#62 – Bull Nakano v Aja Kong, Wrestlemarinpiad II, November 14, 1990

Dre and the Black Cat spread their wings and dive into the uncharted waters of Japanese women’s pro wrestling and discuss this classic match between Bull Nakano and Aja Kong. Don’t think you like women’s pro wrestling? You will after you watch this match. Learn to love this unique genre of pro wrestling along with us. Thanks to Google, Wikipedia and dirtydirtysheets.com for the crash course in JOSHI because we knew nothing about it before two weeks ago. Seriously, I’m going to be watching a lot of early 90s All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling over the next few weeks. You should, too.

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  1. MoolahTossedSalad says:


  2. Robert says:

    Nakano had a run in WCW in 1995 and 1996. There was a “Hog Wild” PPV where she had a motorcycle and someone smashed it up after a match.

    This is a thing that happened.

    • Black Cat says:

      Someone as in the wonderful fans in attendance? Those Hog Wild shows were AWFUL.

      That gives me an idea for a show, Dre….

  3. Eric Darsie says:

    I never EVER wanna see a woman bleed but listening to this match at work made me kinda wanna youtube this match.

    When I wake up, I may put in WrestleMania X to watch Bull Nakano’s match against Madusa for the WWF Women’s title (I believe it was Mania X – if wrong, please correct me).

    Also, someone call me momma!

    • Black Cat says:

      Come on, Eric. You NEVER want to see a woman bleed? This is the 21st century, time to leave your misogynistic views behind and support equal opportunity bleeding!

      WrestleMania X was Madusa v Leilani Kai. Bull was in WWF late 94/early 95.

      • Eric Darsie says:

        Didn’t Madusa and Nakano have a match on one of the bigger pay-per-views? I swore watching one of their matches on WWF PPV TV when I was younger and renting WWF VHS tapes. #sicklepickle

        • Black Cat says:

          Survivor Series 95! It was the rematch from Nakano winning the belt in Japan.

          • Eric Darsie says:

            That must be the match I was thinking of. I shall relisten to Episode 12 when you guys reviewed that PPV.

            And to the “women bleeding” comment, do you want to see your mother or grandmother blade themselves and bleed? I don’t. When I think of women bleeding, that’s what I think of. Not your mother or grandmother bleeding, but mine. Just a thought-picture I don’t want to imagine.

            • Black Cat says:

              Your grandmother taught me how to blade.

              • Eric Darsie says:

                My grandmother taught a lot of people a lot of things (such as taught Stu Hart how to wrestle and train people to wrestle), so I’m not surprised she taught you how to blade.

  4. earthdog says:

    When I heard about stabbing each other with scissors I was taken back. I have always thought there are blade weapons in the world of Pro Wrestling. I am always surprised when some gets stabbed.

    • Black Cat says:

      Hah…yes, I hope there doesn’t come a day when we are desensitized to people getting stabbed in a wrestling ring. Note: Don’t watch CZW or IWA Mid-South.

  5. Robert says:

    I’m just commenting as I listen to the episode.

    Kevin Nash played “Super Shredder” in one of the TMNT movies. I don’t know which one.

    The weapon was called, simply, a two section staff.

    I don’t know what those metal boxes were.

    • Black Cat says:

      SUPER SHEDDER! That’s it. I didn’t think I was right, but knew he played some roll.

  6. DK says:


    Solely because of the dangling modifier used in your podcast’s introduction (“enjoy your favorite and not so favorite moments….with their own slanted comedic views…), I assumed I could never fully support the Old School Wrestling Podcast.

    However, the OSWP has stuck to me like remnants of the Great Muta’s green mist sprayed over a blonde mane of teased 80’s hair. Because of your podcast, I can both revisit great memories from my formative years and discover some amazing matches that I would have otherwise never known.

    Your Japan reviews have been excellent, particularly the Funk-Onita Exploding Everything match – along with the Bull Nakano brawl. Also, I have enjoyed everything you’ve covered that has focused on 1980’s era NWA. As for more “newer school” old school wrestling, it’s bizarre to think of ECW as such a thing, but your honest assessment helps to put that time period in its proper context.

