#59 – Flair Chop Christmas 2011

We bring you this TWO HOUR PLUS HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA featuring reviews of Ric Flair v Kerry Von Erich from 12/25/82 and Mankind v The Rock from 12/29/98, Black Cat belting out all your favorite holiday wrestling carols (including a Flair Chop Christmas, Flair Chop Got Run Over By a Reindeer, Flair Chop Legazy Tale, Wrestling Jingle Bells, Honkey Tonk Bells, Feliz Luchador, and Dusty Rhodes is Coming to Town) and WE OPEN PRESENTS. Thanks to all our listeners who sent in carols! You rock!

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Show spoilers after the break!

Santa Stu’s Cruise Photos!


  1. Sergeant J says:

    Fellas, Fellas, Fellas,

    Quick stop to say what a show. Ill drop more old school wrestling thoughts when I have more time

  2. Did Hogan put on some weight? LoL, Massive pictures.

  3. I’ve very sure David Von Erich’s “Decency vs. Filth” promo happened in the ring right after the Christmas Star Wars cage match.

    I’m very very interested in what the Freebirds’ Bam Bam Slam was.

    I can’t disagree more with you Black Cat about Dre’s Jesse Ventura impression. Although I’ll admit it’s improved since previous efforts.

    I’ve seen Big Show do a moonsault! He was the Giant at the time in WCW.

    I always heard The Rock had liposuction on his chest and that’s why he wore a t-shirt in early ’99.

    Who was that playing Santa in the perverted Santa ad? Freddie Blassie?

    I had a hard time keeping a straight face at work during “Feliz Luchadore”.

    Was that the 1990 Edition of WCW trading cards? I had a friend who would give that as a gag gift at every birthday party he went to in middle school. It was like $3 at Toys R Us for the whole set. Ric Flair’s card listed his finishing move as the knee drop.

    I’m going to need to see a picture of Black Cat’s gift to Dre.

    I love the Disco Stu cruise photos! Stu’s blocking the girl in the background of the May Young photo though 🙂

  4. davetro23 says:

    Enjoy the songs. Black Cat’s voice sounds just like Adele. (if your deaf) Have you ever reviewed that AWA rap that was similar to the Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle?

  5. Sergeant J says:

    Old School Wrestling Podcast Fans,

    It is now time for the annual Flair Chop Illustrated Year End Awards. I came up with this idea to honor the second best Old School Wrestling Podcast out there (the best is AWA Confidential, hosted by COL DeBeers).

    Most Popular Wrestler

    WINNER-Dusty Rhodes-Easy choice for many reasons. His textbook NWA street fight ensemble, to Dre’s spot on impersonations on nearly every episode, to his “coffee stain” being extra shinny at Starrcade 86, and photocopying said stain at the OSWP Christmas Party, Dusty Rhodes’ charismatic personality is easy to root for, and is a perfect fit for Most Popular Wrestler.

    RUNNERUP-Ric Flair-His famous knife edge is the Jerry West of this podcast, and he is as involved in more podcasts than any other wrestler. From SuperBrawl III, to the Mongo/Kevin Greene minicast, to Starrcades 86/1990, and the Christmas Spectacular. No one does it better than the Natch.

    Most Hated Wrestler

    WINNER- Adam Copeland- Absoultly the worst wrestler mentioned on this podcast. Could not agree more with analysis from Dre, Black Cat, and fans. Not even an average workrate. His finishing move is a spear, and he isnt even a big guy. My grandma could take a spear from him. His in ring girlfriend was hideous, and his book was bird cage material.

    RUNNER UP-Eric “Wet Noodle” Watts- His comments on the SuperBrawl III podcast were completely off the wall. Do the editors and media at TMZ really know who this clown is? This guy has the ego of Hulk Hogan, and the workrate of Uncle Elmer.

    Match of the Year

    WINNER-Funk v Onita NO ROPE EXPLODING BARBED WIRE TIME BOMB DEATH MATCH-To the fans who watched this one, you know why. Any match that has exploding barbed wire in the place of ring ropes and the drama of the counting clock towards total destruction, these two men waged war to survive. What was up with the ref’s protective equipment?
    RUNNER UP-Tie between Arn Anderson/Barry Whindam vs Doom-Starrcade ’90, and the Fantstics/Terry Taylor vs the Sheephearders/Jack Victory. Arn and Barry kicked the crap out of Doom for 20 minutes in a Street Fight in classic Horsemen fashion, and the gimmick of the Barbed Wire framed cage was a great addition to a hot feud. What is my obsession with Barbed Wire?

    Best Podcast of the Year

    WINNER-#57-Starrcade 86-Quite possibly the most rented video of the listeners of this podcast, Starrcade 86 without a doubt is a classic in the hearts and minds of the fans. Dre and Cat’s narration of the dinner at David Crockett’s house was phenominal.

    RUNNER UP-#44 Macho Man Randy Savage-This came under unfortunate circumstances, losing one of the greatest superstar of all time, but nonetheless an impromptu podcast from Dre and Cat led to some of their greatest work. OHHH YEAH!!

    Worst Podcast of the Year

    WINNER- #39 Wrestlemania IV-This is not the fault of our hosts, but the worst Wrestlemania of all time turned out to be the worst podcast of all time. The two part podcast was a genius idea, and the preceding podcast was a gem, but this is without a doubt a tough podcast to get through. There are some brightspots in this, however, Dre’s impersonations of Andre the Giant is undoubtedly one of a kind, and I will laugh my ass off every time I hear it for the rest of my life.

