans were not as excited as they would have been just three years later.

    Loved this episode – as always. This is how much I like this show, I already have every episode downloaded and saved but am still going to order the box set because I want the button. I need it because the car to which I affixed the OSWP sticker has been sold on and my employer (aka the Man, and damn the Man, am I right kids?) objects to my desk being adorned in such regalia but I’m pretty sure I could get away with a button (or badge as we call it in the UK) – it may serve to draw attention away from the shoddy work I produce and my distinct lack of interest, input and initiative in meetings.

    Excited to listen to the collaboration with the awesome 80’s guys – the last one you did was hilarious.

    If you are taking requests then can I ask for one of the Saturday Nights Main Events from the late 80’s please? If poss, the one that was on in October / November 89, I have fond memories for some reason, even though I have never been able to find it online. Alternatively – Wrestlefest 88. I don;t know if it was released in the US but it was a VHS release in the UK featuring Andre vs Hulk in a cage in the corner of a football stadium. Not the whole stadium, they kind of sectioned a corner off. Quite bizarre and the cage match a HUGE letdown. Fun show overall though.

    Last comment – glad to see that the pops at Demolition have been scaled down, my work in that respect is complete but i remin vigilant.

    Pip pip all!


    • Black Cat says:

      We always appreciate your support DR and I hope you can find a happy place for your OSWP brooch at work. SNME is always an option. Not sure I could do ANOTHER Hogan/Andre match, though.

      Always be prepared for us to unleash our distaste of the Demolition.

  6. Dead Reckoning (Dr but struck off for malpractice) says:

    Forgot to add that I would absolutely buy and even wear an OSWP t-shirt (well, if the wife lets me, I have even lost dominion over my apparel choices – and I am sure I’m not alone in that)

    Can I suggest some slogans to put ‘neath the logo or on the back of the shirt?

    Old School Wrestling Podcast


    “Don’t make me Flair Chop yo’ ass”


    “Where Dre Happens”

    “A Bill Apner / Heffner Bros Production”

    “F*** Star Wars, Flair Steamboat is the Real Trilogy”

    “The Podcast equivalent of a Tommy Dreamer nutshot”

    “I wanna wear you like a mink coat”

    “Home of the foot long Sickle Pickle”

    • M.D. Johnson says:

      In favor of “Home of the foot long Sickle Pickle.” However, I would like to submit a few more options:

      The Old School Wrestling Podcast-

      1) Where you will never be caught with a hand full of tights

      2) Wearing you like a Mink Coat since 1981

      3) The last known location of Billy Jack Hayes

      4) The only place where you will hear “Hercules Hernandez” more than once

      5) Of the Humanoids, By the Humanoids, For the Humanoids

    • Black Cat says:

      I would love a shirt that says “Flair/Steamboat is the real trilogy.”

      “I wanna wear you like a mink coat” is also tempting.

  7. earthdog says:

    Please tell me that you are foreshadowing a OSWP review of the King of the Road match between The Blacktop Bully and Dustin Rhodes. I contend this is the worst PPV Gimmick match of all time.

    I really think Sting would have been flying out of Chicago Midway. I think O’Hare was a WWF airport at the time.

    Somewhere there is an alternative universe were Steve Austin stayed in the WCW, became Stone Cold and was the face who fought the NWO. Maybe he would’ve been the perfect face to hold his own against Hogan. I can dream at least.

    • Black Cat says:

      Good call on Midway. O’Hare is to WWF as Midway is to WCW. The Joliet Regional Airport is AWA.

  8. Another great WCW match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC8P3d0NsOc&list=PL2871E09169807E89&index=38&feature=plpp_video

    Chris Jericho versus Eddie Guerrero at WCW Fall Brawl 1997 for the WCW Crusierweight Championship

  9. Jsmitty says:

    While I understand that most of us probably came of age in the tape trade era I think you would be well served to distribute this in chunks via iTunes paid download. Whatever you would lose to apple (their cut) should just result In a slight price increase for us. Since I will almost certainly wind up loading these on the comp then into my pod / pad I would GLADLY PAY the bit extra to just cut out the middle man and get them via iTunes.

    You have a Treasure Trove of great material and I’ve been hooked since I found you guys a scant week ago so in all likelihood I will just swallow my hatred of PayPal and make it happen but you would open yourself up a nice low maintenance stream of future income if you made it available digitally.

