#65 – WrestleMania X8

Rock. Hogan. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. I am about halfway through this podcast so far — just got to the finish of the Edge-Booker T match. When you’re talking about the guys who came out of WCW and had successful WWF/E runs, and looking for who may have had the most success, what are your criteria? Does it have to be a guy who was with WCW until it closed in 2001?

    • Dre says:

      I like this discussion, I would say the rule is you have to be successful in th WWF with the same basic gimmick you used in WCW or ECW.
      (excluding Ric Flair, because Ric Flair is Ric Flair)

      • I would argue that Rey Mysterio is the most successful WCW wrestler in the WWE. Mysterio overcame the WWE size bias to win the Royal Rumble and win the heavyweight title at Wrestlemania. You could also argue that he’s one of the only WCW guys to be known primarily for his WWE work. Bonus points for being a first round pick in the WWE Wellness Policy Fantasy Draft.

        Also, the RING OF HELL book is absolutely amazing. That is the last book I had a hard time putting down for all the salacious material. My favorite story from that was a writer who was on a plane with HHH, Vince and Stephanie. The writer caught HHH looking disgusted at Vince and Stephanie cuddling in a seat together, and HHH just shrugged his shoulders like “whatever you gotta do”.

        Another great job, btw.

        • So by those rules we would have to exclude Austin because there was no hint of his Stone Cold persona in WCW, correct? Booker T was essentially the same guy in both organizations, and I agree with Todd that Mysterio is a pretty good choice — though I would not say he is primarily known for his WWE work because I think it discredits the prominence of his WCW run. Other contenders of course are Eddie Guererro, He Who Shall Not Be Named and, I think Big Show, since his WWE character is much closer to his WCW efforts than Austin’s.

        • Dre says:

          Great point about Mysterio, I agree.

          And when I mentioned the Ring of Hell book on the podcast, that was the exact paragraph I was thinking about.

          • Big Show is another great choice. WWE is capitolizing on this now, but its interesting that Big Show never had his big moment. Never won the Rumble, never won anything significant at Wrestlemania.

            I also liked how the Ring of Hell book rags on Bret Hart for caring about a fake character that was made by WWE to begin with. With all the sympathy Bret Hart garnered in the last few years, its funny so few people take him to task like that book. Again, HIGHLY recommend that book for any wrestling fan. I found myself reading it during all my free time because I couldn’t put it down.

            I also informed my work office that I was going to Wrestlemania and I found out two men about 10 years older than me when to Wrestlemania III in Atlantic City. They both still have programs and T-Shirts. What do you think is the value of those items? Anything?

  2. I’m glad you recognized early in the podcast that this show wasn’t ten years old when you posted it. Before downloading the podcast I looked up the date for WM-X8 and would’ve let you know about it in no certain terms had you not brought it up.

    *Inside reference alert* I watched WM-X8 at The Convict’s house. All of us were way into the Rock-Hogan match as you’d probably imagine. Even Zero said the match made him a believer again.

    The best part about Mr. Perfect at the 2002 Royal Rumble was Austin attacking him right as he got in the ring, then Perfect spitting out and slapping his gum while Austin mauled him in the corner. Perfect was insistant on getting that spot in!

    I too am glad to hear Todd Grisham is doing well post-WWE. While he was an abismal ring announcer, I thought he was more than respectable as play by play guy and backstage interviewer.

    Dre, you don’t think Steve Austin, who went through the WCW system, was more successful than Booker T? Later in the podcast, I realized you meant WCW guys who came to WWF after WCW closed.

    I remember the Jazz-Trish-Lita match actually being pretty good. Didn’t Jazz pin Lita after a 2nd rope fisherman’s buster? That’s pretty awesome.

    Jook, I’d like to tell you to be proud of who you are at work when answering people’s questions about wrestling, but I do the same thing. I keep my answers short, and usually start with “I believe I heard…”. For example, “I believe I heard somehwere that the Ultimate Warrior never died and it was always the same guy.”

    Dre, at least your wife let you enter your reception to your music. That was awesome.

    I believe during the segment when Vince was leering at Stephanie, he told the crowd that he paid for them, he can look all he wants. Just weird.

    Jook, did you really call the World Wildlife Fund the real WWF?

