#58 – Pitbulls v Raven and Stevie Richards, September 16, 1995

We review this classic clusterfudge of an ECW tag team title match. Throw in a couple ECW managers, a run-in or two, and the greatest manager of all time (daddy!) and you got yourself a wrestling classic. ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW.

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  1. Re: Missy Hyatt/Bill Alfonso

    Hey guys, I found this on youtube…


  2. I can confirm that Stevie Richards is back to wearing the daisy duke shorts on the indy circuit and remains in P90X shape.

    I like Dre’s Bill Alfonso impression. I agree with Black Cat’s opinion that Fonzy looks like a rat. I always thought that too. Ever notice that if Bill Alfonso’s talking to people, he says their names over and over again?

    Judge Mathis totally buried Missy Hyatt and stole all her heat when comparing books. I’ll never get used to Fonzy speaking with a calm demeanor. I think he would’ve had a better chance in that court case had he been yelling, blowing his whistle, and addressing Judge Mathis by name over and over.

    • Black Cat says:

      Re: Stevie…At some point doesn’t most if not all pro wrestlers just go back to what got them over in the first place to do the indie circuit?

      Dre’s Fonzy could possibly be my favorite impression. Even better than Dusty.

  3. Sergeant J says:

    Well, guys, another classic in the books.

    Not to freak you guys out on a stalker level, but I just got done loading each and every OSWP into my phone, because I have a long drive from central Washington State to central Texas in two weeks with a wife, four kids and three cats. Boy does my wife hate the way I drive. Dont let me give you the wrong impression, because we are truly in love forever, but “Why did you change lanes, stay in that one”, “The speed limit is 70, why do you think you can do 74”, and my favorite “I’m tired, although I slept the last 900 miles while you drove throughout the entire day” can get old real fast. I am going to attempt to keep an earphone bud in my left ear, so I can hear you guys discuss memories of a generation ago, all the while being able to hear her voice, but not being able to understand what she is saying, and replying with the universal “Yes dear”.

    See, women think they are so smart, but yet they have not figured out the true meaning of “Yes, Dear”. They think it is us being polite and submissive to their wants and needs, but in all actuality, it is quite the opposite. It is our way of politely letting them know that we have had enough of the jabber jaw, and just shut up. Now, you might say, “Jeff, why dont you quit being a -explitive here-, and just tell them to shut up.” That is exactly why I dont say that, I am thinking two moves ahead. If I just blurted out “Enough with your mouth, just shut it”, there begins another arguement that I dont want to deal with. Any true man with conviction just wants peace and quiet while at home with the family. So when I say “Yes Dear”, she says OK. That will teach her.

    In closing, another classic job by you two, and of course I have to school you on the Killer Bees. They were the first wrestlers I have ever seen in my life. I remember being 7 or 8 years old, and flipping through the channels with my Grandpa in Commack, Long Island, New York (home of Jose Luis Rivera), and they were moving fast around the ring, showing great teamwork, and high flying with the double dropkick. Those guys were the epitome of Tag Team Wrestling. This was at the latest 1985. My Grandpa, a Master Sergeant in WWII, and a proud US Flag Flyer, for some reason his favorites were Nichloi Volkoff and the Iron Shiek. To this day, I dont understand….I never understood how on Saturdays they would be showcased as a contender, but were the jobbers(25 cents) against other tag teams. They were not given their proper due. Just how Knucklehead from Great Britan was a Demolition mark, I am putting my foot down as a Killer Bee fanatic. I dont think they were as good as the Midnight Express, or the RnR Express, but I put them up there in my book, ahead of any WWF Tag Team from that era.

    Looking foward to all the Chrismas Carols. Till next time

    • Dre says:

      We are glad our show can help you get through that car ride. I have been there myself. I laughed when you said your wife gets tired from watching you do all the work. We are going to start a second podcast called “The Old School Marriage Pocast”. It will be a bi-weekly show where we reminisce about how marriages were in the the 1950’s and the last half we will let our listeners share their feedback on the shit their wives are giving them.

