#63 – War Games, Team WCW v Team nWo, September 16, 1996

Dre and the Black Cat review the main event from Fall Brawl 96 and the beginning of the Crow Sting era with plenty of mid 90s WCW talk and discuss feedback from the Aja Kong/Bull Nakano match. Please consider supporting the website by purchasing the 10th Anniversary ROH iPPV through the link on our website!

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  1. D.Brewer says:

    Was at this Fall Brawl in Winston still have ticket stub paid 10 bucks for general admission upper level. It was a great show but the LJVM coliseum at that time didn’t have the big score board with the video feed, when they did the horseman/sting promo no one in our section could see the promo and no one new what was going on.

  2. Eric Darsie says:

    Black Cat…..

    “We’re more beat, speaking from the heart with free verse podcasting…” is a slap to the face to the late, great Randy “Macho Man” Savage. I was upset enough at work tonight that I considered him the “Nacho Mang” Raunchy Savage because I believe you ripped off this wrestling legend.

    Here’s proof:
    – Music video version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uERyEZwq_DE
    – Full song version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6-1rpip_KM&feature=related

    Black Cat, if you wanna do a poem off sometime, hit me up. You know my Twitter Handle, you know my email address. All I need is the topic and deadline and I’ll throw down some lines in memory of the “Macho Man.” Heck, why not do it on “Speaking From the Heart,” in ode to the Savage one?

    Anyways, thanks for the great show, and the great nWo version of the theme for the podcast! DIG IT!

    **I am happy when I posted this. Yep.**

    • Black Cat says:

      Wait, you’re saying I ripped off that early 90s Paula Abdul tribute song?

      First off, it’s ROLEX TIME. And who’ve you beaten, kid? You might be an accomplished poet, but you’re just carrying around the silver watch and not the gold. You might be the champ up in Minnesota, but world wide, the Black Cat is…the MAN. You’re looking at the MACHINE WHO MAKES THINGS HAPPENING. YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT POET CHAMPION. WOOO.

      • Eric Darsie says:

        Who have I beaten? Bill Shakespeare! Have you beaten him yet, moreless, have you had the, grapefruits, to go pen-for-pen, with Willy?

        And how do you know I have a silver watch when you haven’t seen it yet? It’s pure PLATINUM BABY, YEAH (Chris Jericho bought it for me after beating Shakespeare)!

        World wide, eh? Wasn’t that the show that beat WWF Raw for a year and a half that WCW put out? WCW World Wide was a good show, I remember when ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude defended the WCW Championship on it a few times…..those were the days.

        If you’re the “World” Poet Champ, put the title up against the OSWP Heavyweight Poet Champion, because OSWP title beats the World title. How? OSWP is the world, brother!

        What ‘cha gonna do when the Dars runs wild on you!

      • Eric Darsie says:

        Black Cat,

        We should start calling you “Yellow Belly” Cat, in respect to not giving me a response. I’ll tell you this, I’ll also will put up my Million Dollar Championship to face you in a poetry slam contest.


        Heck, if Dre’s all in too, I’ll find a suitable partner, and we can take this to OSWP-Mania, and have a tag team poetry slam!


        I’ll promise you this, this podcast WILL BE BOUGHT! MUHAHAHAHAHA! And at the end of every podcast, at the end of the poetry slam match, this song will be played!


        “There is a bond that’s thicker than blood, and that bond is the money of the Million Dollar Man! Muhahahahahaha!”

        • Black Cat says:

          Yellow bellied? Are you making fun of my Dusty-splotch? I am very sensitive to remarks about Dusty-splotch, thank you.

        • Black Cat says:

          Okay, here’s my poem

          Ric Flair’s face was covered in red
          Lex Luger was too green
          Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were TOO SWEET
          and so are you, too OSWP-maniacs!@ BROTHER!@

          • Eric Darsie says:

            Here’s the Million Dollar poem:

            Ric Flair’s mask is painted red
            John Cena’s still pretty green
            Money is thicker than blood
            If you listen to the great theologian Ted DiBiase
            “Because money isn’t the only thing,
            Its everything!”

  3. Jook I didn’t know you went to school in Chicago. I thought we went to the same place.

    Dre you had a Pat Patterson moment when you said Winston Salem went “banana” for Arn Anderson’s comebacks. That’s not a gay joke either. That’s how Pat Patterson says “go bananas”. If anything, it’s a French Canadian joke.

    I think TNA in an effort to try something different did a War Games style match in 2011 where the good guys won the coin toss and had the advantage. Hopefully that never happens again because you have to have situations where the crowd can go nuts for when the numbers get evened up and the good guys make their comebacks. I remember going to a RAW years ago when the main event was a 3 on 2 handicap match and the good guys were the team of 3. The crowd couldn’t have cared less when the good guys pretty much dominated the match.

    Dre I believe your imagined Lex Lugar interview on WCW Saturday Night where he admits he was wrong about Sting was missing him running his hand over his face in frustration that he didn’t know what to say next.

    Dre doing Dusty impressions is the absolutely best way to sell ROH I-PPV’s. If I knew my wife wouldn’t interupt me every 2 seconds, I probably will order the show because while the production value isn’t good I hear, the wrestling is awesome.

    I do open a .txt document and type my comments out as I’m listening. Otherwise I’d forget everything I have to say.

