Spontaneous Rasslin Prose 003

ROH on HDNet 2/8/2010

Much of this viewing was done in silence other than the sound of the treadmill and as it was 5:15 AM i was not about to turn up the 5.1 stereo surround sound of the ROH ROH ROH ROH ROH crowd and wake up my three year old who has a cold and was already woken up at 5 AM by the sound of his bath toy falling off the wall because those are some WEAK SUCTION CUPS. And we have a rehash of the Aries/Black angle that actually seems to be picking up for me only because of A Double throwing popcorn into the ring and certainly not because of Black’s promos and dude come on, are you wearing a GRYFINNINDOR SHIRT UNDER YOUR HOODIE?! THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE ROH WORLD TITLE IS WEARING A HARRY POTTER SHIRT. SERIOUSLY. You’re NUMBER ONE CONTENDER SHOULDN’T ADVERTISE HE IS A GEEK. ME? I AM A GEEK. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. BUT I AM NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF ACTING LIKE I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU UP. I AM JUST GOING TO FIX YOUR NETWORK. Then Strong comes out and I’m pretty sure his promo was better with no audio which leads us to an opening tag with Mr. International Intensity Steve Corino and his new fellow Canadian friend Kevin Steen. I had actually forgotten Steve was a Canadian but his maple leaf knee pads kindly reminded me of the fact and Steen gets the win with a super-duper whatdoyoucallout SHARPSHOOTER with a little extra leverage and then we got a close up of Kevin’s sweaty cheeks and dirty teeth. 🙁 🙁 🙁 And promo with the Wolves who always seem a little awkward on the mic. A squash with super beefy rudos DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB against a team that includes the guy I always see working spotlight at the Chicago Ridge ROH shows but he’s got the indy shin guards so must be trying to do something with himself. Somewhere between this and the main we get a video with Prince Nana and some bald pale dude I’ve never taken the time to figure out who he was but he really reminds of me of Chicago’s own LWF Billy Whack and really nothing much else until we get to the main with the Wolves and The Young Bucks in what I can only assume is their last ROH TV appearance I thought their match from last year was better but really what can you complain about lots of stiff kicks to the face and lots of flippies from the Buck good build up at the end but still missing something from the first suprised to see Bucks go over but don’t remember the date of the TV taping!


  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Don’t know if this is the proper forum, but I just discovered this gem of a website and wanted to comment on how much I enjoy it. I hope you guys do more podcasts in the near future cause they might be the most entertaining wrestling podcasts that I’ve ever listened to. and of course, I have to throw my 2 cents in on what shows I would like to see reviewed—Summerlam 91 would be interesting. You had the whole ultimate warrior threatning to no show debacle, the fallout to the randy savage wedding, bret hart winning his first singles title, LOD vs Nasty boys in a sloppy but entertaining street fight, the mountie going to jail, virgil winning the million dollar belt, plus the creepy number of wrestlers in this show that are now deceased.

    Also, the infamous survivor series 97 would be good for this reason and this reason alone: this ppv believe it or not lasted much longer then 28 seconds and had more then one match on the card. Its arguably the most industry-altering ppv in the biz. But does anyone remember that this was stone colds first return match since being injured by owen hart, or that kane made his in-ring debut under red lighting, or that we get introduced to the truth commission (don’t care about that one, but it would be funny to hear you guys rip on it)

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks for the comments. We’re hoping to do some more podcasts in the next few weeks. Great suggestions…Summerslam 91 would be a great obscure show to do. I suspect we will have to do SS 97 at some point as it’s arguably the most infamous wrestling PPV of all time. How did you stumble upon our podcast/website?

  2. David Lo Pan says:

    There are so many terrible wrestling podcasts out there, that I was sort of just fishing around on google hoping to find a half-way decent one. Found this one, and even my girlfriend got a kick out of it. “Did they really have f**king robocop make a run-in?!” yes….yes they did.

  3. Dre says:

    Thank you David Lo Pan. I loved you in the movie Big Trouble in Little China.

    Seriously, thanks for the suggestion and the positive comments.

    – Dre

  4. David Lo Pan says:

    Also…….f#ck jessie helms!