    Anyone remember what Howard Finkel’s news was that he had to tell Vince in the soundbyte at the end of the podcast?

    I still would like to know whether or not you got your kickback from me ordering the ROH Anniversary IPPV. I’m half way through watching it. $10 for over 3 1/2 hours of wrestling ain’t a bad deal.

  3. Great job guys. The Stacy Keibler impressions, Edge vs The Edge, watching bloody, bloody Ric Flair on public transit…great stuff.

    On your discussion of curfew…this is not a city and state of New York thing, this is a Madison Square Garden thing. All of the venues that are run by MSG (MSG, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, The Beacon Theatre and Radio City Music Hall) have a mandatory 11 PM stop time. Certain bands (notably the Allman Brothers who have a yearly set of shows at the Beacon) have been able to negotiate a later curfew, but for the most part, the show stops at 11:00. Pearl Jam once had to pay a fine to MSG for going past curfew.

    Again, great podcast, as usual!

  4. fake von erich cousin says:

    i used to be a little leery about bringing up wrestling at work, too. and then i wrote about macho man’s death in a weekly education-related newsletter that i send out company-wide and found that there were lots of closeted/former wrestling fans in the company who wanted to share their wrestling memories–though being in the center of the WCCW territory may have a lot to do with number of people who have fond memories of wrestling and like to talk about it.

    anyway, now i include wrestling content in many of the newsletters, and have never had any complaints.

  5. Pat says:

    Kurt Angle was supposed to work with Sting for this Wrestlemania. It was all mapped out and last minute Sting didn’t agree to the contract and that’s why they booked him with Kane. It was pretty last minute.

    • Black Cat says:

      I hadn’t heard about this, but I googled it and you’re right. Pretty interesting. Sounds like the closest Sting ever came to coming in to WWF/E.

  6. Here are a few things:

    I tweeted Dre at my 8pm break: Booker T and Edge were feuding because Booker was “jealous” of Edge’s commercial deal over in Japan to endorse shampoo. That was the start of their feud. Sad, isn’t it?

    The Hardcore Title made its debut in 1998 because Mankind was the Hardcore Champion at WWF Survivor Series 1998 when we had the “Corporate Screw Job.”

    The Undisputed Title match saw Steve Austin retain his WWF title against Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho defeat the Rock for the WCW title, and Chris Jericho unified the two World Championships when he defeated Austin. Booker T wasn’t in the match – he wasn’t “hired” by WWF at the time, yet he did a run in at the end when Jericho and Austin fought to help Jericho win the WWF title.

    Triple H and Stephanie were dating in real life when they were “married” on WWF TV. They didn’t get married until somewhere between 2002 and 2004 (whenever she and Vince McMahon had the “I Quit” match on a No Mercy card, if she lost, she wasn’t the Smackdown General Manager. It was all a story for her to get married later that week to Trips).

  7. Sebastian St. Clair says:

    I was there live and in person. Thanks to Make a Wish I flew all the way to
    Sky Dome. Ill be honest wish I had held off til the following year
    for WM XIX. I was not the biggest fan of the build up or booking of this
    Mania, but that did not stop my enjoyment.
    As soon as our plane landed I ran
    Right into Chris Benoit. I thought it was interesting that no one was
    hounding him or waiting to ask for something. As he came into my view
    I said hey Chris as he walked toward me and he acknowledged me and
    noded at me and said hi, then he just walked out the airport and there was
    Nancy and a limo waiting.
    At axxess I got to meet Booker T, Big Show, RVD, Rhyno, HBK (which I wished
    had to do over). I also met Rhyno, Lilian, Mr. Perfect, Bossman, along with Stacy
    and Torrie (I said “wait I wanna be next to stacy not torrie”, I was told later
    that Torrie gave me a eat shit and die look). Finally the highlight that night was
    when DDP put me in the Diamond Cutter and I sold for him.
    At Mania I felt so overwhelmed as the crowd was the largets I had been apart
    of until last years Mania. The opening video was something that sent a tear
    to my eye. The crowd was pumped and during the Rock/Hogan match we
    were legit split. I was never a fan of both guys, but since hogan was a good
    heel I had to cheer for him. The feeling that we felt for that match was like nothing
    before. The WWE Championship match was what I cared most for. I was such
    a huge fan of Steph, Hunter, and Jericho. After all was said and done I wondered
    why wasn’t the Rock/Hogan match didn’t go on last.
    I remember this being the first WWE dvd I had to have and I’m glad I did
    as it was the last under the WWF name.