    Whatever you decide you’ve got a fan in me.

    • Dre says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, but we fell strongly about the quality of the physical packaging of this product. It is meant to be a collector’s piece that you can touch and feel. If you hate paypal that much, you could mail me 40 quarters.

  10. Sergeant J says:


    Hook, line and sinker, DONE! I just bought it, and didnt even tell my wife yet.

    You two are dirty as hell, though. I have been moaning, bitching, and crying for 20 months for you two to review Wrestlemania III, and even threatened to switch my loyalty over to AWA Confidential hosted by COL DeBeers if you two didn’t review Wrestlemania III, and low and behold…..

    To all the listeners (in this case, readers) who are looking for a newsletter that covers the Old School Wrestling, look no further than the publication entitled The Atomic Elbow. It is published by Secon Period Industries, and you can email Robert @ secondperiod@gmail.com to get started.

    I won the Old School Werstling Podcast inagural Wrestlemania Confidence Pool, and my prize was Issue One of the Atomic Elbow, and he covers Old School wrestlin stories and events, and I was well entertained. I also recieved some prizes inside, such as a limited edition Atomic Elbow button set, an Old School Wrestling Podcast sticker, and also, to my surprise, 4 WCW trading cards of Lex Luger, Sting, Terry Taylor, and one that Black Cat would enjoy, Sid Vicious, although with mullet, but unfortunately, without the assless chaps that the Cat truely loves.

    All in all, I cannot wait for the box set to arrive. You two knuckleheads should be proud of yourselves, job well done.

  11. Dogfaced Kremlin says:

    Ordered the collector’s box set before even listening to this podcast. Just saw the Facebook page and didn’t even give it a second thought before placing my order.

    Can’t wait to get my special collector’s edition broach. It’ll look great on my Crow knapsack! Black Cat, you and I must both shop at the same Hot Topic!

    Seriously, can’t wait for it!

    Also, coincidentally enough, I just finished the Steve Austin DVD documentary literally right before listening to this show. That made this match a more fun listen and I really loved hearing about your thoughts on the DVD, especially Foley’s “dead gerbil” hair!

    It was a great match and I loved seeing Austin and Steamboat work every single match they did. I loved how they could go back to Austin’s Dangerous Alliance days with that feud; that history really made each match of theirs that much more intense. In my opinion, Steamboat ranks right up there as one of Austin’s greatest all-time opponents for sure!

    • Black Cat says:

      Sadly our Hot Topic closed last year. Now I have no where to buy Twilight socks.

  12. Uncle Soda says:

    And finally the limousine door opened. Just ordered the box. Happy to be able support you guys. For your next project I suggest selling “M’boooooy” ring tones 🙂 Cheers!!

    • Dogfaced Kremlin says:

      Wow! Ordered the box set Friday and it’s here by Monday! Can’t wait to listen to the unreleased stuff.

      The artwork by Mr. Stahl is just fantastic and it’s clear how much time was put into all of this!

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Dre’s Dusty Rhodes puppet! Gives a whole new dimension to what goes on at OSWP headquarters!

  13. M.D. Johnson says:

    I may be the biggest Mark of the OSW, we may need to do a Mark Off or and Mark-Bowl to see who is e biggest freaking Mark. On WWE 24/7, they have just put up a match between the Rockers and the greatest team I’ve ever seen, The Demolition with Mr. Fugi and it is for the titles. Im so excited and this match is great! S I would like to reissue my defense of Demolition that I sent to the OSW.

    Dear Flair Chop Pantheon,

         Hello, My name is M.D. Johnson and I would like to rehash an old topic from an old podcast entitled “Defense of Demolition.” A few weeks ago, on a beautiful pre spring day in Arkansas, I began to psych myself up before my AM workout by listening to “Somebody Goin Get They Ass Whipped” ( Mark Henry’s Theme). After I was properly hyped up, I began to do some Hack squats while listening to some pure podcast media gold until auditory venom caused me to stop my workout dead in its track. The hate towards Demolition poisoned my vestibular nerve and I was sent on a whirlwind of emotions and vertigo. I then heard the defense of demolition episode and email by another demo fan that was inspired by well aged brandy and depression. Therefore, I feel that it is my patriotic and mark duty to defend the demo. Here is my humble defense of one of the top 5 tag teams of all time.

