#55 – Abdullah the Butcher v Axl Rotten, May 28, 2000

We celebrate Halloween with the return of ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER! He takes on Axl Rotten in this technical classic put on by the morally upstanding wrestling promotion XPW!


This episode has been archived in the Season 2 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. tony Merola says:

    thanks guys for reviewing this match . I think it is insane . Then again , any match where you must be over 18 to view on youtube must be right ?
    keep up the good work and hide the forks

    • Black Cat says:

      It was a crazy match. I forgot that it was marked 18+. Too funny.

  2. First, phenominal picture of Abby on the front page.

    I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I too love Dre’s Tony Schiovone impression.

    Dre, you’ve gotta try garlic naan and Indian food in general. It’s fantastic.

    I think that’s the first Brody promo I’ve ever heard. It made me want to see the match.

    I like the way Kevin Sullivan says partner, pot-na.

    Who was that at the end of the podcast talking about loving everyone in Canada and coming to Hawksbury?

    • Black Cat says:

      That is one of my favorite pictures in my collection of Abdullah pics. Brody is one of the greatest promos of all time! And that was Abby’s friend/manager he started using a few years ago.

  3. Paz says:

    listening to this episode made me leave a review on itunes. great shit as always guys. keep up the great work.

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks! Send me an email at blackcat(at)flairchop.com with your address and we’ll get you some stickers!

  4. jeff says:

    Well, first off, when I was a kid, I loved Haloween. Anyone else had a mother that would buy the readymade costume with the mask but not let you wear it because she thought it was too sharp around the eyes and was afriad you would cut your eyeballs.
    My favorite Abby match was the Mexican Death match against Manny Fernandez during Starrcade 85. Foe anyone who has not seen it, the stipulation was a sombrero placed on top of a 12 foot pole attached to the ring post, and the winner would have to remove the hat. Abby was in his normal garb, but Fernandez was in his best Horsemen street fight apparel, jeans with cowboy boots.
    During the match, Abby used his spike to punch Fernandez square in the groin. The sell on that ( is that a quarter in the jar for internet jargon) by Fernandez was hilarious to say the least. In the end it was Fernandez who won, but what a strange match it was.
    In closing on Haloween, now as an adult, why does this day give men in the nightclub the right to dress up as their favorite female pornstar . I stay home now and protect my house with my XP40 against the egger and TPers in the neighborhood. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane, and once again, when are we going to hear the David Von Erich Memorial from Texas Stadium.

    • Black Cat says:

      I’ve seen Starrcade 85 but it’s been a reeeeally long time and don’t remember much of the undercard, so need to see that match again. Manny was a fashion trendsetter. I can vividly remember his cut off shirts, jeans, and mullet.

      And in regards to modern day halloween….can’t help you there. I do know I saw children’s costume last night at the grocery store that suggests this trend might be getting younger and THAT was the scariest thing I saw for Halloween.

      Texas is….soon.

  5. Mike Pace says:

    Hey guys, love the podcast, and wanted to share my personal Abby story with you.

    I was the lone pro wrestling fan who played and toured for many years in an indie rock band from New York called Oxford Collapse. One of the things we loved to do on tour was sample regional/local cuisine. Once I found out that the Madman from Sudan owned a restaurant called ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER’S HOUR OF RIBS & CHINESE FOOD “outside the perimeter” in Atlanta, I knew we had to stop there the next time we were in ATL. Well, we did. And it was closed. As it was the second time we tried later on that year. Third time was the charm, and in 2007 I finally sunk my fork into some of Abby’s delicious asian soul food. The chow was legitimately great, but the real treat was when the door of the restaurant opened and in walked Abby himself! He was as tall as he was wide, wearing black polyester slacks, a green polo shirt and a cowboy hat. He walked around the dining room, stopped at every table and asked everyone in a gravelly voice that was more Grover than Cookie Monster if their food was ok. How amazing is that?

    After he finished his rounds he went into an adjoining room, sat at the one table inexplicably in the center of the room, and just stared and said nothing. I knew we needed to get a photo with him, so once we finished our meal I cautiously approached him and meekly asked if we could have our picture taken. He graciously obliged. After the photo sesh and while we were gathering up our things to leave, Abdullah the Butcher called me over to him and told me to GO INTO HIS CRIMSON 1990 FORD AEROSTAR MINIVAN that was in the parking lot! I looked at him oddly but he encouraged me to go. So I went to his car in the parking lot, which was unlocked, and on the dash was a stack of glossy 8x10s of the Abby in all his glory! I grabbed three for the band, thanked Abdullah again, and we went on to play the best show of our lives that night, due in no small part to taping the Butcher’s glamor shot to our bass drum.

    Keep it up dudes!

    • Black Cat says:

      I would like, retweet, and +1 this story a thousand times if I could. Awesome.

    • jeff says:

      Score one for Oxkord

    • I’m having a hard time believing Abby GAVE you those 8×10’s. I’d have an easier time believing that he sold you the 8×10’s from what I’ve heard about the Butcher. Still a great story regardless.

    • Dre says:

      Great story, but I would never eat in Abby’s resturant because you don’t know were the eating utensils have been.

      • Trak9 says:

        I have not been to Abby’s restaurant personally, but I have heard that he uses plastic forks instead of actual forks.

  6. jeff says:

    I was trying to say that Oxford Collapse is Aboullah the Butcher’s favorite indie rock band. Great Story dude.

  7. Mike Pace says:

    Hardcore Badass – he must’ve been feeling generous that day. We did spend like $60 at his restaurant.

  8. Quarex says:

    I would never comment on something without enjoying it first, “Black Cat” Jook Williams.

    That Scott Hall ESPN documentary was amazingly sad. Watching that and two Benoit mini-documentaries in the span of a week helped remind me that I should, in fact, be glad I was not more interested in becoming more serious about wrestling.

    Those were some nice promos.

  9. richard hinkley says:

    I work with ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER nephews and he told me that his uncle is broke