      • Sergeant J says:


        You have no idea…..This is an Old School Wrestling Podcast, not rant about marriage troules, you would need but nonetheless, I think you are onto something.

        • Sergeant J says:


          Ironically enough I was cutoff before I could finish, but yeah, you would need a whole new domain, email, and have to quit your day job to complete that task, my friend. Any man who’s wife supports an old school wrestling podcast, I am all ears on what your advice would be. Can’t wait until next week.

          • Dre says:

            Oh, my wife has no idea I do this wrestling podcast. When we are recording it, she thinks I’m running to the store to pick up tampons.

  4. Billy Fuckin Paz says:

    Great episode. Definitely will be looking forward to peeping this match soon. Love that you guys KNOW what your talking about. Keep up the great work. I enjoy this podcast probably just as much as Colt Cabana’s “Art Of Wrestling”. Great stuff.

  5. Trak9 says:

    I actually watched this match on ECW’s Hardcore History DVD. ECW actually had some DVD’s out via Pioneer Entertainment before they closed up shop in 2001. I do have to agree with whomever said ECW was really good in 1995. It was also really good in 1996 too.

    Todd Gordon sold ECW to Paul Heyman in 1995 and became the ECW commissioner. You could say ECW started to fall apart once WWF took notice of them in 1996 along with their top talent leaving for WCW and towards the end the WWF.

    Anthony Durante’s name is pronounced like Kevin Durant with an e at the end of his name. Both Pitbulls were in the WWF in 1989 in squash matches. They became the Pitbulls in 1995 and were in ECW until 1997.

    The Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feud started in April 1995. They were childhood friends who were different. When Raven showed up in ECW he brought Beulah McGillicutty with him who was overweight as a child and looked good as an adult. They competed against each other with Tommy Dreamer never winning a match against Raven until Wrestlepalooza 97. Francine came in as a fan of Stevie Richards and on screen girlfriend. She and Beulah (Raven’s valet) argued and Stevie turned on her under the influence of Raven.

    Raven started out in the CWA, Florida the Pacifc Northwest along with Global and was in the WCW light heavyweight division in the early 90’s. He left due to an argument with Bill Watts and went to the WWF as Johnny Polo the manager for the Quebecers and Adam Bomb. He left in 1994 and showed up in ECW at the beginning of 1995.

    Bill Alfonso was a referee in Florida and the WWF before coming to ECW. While in the WWF he was also the translator and assistant for the Giant Gonzales. He is also the brother of the late Mike Awesome.

    Here is the rest of the Card:

    Bull Pain def. Tony Stetson.
    Dudley Dudley & Dances With Dudley def. Chad Austin & Don E. Allen.
    Hack Myers def. JT Smith (CO)
    Jason & The Eliminators def. Taz, Rick & Scott Steiner
    ECW Tag Team Championship, Three Falls Double Dog Collar Match: The Pitbulls def. Raven & Stevie Richards (ch)
    Order of falls
    Raven pinned Pitbull #2 (2:10).
    Pitbull #1 pinned Richards (3:43).
    Pitbulls pinned Raven & Richards.
    Rey Misterio, Jr. def. Psicosis (10:38).
    Gangstas Paradise Steel Cage Match: Mikey Whipwreck & Public Enemy def. Sandman, Too Cold Scorpio & New Jack

  6. Sergeant J says:

    Dre and Cat,

    I said earlier this week that I would school you two on the Killer Bees, and how they were the best tag team in the WWF from 85-87, but yet ZERO tag team titles during that time. I am going to use historical facts to be a little more objective. My first inclination was to use the measurement that Dr Dead Reckoning used, called “C.R.A.P.P.I.E” and blow it away, but I don’t think I could really sway the jury, so I am going to use the match results from 85-87 vs contemporary tag teams, the British Bulldogs, the Hart Foundation, and the Original Dream Team, Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake, whom all of which held the WWF Tag Team tiles on numerous occasions. The source of my research is the History of the WWE, which has details and results of every card ever held. The Bees debuted on June 17th 1985 in Poughkeepsie, NY with a win against Steve Lombardi and Dave Barbie. So get ready, take your seats, raise the ramp, strap on those helmets and start licking glass, cause I’m driving the bus to the school of most underrated tag teams. Cue Howard Finkel…

    “From Tampa, Florida, with a total combined weight of 469 lbs, B. Brian Blair, Jumpin Jim Brunzel, The Killerrrr Beeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!”