    • Black Cat says:

      Great stories! I can’t imagine being in that crowd for Hogan/Rock…had to be incredible.

  8. Sebastian St. Clair says:

    I remember the crowd really being into the Flair/Taker match and was for
    sure Flair would beat the Undertaker. When Flair busted wide open the crowd
    poped so big.

  9. Sebastian St. Clair says:

    One last thing I thought the NWO idea was dumb and that Hall and Nash
    had nothing to offer anymore (I did no at this point about Hall’s alcohol problems).
    I remember thinking wow Kurt went from a great match w/ Benoit to Kane in
    one year. Stacy was also soooooo hot on stage dancing.
    At axxess Benoit, Booker and Big Show were the nicest guys next to DDP who
    seems like he would talk to anyone for a long long time.

  10. David Lo Pan says:

    It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable but that Vince/Stephanie segment gave me douche chills that were on threat level midnight.

  11. Dan Rackley says:

    I remember being on a combat deployment and getting the tape of this show from a friend of mine in the mail about two or three weeks after the show. Played this tape in a small common area and it seemed for the Hogan Rock match everyone had completely forgotten the fact that we were on a naval vessel in transit from a combat zone. People that had probably sworn off wrestling years prior were sitting there like little kids cheering literally everything Hogan did. It was truly a sight to behold. I have always said that the magic thing about professional wrestling is that when done properly it can transport you back to when you were six years old and all you wanted to do was enjoy yourself. That match did it for me, and it did it for all of them. Given the situation we were in, I can’t think of a better compliment to give the match.

    • Black Cat says:

      Good testament to this show. One of the classic wrestling moments of all time.

  12. JBLCENAFAN says:

    no one brought up Kiebler moving in with David Flair and Ric complaning about it in his book. Also , it’s either on one of the dvds or the Austin book where he says he was going to fight Angle at Mania but at the last minute the writers said he had already fought Angle on alot of ppvs so they stuck him with Hall and Kane with Angle.

  13. One of the main things I remember about this show is wanting to go see it live in a bar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I had graduated college about a year before, and I was living with a girl (platonically) in town. It cost $10 for the show and (I believe) all we could drink beer, so a buddy of mine and I paid $30 for the three of us so the girl would drive us home. We all mostly enjoyed the show, and even the girl (who was a great sport) got into it. I would pay at least $15 for all three of us to get together for this year’s show if that were in any way practical. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Dynamite Squid says:


    the original British Bullfrog

    Just listened to a previous show again (Superbrawl 3 I think)
    I have posted under the name British Bullfrog before.
    I must have picked it up subconsciously sorry chief…..

    Great show again guys
    any chance you could review “This Tuesday in Texas”
    Flair v Piper
    Savage v Roberts
    Hogan v Taker
    plus some bizarre dark matches….

    What you reckon ?

  15. POSH says:

    So I was listening to this awesome podcast here in lovely Germany on a tour bus headed to Berlin for some history, and sightseeing. As much as I was being entertained by the Old School Wrestling Podcast, the wrestling God’s saw fit to add to my entertainment. I was staring out the window trying to avoid eye contact with the wifey who was very annoyed at me for laughing out loud on the crowded bus with her coworkers. As I Enjoyed reminiscing about Booker T vs. Edge (it was over a Japanese shampoo endorsement), when a 18 wheeler in the next lain read “Bischoff Farht.” Was it immature for me to laugh? Well yes, but hey I’m a 27 year old man who served in OIF, and is pursuing higher education that still loves pro wrestling. The wrestling God’s had more visual entertainment to go along with the HBK level of greatness Dre and Black Cat had given me two hours of my three hour ride. Our bus passed by an 18 wheeler that read “Assman.” I’m sure this means something else in German, but I like to think it was a tribute to the late Billy Gunn. Before anyone corrects me I know The One Billy Gunn is still alive, but come on… any day now.

  16. Dynamite Squid says:

    you owe me a sticker.
    see itunes