    In closing, please keep up the great work. I know podcasting can seem unforgiving, or at least not rewarding….but there is a growing base of fans who greatly enjoy what you do.

    As for some future suggestions, how about an entire episode devoted to other legends (a la Macho Man)? Perhaps Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Curt Henning, Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude or the Ultimate Warrior would qualify as exclusive subjects?

    But then again, I would settle for two hours of David Crockett discussion.

    Take care,


    • Black Cat says:


      We’re more beat, speaking from the heart with free verse podcasting, going down the road of old school pro wrestling, where Bull Nakano, The Mulkey Brothers, and Kevin Nash are the experimental drugs to open our minds to the other side of Truth or Consequences, Part Unknown, Space Mountain, and Techwood Drive.

      We’ll definitely be covering all of those subjects. I’d like to talk about Curt Henning and Rick Rude soon and the Warrior is always good for a quick dose of insanity.

      Thanks for listening,
      Black Cat.

      • Uncle Soda says:

        Holy shit, Black Cat. That first sentence deserves a slow clap evolving into an earthquake like standing ovation.

        • Eric Darsie says:

          I agree with Uncle Soda, what a Rude Awakening for the first sentence! As a creative writing minor dude, I appreciate that sentence!

          • Black Cat says:

            Once upon a time, not so little Black Cat used to study the fine arts, write shitty prose while body slamming his friends for the entertainment of hundreds.

  7. SpiderMulkey says:

    Another good show dudes, I stumbled across your podcast on Boxing Day and I’ve just caught up to date (with the exception of podcast 31 which won’t download).

    I loved the show on the Mulkeys, any chance of you looking at the ultimate jobber – Chuck Chop! He was in the AWA at the same time as Hogan. I’d love to hear your guys memories of him.

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Sad to say I don’t have too many memories of Chuck Chop, as I didn’t see much AWA back then and that’s one of the few promotions I haven’t been able to track down. I can find most of the big shows, but not much TV. I’ll keep an eye out for him.

      • SpiderMulkey says:

        Yeah you need to keep an eye out for him, the Mulkeys show seemed to go down well, and as another contributor mentions further down the comments everyone loves an underdog.

        I would love to hear a Warrior special, perhaps a Bret Hart show (a Montreal Screwjob show is long overdue), but I’d literally kill to hear a show dedicated to those hard working, undervalued, long forgotten jobbers, who turned up week after week, show after show. No ring entrance music, or jazzy ring attire for them, usually they’d just appear in the ring at the beginning of the match as if by magic. No one would cheer for them, or wear a t shirt with their face on. They’d get the shit kicked out of them, and no one would even notice them leave the ring.

        We want a jobber special, with Chuck Chop as the star of the show, the star he was never destined to be.

  8. mike says:

    u should title a show , “Fatu is not dead” and take back some things u all have been mistaken about over the years…

  9. First and foremost, a kind thank you for reading my post on the podcast. I equate hearing my name through my car stereo speakers a little better than being in the newspaper, not quite seeing yourself being interviewed on the news.

    As a thank you, I would gladly bring 80K OSWP to Wrestlemania in Miami. Only instead of handing them out one by one, it is my intent to throw handfuls of them in the air and “make it rain” like Pacman Jones at every wrestling venue located in the greater Miami area. Only unlike my NFL counterpart who threw dollar bills in strip clubs, I intend to allow large laminated stickers float amoung the sweaty half-naked bodies of Davey Richards and Grizzley Redwood.

    Also, that’s a sick leg drop. I always wondered why that move is removed from the modern pro wrestling lexicon, Matt Hardy’s lame second rope leg drop notwithstanding. Turns out being crippled is a pretty pursuasive reason not to drop 25 feet and land on your ass.

    • Black Cat says:

      The only way Davey Richards is making it to WrestleMania is purchasing a ticket and sitting in the bleachers.

      Definitely check out the rest of the shows during the weekend. ROH shows are a blast even if you’ve never seen them before.

      Don’t know about the leg drop…it does have a certain connection to the Hulkster, so that might be why.