    1) Road Warriors vs. The Demos- I would like to state that my defense is not to prove that The Demos are better than the LOD. My point is to prove that yes they are a copy of the LOD much like the Rolling Stones are to the Beatles, The Midnight Rockers/The Fantastics are to The Rock and Roll express and those clones all worked out. Also, their have been 3 Nature Boys, a few blackjacks, several Indian gimmicks, Billy Graham/Hulk/The Body. Aliens was better than Alien by the way. The fact that the demos are clones is a normal thing in wrestling and the demos were no exception. Vince needed a LOD and the Demos fit the mold and made him a lot of money (Not the Powers of Fucking Pain).

    2) Moneymakers (Not The Fucking Powers of Pain)- Its hard to deny that the Hart Foundation and the Demos were the cornerstones and backbone of the 80’s WWF tag team scene (with the Rockers being the most overrated but that’s another issue). They both held the tag titles 5 times total when that meant you can main event/draw houses/sell merchandise. These guys got huge pops on every tape that I have seen with them in it and sold retail and main evented shows. They were money makers and the tag team of the 80’s and you can’t deny that if you take the whole golden age into account(from the WWF scene propective).

    3) LOD Mean vs. Demo Mean- I would like to point out that I’m a former college football player and 100% NWA loving, Flair Choppin, Black Louisianan and I actually got into the demos in the late 90’s via old WWF tape rentals at a mom and pop movie rental joint.Yes they wore gimp outfits, however, the LOD would beat you up and murder you, yet the Demos look like the guys who beat you up and then you would wake up in their torture chamber. Those crazy white boys were scary. Also, who gives a fuck if they were fat? Did you guys watch wrestling in UWF,NWA,CWF,or old school WWF, 70% of the wrestlers were fat ass rednecks. 2 words, Thomas Rich.

    In the end, the demos made their mark on WWF with the longest tag title reign ever. Also, they were intimidating and they also did something LOD never did…. They fucking beat up the worst 80’s tag team champs, the fucking Girls With Cars Strike My Dick Force. Also, the demos had the best theme song out of all the tag teams other than the Midnight Express.

    Your Loyal Fan and Super Mark,

    M.D. Johnson  

    • Sergeant J says:

      My friend M.D., oh boy, you are in for a treat. I appreciate your marksism, I really do, but I cannot belive you just said…

      “The greatest tag team of all time, Demolition”

      I will understand and respect the words “My favorite tag team of all time”. Maybe it was a mistake, I dont know. But that, my friend is blastphomy is its purest form.

      Dre and Cat,

      I not only thank you for the hours of podcasting, the box set, that Ricky Morton card, and reading my Year End Review picks from Flair Chop Illustrated, but also this forum, where I can help such loyal fans like M.D. Johnson recover from the Vince McMahon era of the push, and help him realize just because McMahan said so, it wasn’t really so.

      I will be back after I knock out my “honey do” list, to discuss a few tag teams, who were really talented in the ring.


      Staff Sergeant Jeff Jahelka
      US Army, Infantry

  14. Frankito says:

    Interest in a OSWP T-shirt? HEll YES!
    I’m minutes away from ordering the OSWP Special Edition Boxed set!
    I can’t wait for the 80’s wrestling show and hope i finally get some early 80’s Florida ‘Rasslin’ there was no better TV than Florida in the early 80’s! the birth of Kevin Sullivan’s Devil gimmick, Classic Dusty, and that other guy the Midnight Rider, Blackjack Mulligan and Angelo Mosca battling it out in the back of a pick up truck! and to top it all off Bill Alphonso was a legit Referee!!!!!
    and speaking of the American Dream, i watched the super smackdown retro edition that was on about a week ago (i dont watch wrestling anymore but the promise of Piper, Dusty, sarge ET AL made me tune in)
    and i was shocked when Dusty finally came out and he looked exactly like…my mother!!!!! man he’s gotten old, and although mom doesnt have as many scars on her forehead, they could be twins at this point!

    thanks Guys, job well done as usual

  15. OSWP T-shirts need to happen! I have a great, old Rene Goulet promo photo that would be perfect for them.

  16. JamGlad says:

    I ordered my copy of the box set and it looks awesome! The pakaging and the artwork look fabulous. The trading cards were a nice touch, and thanks for the flare (button). I can’t wait to pop them in and hear some of the episodes I’ve missed and and relive the ones I’ve heard. Keep it up guys, you rock!