    RUNNER UP-#40 the Skyscrapers vs. Agent Steel/Randy Harris/Mark Callous vs Lex Luger-Again, with tough debate, I had to pick out a podcast that we really could have done something better with. Focusing on a tag team that was at best jobbers for the Road Warriors was a waste of time, and could have used it more wisely, like the 1984 David Von Erich Memorial, which anniversary was within a month of this podcast.

    Due to time constraints, and it is time to eat Christmas dinner, the following awards were presented earlier this evening….

    Funniest topic of the Year

    WINNER-The Tommy Young/Nikita Koloff junk tuck.
    RUNNER UP-Tommy Dreamer’s Nut Shot fetish

    Overrated Podcast of the Year
    “The Big Show” Monday Night Raw Simulcast

    Underrated Podcast of the Year (TIE)
    Mulkey Mania/Lee Marshall Road Report
    Midnight Express v Midnight Express

    Best Commenters Award
    Hardcore Bad Ass, Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan, Trak9, David Lo Pan

    Look foward to another exciting year, and if the David Von Erich Memorial or Wrestlemania III are not done this year, I am going to change over to listening to Blame Canada, the Stampede Wrestling Podcast Journal.

    • Black Cat says:

      You wrote a lot of nice words there but all I can focus on are your words referring to the Skyscrapers as “…at best jobbers for the Road Warriors.” You done pissed me off, son. Nobody calls Dan Spivey, Sid Vicious, and Mark Calaway jobber without getting a DOUBLE POWERBOMB STRAIGHT TO HELL.

      • Sergeant J says:

        OK, I will do a little homework and find the truth about the Skyscrapers. Sid Vicious, Dan Spivey and Callous all had great careers, but how long did their reign last? More to follow..

        • Sergeant J says:


          The first sighting of these two “behemoths” getting in the ring as the Skyscrapers occurred on the 30th of June 1989, on a taping of WCW Power Hour, facing George South, and Trent Knight. They then had a series of matches against jobbers for a month until the two ring battle royal at the Great American Bash, where they split the prize money. Also on that card, they wrestled the Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace), which the Skyscrapers won. To the listeners avail, they were already a team for 30 days or so.

          Their first match against a worthy opponent came against The Midnight Express, for which they squeaked out a victory when Vicious held the tights on Stan Lane for the three count.

          Their first loss came against the Steiner Brothers (why you haven’t covered them yet??) on the 3rd of September. For the next two weeks, both teams would fight to a double count out. This feud was over as quickly as it started, with the Steiner’s now involved with Doom over Woman. She was the Steiner’s manager during the feud with the Skyscrapers.

          That is precisely the time THE Road Warriors challenged the Skyscrapers to a fight during a TV taping, with the Skyscrapers w/ Teddy Long came out to the ring, but backed down and ran away. During October 89, they had a series of matches with the Road Warriors, and shocker….The Skyscrapers could not defeat the Road Warriors in a clean match, each time the Road Warriors winning via disqualification.

          The Skyscrapers were supposed to compete in the Ironman Tournament at Starrcade, but because of a Spivey’s hangnail, and Vicious’ stubbed toe, they were not able to compete, and were replaced by the much more viable Wild Samoans. The Road Warriors and the Steiner’s faced Doom and the Wild Samoans for the rest of the year due to those nagging injuries.

          So what was so impressive about the Skyscrapers?????

          • The Steiners did get covered in the Starcade ’90 Review where they won the Iron Man tag tourney. The best part was their promo afterward showing their support for the troops in Iraq.

            I saw an indy show last November where Scott Steiner was the special guest and his promo was pretty similar. “Chicago…tough town…Steiner Brothers…legendary team…want to meet all of you…take a picture…autograph…thanks.”

          • Sergeant J says:

            I also forgot about the New Japan/WCW Supershow. The Steiners were featured on that episode as well.

  6. LasVegasLeglock says:

    Great show again guys! Glad to hear Disco Stu make a guest appearance as well. I think my favorite part was when Dre opened up his Sting card and verbally laid the smack down on Black Cat thereafter. That was a hardcore shoot, brother!!

    FYI, for the best information about the creation of the Von Erich-Freebird feud, you both should get a copy of Gary Hart’s autobiography. He was the booker for the feud and laid out all the details building to the famous turn on Christmas night. Hart’s book is the single greatest wrestling book I ever read, bar none.

  7. Uncle Soda says:

    Hohoho, friends!! Merry Christmas!! The Christmas show certainly lived up to all the hype, and if I was Dre I’d fire away with a Schiavone impression here. It was really funny to hear Black Cat sing my contribution to the Christmas Carol extravaganza. There were a lot of great moments as usual. I think my favourites the hysterical WOOOOs in “Flair Christmas”, and Dre going nuts on Black Cat over the Sting card. I have no doubt Black Cat would have given the card in the end, but this was a great swerve.

    I agree with many of Seargent J’s awards, and would like to add a candidate for “Funniest Topic”: The discussion about Hulk Hogan’s promo when he said DiBiase’s money could have helped a lot of Hulkamaniacs who were a little slow in the head (holy ****) but still refused to sell the WWF title.

    Another great year, guys. Thanks for the incredible amounts of hours of entertainment you keep delivering. I’m so glad I stumbled upon the OSWP way back when.

    Happy New Year, and all the best to you and your families.

    Cheers / Uncle Soda

  8. Robert says:

    I was listening to this show while I drove through Small towns in east Texas. It was sort of awesome. (Hwy. 79 from Austin to I-20 at Marshall, if you wanna follow along on Google maps.)

  9. kevin barrett says:

    the christmas show ever on i tunes

  10. Jack Tunney says:

    Black Cat and Dre,

    Just a quick note to thank you guys for a wonderful Christmas special. You really brought some extra holiday cheer to the season! I love special holiday episodes, thanks for always doing such a great job on the show!