  10. David Lo Pan says:

    Just listened to several hours of OWSP at work today (these bounty’s cant hunt themselves, am I right!) and I thought I would share some thoughts. First of all this podcast inspired me to google “Asian Women Wrestling”. Let me tell ya – NOT what I expected. Oddly enough, adding “scissor” to the search didn’t help either. The long of the short of it – my youtube account got deleted and also I think I might have been added to some weird list.

    Wont spend too much time one this, since it was on the prior show but the 92 Rumble podcast might be my favorite one you guys have done out of the entire year of 2012. In truth, 92 Rumble is in my top 5 ppv’s of all time and my favorite one as a Lil’ Lo Pan (which incidentally is my rap name).

    And an appreciative shout out to Todd PettinGillberg for the kind nomination for one of the best listeners. Although at this point, I think I’m just getting in on reputation. Sorta like Allen Iverson. Or Susan Lucci.

    • Black Cat says:

      I also do not recommend making those searches on your work computer.

      Rep can you get your far in the podcast world….

  11. That’s amazing about Kong giving Nakano 23 yurikans because that was her finisher during her WWF stint in the mid-90’s. One of those and you were out.

    If you watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you probably pronounce it “nun-chucks”. If you watched Napoleon Dynamite, you might pronounce it “Numb Chucks”.

    Jook, you’re right that Kevin Nash did play the role of Super Shredder, and it was in the 2nd live action Turtles movie, Secret of the Ooze. His screen time probably lasted less than a minute.

    I couldn’t keep a straight face during Dre’s impression of Jook. It sounded like The Drake’s impression of Big Daddy (Very inside reference. My apologies.)

    In case you didn’t get the joke in Todd Pettingill’s interview with Nakano at the end, you see, Bull Nakano doesn’t speak English. And that is funny. At least Gorilla Monsoon tried to save the segment.

    About Madusa pinning Lelani Kai at Wrestlemania X, I was hoping they’d somehow fit Ms. Kay on Wrestlemania XX but it wasn’t meant to be.

    • Dre says:

      “mid-west pro”

      • I remember who Dre’s impression of Black Cat sounds like: Dr. Weird’s assistant Steve from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

        I’m still laughing about Jook not being to get out of his basement and his wife getting him a screwdriver through the basement window.

  12. TheSnipe says:

    Hello lads

    Thoroughly enjoying the podcasts from over the pond in good old England – Tally Ho!

    I loved the Mulkeys episode too, everyone loves an underdog, similar to when Barry Horriwitz beat Skip (Candido) accompanied by the goddess like Sunny, and when the 123 kid beat Razor. I’ve never heard of Chuck Chop but let’s begin a campaign to find out all about him?

    Listened to all the podcasts and I’ve a few questions regarding some American words and names for things

    What are thumb tacks? (Mentioned in the HHH Cactus Jack fight)
    What’s an exclamation point?
    What the fuck is a trapper keeper? I’ve heard it said like half a dozen times now and I don’t know if it’s something you eat, an animal, could be anything?

    Oh yeah, thought I’d share my earlier memory of wrestling. My dad brought in a VHS tape he’d got off a bloke in the pub of the Royal Rumble 1990. I was 11 years old and this was new to me, we ddnt really have american style wrestling on TV and I was blown away by the colourful, cartoon style characters, the cheering of the crowd and the pumping music as the pumped up almost He-Man like wrestlers made their way to the ring, I was immediately hooked. However the second match was Brutus The Barber Beefcake taking on the Genius, I enjoyed it, but my delight turned to horror when the match ended and the Beefcake whipped out those big garden shears. I was convinced these guys detested each other, to the point where I thought Brutus was going to cut his head off to the delight of the baying crowd. I was watching through my fingers and was pleased when Perfect came down to make the save, getting the “goody” and “baddy” thing the wrong way around.

    • SpiderMulkey says:

      Chuck Chop was the tits! If you guys have never seen this guy get the absolute shit kicked out of him, week after week (the poor bastard) then I’m right behind that my English friend! This is a call for the ‘Check out Chuck Chop’ campaign! With the wealth of old school wrestling know how out there, there’ll be loads of people who remember his AWA just as vividly as I do.



  13. Another fine edition, as always, gentlemen. In fact, you were so crackerjack in your reportage, that I’m straight up SCARED to actually watch this bout.