  17. Just ordered my copy to show my support and, more than anything, for the cool artwork.

    I keep thinking of leaving comments, writing them in my head and then forgetting to post them. I really hope Jim Barnett becomes a permanent addition to Dre’s cast of characters.

    I might as I go through all the episodes again on the boxset, compile a top 20 OSW moments list.

  18. I’m almost late to the comment party these days too. Like by the time I comment, there’s always 20+ comments already and the new episode arrives in a matter of hours.

    Well let me tell you something Bad News Boucher, M.D. Johnson, Dogfaced Kremlin, Hardcore Badass, Sergeant J … WATCHAGONNA DO when Jerryvonkramer comments first next time!

    That’s my new quest, wanna be comment number 1 instead of comment last, for once.

    If you do Wrestlefest 88, remember the Savage vs. DiBiase match is cut from the VHS version.

  19. I’m almost always late to the comment party these days too. Like by the time I comment, there’s always 20+ comments already and the new episode arrives in a matter of hours.

    Well let me tell you something Bad News Boucher, M.D. Johnson, Dogfaced Kremlin, Hardcore Badass, Sergeant J … WATCHAGONNA DO when Jerryvonkramer comments first next time!

    That’s my new quest, wanna be comment number 1 instead of comment last, for once.

    If you do Wrestlefest 88, remember the Savage vs. DiBiase match is cut from the VHS version.

  20. M.D. Johnson says:

    The DVD set is truely amazing and awesome! The Wrestlemanina 3 review is worth the DVD alone! I want to buy a dusty puppet in the worse way. Thanks for the hard work guys and remember, “It’s still real to me!”

  21. Dusty's Lost Bastard Son says:

    Oh, shit! After listening to the WrestleMania III bonus episode, I’ll tell you what we need more of in the future: Dre impersonating Harley Race! Spot on! So funny that I nearly peed in my pants at the office! I’d love to hear you break into his interview prior to his Starrcade match with Flair, just at some random moment. The contemplative Harley.

    Fantastic, Fabulous, Rock n’ Roll, Midnight(?) show, as always! The set was worth every penny.

    Loved my Z-Man, Ricky Morton and Ronnie Garvin cards so much that I tossed them into the glove compartment of my car. Now I’ll be on a road trip with my wife someday and she’ll pop it open, looking for a napkin or something, find the cards and question my sexuality. Of course, I won’t have a difficult time defending myself, because who could be sexier than a bleach-blonde-mulleted Ricky Morton?

  22. Uncle Soda says:

    Just received my DVD set, and it exceeds the hype. I strongly encourage any fan of OSWP to grab a copy before the print is out. It looks fantastic, Dean Stahl has done a fantastic job (as usual). The picture on the back with our heroes sitting with the smark jar, Dre’s bible, and Black Cat’s coffee is so cool. They threw some bonus goodies in as well, and thanks to that I now know this about El Gigante: “One can only imagine the immense challenge of being in the ring with him. It must be like trying to wrestle the Time-Lite Building”.

  23. Sergeant J says:

    We want T Shirts, clap, clap, clapclapclap. We want T Shirts, clap, clap, clapclapclap.

    With that being said, the box set is nothing short of epic. I can easily go and get T-Shirts made, but I would rather give you guys the money to keep the business running. I think my favorite pic is the one that looks like the old USA wrestling show set with Gorilla and the Brain.

    Speaking of Gorilla and the Brain, honestly my favorite part of my favorite wrestling show, Wrestlemania III, is when the Brain comes to the booth during the Rougeaus/Dream Team Match, and debates with Gorilla on how he is 2-2 instead of 1-3. There is some outstanding tag team wrestling going on, a true lost artform, and I have seen it about 200 times, but the Brain is so entertaining during that I focus more on what he is saying then the match.

    No one is more of a Brain mark then me.

    Flair always said that Heenan was the fifth Horsemen. I think I can quote it verbatum, and I havent seen it in years.