    Months ago I said I’d get a photo of what I did with my OSWP stickers. One day I’ll do that.

    I assume that Percy Pringle promo was from World Class. Who was that who introduced him?

    • Black Cat says:

      I went for a year before THINGS HAPPENED and destiny brought us together, Jim. I believe fate took me there only so I could attend WrestleMania 13.

      I have no idea what TNA did and I’m shocked you do! How much TNA have you seen?

      The best part of the iPPV is you can watch it ON DEMAND! She interrupts? You pause it!

      The Pringle promo was from Florida and the team introducing them was THE PRETTY YOUNG THINGS!


      The Rude video at the end is amazing. Amazing in the sense I prayed no one from work walked into my office at lunch while I was watching it. The team introducing him was the Pretty Young Things featuring a young Koko B Ware.

      • Jook,

        I do try to keep up on what’s going on with TNA. I DVR Impact, but am about 3 months behind.

        This is not OSWP worthy conversation so I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Joshua says:

    My favorite part of this match would have to be how intense Flair is upon his entrance – running to the empty ring , bouncing off the ropes begging Hollywood Hogan to join him, and then to take all three of them on showing why he is the dirtiest player in the game.

    Flair is the best.

  5. DK says:


    I was delighted to hear numerous references to my “dangling modifier” comment and was even more amused by the Black Cat’s attempt to channel Alan Ginsberg. Now, primarily based on the Black Cat’s literary skills, the next logical step is to devote an entire podcast to Lanny Poffo. I, hopefully along with the rest of the OSWP audience, demand both frisbees and free verse.

    Also, I just realized that I’m a soon to be 34-year old male. What does this all this say about me?

    Wait, don’t answer that one.

    Keep up the great work,

    • Black Cat says:

      Don’t make me break out the David Foster Wallace footnotes on this podcast(1). Have we really not yet spoken of Lanny Poffo?

      (1) I once peed next to the man.

  6. brandonstaub says:

    once again, great podcast guys. listening to these old school events makes me miss the mid 90’s when wrestling could still fool people. I really hope that someday TNA can pull off something to create competition and some excitement within pro wrestling. The nWo storyline I think is proof that it’s not about having a star packed roster, but a great angle.

  7. I agree that it was never really established what the nWo was actually trying to accomplish. It’s one thing to have a faction (like the great 4 Horsemen) who support each other to win matches and hold the top titles within an established organization; however, that didn’t seem to be the case with the nWo, after a certain point in time.

    They started to claim they were a separate entity entirely. It was confusing as Eric Bischoff (who was the head of WCW) became a member of the nWo. If he was already the head of one organization, why join another that tries to subvert the organization that you lead?

    In addition, are we to believe that if and when the nWo finally eradicated WCW, that they would just start wrestling amongst themselves? Maybe the desired outcome would have been an “all finger-point of doom federation” to determine the victors of the matches.

    Anyway, you chose a wise PPV, because this is when WCW (and the nWo storyline) was peaking and before we got 25 dudes needlessly posturing in the ring behind Hogan while he endlessly rambled about something-or-brother. This was before the Wolfpac. This was before anticlimactic Stevie Ray – Horace Hogan power struggle for leadership of the nWo Black and White B-Team.

    Great work, as always, fellas.

  8. Great podcast guys!

  9. Brian says:

    The nWo was at their dickish best in this pay per view, thanks in large part to the pro-Horsemen crowd. Even though I was 12 years old at the time, and all of my friends were on the nWo bandwagon, I thought the nWo was a bunch of jerks and was solidly behind WCW, and it really upset me when a crowd favored the nWo. To this day, I view the nWo as great villains and always take tremendous pleasure in seeing them go down in defeat. Because of this, pro-nWo crowds have always bothered me because I like seeing Hall, Nash, Hogan, and the whole bunch as complete assholes–they just weren’t the same when they pandered to a supportive crowd.

    Thanks for another excellent podcast!

  10. The British Bullfrog says:

    R.e summerslam 1992

    love the show downloaded every single one
    Gets me through my day at work.

    your sid justice impression had me crying with laughter

    a few points after listening to your podcast about the above PPV

    1 – as I remember it Hulk Hogan was advertised for the event but was not on the card (or at least we were led to presume he would be there).

    2 – that show would have sold 180000 tickets if it were possible,
    wrestling was massive over here at the time, WWF was on sky tv and WCW worldwide was just starting on one of our 4 terrestrial channels on sat mornings.

    3 – this is back in the days when you rang up for tickets … a friend of mine broke the redail button on the family home phone trying to get tickets (and then stiffed me and took his cousin when he got the tickets ….. never forgiven him for that)

    4 – Bret Hart was massively popular over here but the Bulldog was a national hero ,everyone in the uk was cheering the Bulldog on.

    5- Given WWFs popularity at the time i am sure it would have been a sell out if the main event was skinner v Brooklyn Brawler! it sold out in a couple of days and the card had not even been announced.

    keep up the great work


  11. Fantastic as ever chaps.

    On the subject of fake Sting, your life is incomplete until you see him in his previous guise as “Jumpin Jeff Farmer”:


    That’s up there with the Ken Patera one as one of the all-time great promos.

    Would love to hear Dre try to do an impression of that.