    Killer Bees vs. Greg Valentine/Brutus Beefcake
    Obviously from the jump, you would think second generation wrestler NWA great Greg Valentine, and a young stud Brutus Beefcake, along with all time great tag team manager, Johnny Valiant, would be a mis match against a few bugs, but stop everything….From 1985-1987, the Killer Bees beat Valentine/Beefcake 24-5. Three times, while the Dream Team were the champs, were beat by the original Stingers in non title matches, but never got the title match they most certainly deserved. The bulk of their matches were in the beginning of the Bees history before the Dream Team were the champs, and at the end of 87, but 24-5, no comparison.

    Killer Bees vs. The Hart Foundation

    All I am going to say is SIX times!!!!! Six times while the Hart Foundation were the tag champs, the Killer Bees beat them in non-title matches, and once in a cage. Their first match against the Hart Foundation happened on 28 July 1985, in Toronto, Canada, with the Bees coming out on top in Bret Hart’s backyard. Overall record, the bees were 29-18. There were singles matches between them as well, and the annoying buzzers definetly held their own against the pink and black attack. Blair and Hart were a draw, three a peice, but Blair lost to Neidhart 4-3. Brunzel is 1-0 against Hart and 1-1 against Neidhart. Both the Dream Team and Hart Foundation had skilled managers to coach them, but still couldn’t overcome the Sting. Bees take this one as well.

    Killer Bees vs. British Bulldogs

    This one is tough to debate, so you have to look to their one match in the three year span, a time limit draw on September 27, 1986. So a great common opponent would be Valentine/Beefcake. Before the title change at Wrestlemania II, the overall record between Bulldogs/Dream Team was a whopping 16-3 in favor of the Dream Team. Also the Foundation/Bulldog history does not favor in well for the fleabags, with the Foundation taking the lead 28-17.
    Case closed, the most successful Tag Team in that three year span is B. Brian Blair, and Jumpin Jim Brunzell, except for one tiny detail…..

    Killer Bees vs. Demolition

    Demolition debuted in February of 1987, and were an immediate threat to the high top wonders. I am not going to even go there. 27-4. One of the four wins by the Killer Bees was the SD Jones mask switch. Dr Dead Reckoning, win another one for Demolition.

    Couple fun facts about the Killer Bees. The mask gimmick was first used on October 28, 1986, in a win against the Dream Team in a non title match. The manifesto of the famous SD Jones/Jim Brunzell Killer Bees was lived for two consecutive dates. On May 31st, 1987, in California PA, in front of 2200 fans, SD Jones pins Ax after the masks were donned. The reason behind it was in 1987, B Brian Blair tested positive for cocaine, so they needed replacements for him during the shows. Other combinations that teamed with the Jumping One during these dates were the Junk Yard Dog, Koko B. Ware and Davey Boy Smith. The one who teamed with him the most during the 60 day suspension was none other than Hillybilly Jim. The Killer Bees were the winners of the one and only Frank Tunney Memorial Tag Team Tournament held March 15th 1987 at Madison Square Garden, with one of their few wins over Demolition in the finals. The winner received an immediate title match as the main event, but lost that match to the Hart Foundation. The wrestlers who most fell to the Killer Bees were Rusty Brooks, Iron Mike Sharpe, Barry O, Rene Goulet, Steve Lombardi, and the Moondogs, all were commonly stung by the Bees, wrestling them combined over 250 times without a loss.

    I needed to get this off my chest, and out of the way before the Christmas Spectacular, and finished before my wife wakes up. Later, Killer Bee haters.

  7. Sergeant J says:

    Correction- The date is right on the first use of the masks, but it was against Iron Shiek and Nicholi Volkoff, not the Dream Team