    “Im 2 for 2, Monsoon. 2 for 2. Billy Jerk did not beat my man, as far as Im concerned, thats a victory, we win that one. And the King. You saw him in the chair, we left with the crown, I am on a roll, I am two and 0.”

    Gorilla-“Well, Brain, your 1 for 3 in my book, you didnt win the Hernandez match. King Kong Bundy lost”.

    Brain-“But I wasn’t out there for that match. I dont deal with midgets. I want nothing to do with midgets, I dont like midgets”.

    Not to be Debbie Downer, but I am surprised that you two didnt comment on that exchange between those legends.

    Anyhow, great concept on creating the box set. Well worth the money. I would have gladly paid double for it. However I look at it, I have more money for the T-Shirts.

    Really looking foward to the roundtable discussion with your Awesome 80’s folks, and how about including some of us loyal commenters on Skype for live feedback during the end of the show? Just an idea to throw around. It has been three months, and not a peep about the Skyscrapers. Still waiting for the rebuttal.

    Very Respectfully,

    Staff Sergeant Jeff Jahelka
    US Army, Infantry

    • Sarg. J,

      You’re awesome and thank you for serving our country. When I heard that BC and Dre read your comments on the last few shows, it made me smile to have someone who served our country have the same interest as I do. Thanks! You’re the man.

      –Dirty Dawg Darsie

    • Dre says:

      I also love that exchange between Gorilla and the Brain. It’s something I’ve remembered since the first time I watched it as a little kid. I had it in my notes, but as per usual, once we start talking our notes go out the window.

  24. M.D. Johnson says:

    For this comment I shall need you all to imagine this environment:

    Setting- An old Victorian style private study room with a fireplace in the background
    Background Music- The originally Hunter Hearst Hemsley Theme
    Person- Me sitting in a velvet chair with a Heffner robe and a Tobacco Pipe watching old WWF/NWA/UWF tapes

    Ok since we have that set up established, I shall address Serg J, respectfully, and address a topic in OSWP episode #38, disc 2.

    1) Yes, my favorite tag team of all time is Demolition and I don’t think they are the greatest, but they are in the top 5.
    In full disclosure here are my top 5 and bottom 5 tag teams:
    Top Five Bottom Five
    1) Demolition. 126)Bob Holly and Marty Jannetty
    2) The Original Minnsota Wrecking Crew 125)The Ding Dongs
    3) The Midnight Express. 124) Magnium T.A.& James Doogan
    4) The Hart Foundation. 123) Ted DIBase and Hercules
    5) Freebirds. 122) Ryder and Hawkins

    Serg J, I would like to point out that we all have a diverse and deep knowledge of wrestling and of markxism. If you look at my top two, my baseline of tag teams are dangerous mother f’ers and though LOD are not on my list, they are in my top 10. I became a fan of the Demos in 1997! I grew up New Orleans which is UWF and NWA land. However the demos in 1997 to me look like the Redneck Toture Family that would mutilate Vince if they could. The wrecking crew could murder anyone when they felt like it. Actually, I thought the Crew would lynch me if they met my family, I’m not kidding about that. I had legit fear of the crew when I was a little black child, thanks Grandma and Uncle for letting a 5 year old watch wrestling. Anyway, my uncle was a teenager in the late 80’s and is still a bigger mark than I. He taught me the anicent art of tape trading and pen paling. He had an entire collection of Demo tapes and I fell in love with the Demos. Anyway, I say that Serg to tell you that a push by Watts, McMahon, JCP, is a push and We like and hate who we are suppose to like and hate. If you can sit there and tell me the LOD was not pushed through the sky and had a great work rate then I will hook you up to a banana bag because you are suffering from acute dehydration and delirium. Speaking of dehydration, I have started to drink a wonderful glass of single barrel of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

    • Sergeant J says:

      I havent read this entire comment, and I have a ton of respect for you my friend, but when you said Old Victorian house, and the Heffner jacket, all I thought about was that scene from JFK with Kevin Bacon and Clay Bertrom eating dinner, then watching a college tug of war, snorting nitrate and wearing 18th century womens garb. Weird!!! Now back to your comment.

  25. M.D. Johnson says:

    Ok, my list should have been spaced because I spaced it out when I was typing it on my IPad! I will write my part 2 later.