#53 – Starrcade 1990

Dre, Black Cat, and Disco Stu of The Awesome 80s Podcast review the classic Starrcade 1990 and Lex Luger’s greatest match of all time.

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  1. Eric Darsie says:

    I really enjoyed having Disco Stu on the podcast this episode; to get a third perspective on what card you guys are reviewing. I think it would be awesome if you guys could get a third partner on reviewing classic pay-per-views! Kinda like with Stu and Starrcade 1990, whoever the third member of the broadcast team should have some kind of tie-in with the card you’re reviewing.

    Other than that, I was always scared of Doom when I were younger. They always had the “it” factor on scaring any young child, that you never wanted to meet them in person and piss them off. But against the Horsemen, no one’s more intimidating than the Horseman (whatever combo WCW put the Horsemen in).

    I’m very sad Ric Flair, ur, the Black Scorpion didn’t win the Worlds Heavyweight Championship from the Man They Call Sting that night. It would of been great for the awesome state of Minnesota and Charlotte, NC (yes, Charlotte, NC, is it’s own state due to Ric Flair) if Flair would of defeated Sting once again for the Worlds title at the WrestleMania of WCW.

    To conclude, thank you for the pushing two hours of booger sugar for my hears that came onto my iTunes this past Friday. I greatly enjoyed listening to the Starrcade 90 review after putting in a 9.5 hr day dealing Coke (not the drug, but the drink Coke 😉 [I’m a Coke merchandiser]).

    • Black Cat says:

      I’m pretty sure the fans were pissed enough about the Black Scorpion, so the least they could do was let the Stinger win that night. And Flair got the belt like two weeks later.

      Let me know if Coca-Cola would like to sponsor this podcast.

  2. I absolutely adored that beginning. Stu gets a thumbs up for the Black Scorpion impression.

    While we didn’t have PharMores where I grew up, there’s something to be said about picking out wrestling videos while Mom did her Friday night shopping.

    I remember watching Starcade ’90 for the first time in high school with Zero and we were both shocked by Norman Smiley’s back bridges. He was awesome.

    I’ve said this in past posts, but I too love Barry Windham.

    Didn’t Tully Blanchard also go to West Texas?

    My ribs hurt from laughing during the recap of the Steiners’ trophy presentation. F’n hilarious.

    • Dre says:

      HCBA- one of my all time favorite promos was a few years ago in TNA. Christian had an in-ring confrontation with Scott Steiner. After Steiner talked trash to Christian (while wearing his medevil chain mail hood), Christian replied back, “hey sir lance-a-lot, next time you talk to me, you should try taking the marbles out of your mouth.”

    • Black Cat says:

      – I’m very proud of the beginning of this episode. Good work, Disco Stu.

      – I can’t believe you of all people misspelled Starrcade! And the mental picture of you and Zero practicing back bridges is tremendous.

  3. Trak9 says:

    Thanks for finally doing Starrcade 1990.

    Sting wrestled Al Perez as the Black Scorpion at the Clash of Champions 12 in September. David Sheldon who also trained with Sting in Powerteam USA played the Black Scorpion in House Shows. He was better known as the Angel of Death in Stampede and the UWF.


    Brusier Brody and Tully Blanchard also went to West Texas. Dick Murdock claimed to go to West Texas, but he did not.

    Stan Hansen did win the US Belt at Halloween Havoc. Lex Luger did have good matches against Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. Basically he had to be in the ring with a good worker to have a good match.

    Salman Hashimikov the Russian not based on a Street Fighter character was actually the IWGP champion in April 1989 defeating Vader and than lost the title to Riki Choshu in July of the same year in New Japan.

    Mr. Saito was involved in the McDonald’s incident with Ken Patera. Mr. Saito did win the AWA world title in February 1990 defeating Larry Zbyszko and than losing the title back to Zbysko at Superclash 4 in April of 1990.

    I would argue there would be a bunch of Starrcade that were worse than the Battlebowl Starrcade’s in 1991 and 1992. Starrcade 1994 with Hogan vs. The Butcher, Starrcade 1998 Nash vs. Goldberg come to mind. It seems like that Starrcade was a show that usually had one or two good matches on it with the rest of the card being ok to bad.

    I do agree with Dre when he talked about how Sting should have taken more control of his career. I kind of wonder if he was one of those guys like Warrior, Goldberg, Batista and others who did not grow up pro wrestling fans and just wanted to make lots of money and not really care about their legacy.

    It seems like Sting was never the same once he blew out his knee at Clash of Champions X in February 1990 when he tried to interfere in the steel cage match between the Four Horseman and Gary Hart International. Earlier in the evening Sting was kicked out of the Four Horseman.

    By the way Tommy Rich won the NWA title in April 27, 1981 and lost it four days later back to Harley Race.

    • Black Cat says:

      Regarding Salman – from what I read they based the character on his physical features, not that he was based on that character.

      I suspect my declaration of distaste for this Starrcade is based upon how much I loved Starrcade 86-89 and how disappointed I was by this show.

      I think you’re right about Clash X…that really was where his momentum really started going downhill.

  4. Uncle Soda says:

    I was gonna agree with Hardcore Badass that the Steiner impersonation was the most hilarious part of this episode (with a lot of good competition) but this tidbit from Trak9 is a serious challenger for the top spot: “Dick Murdock claimed to go to West Texas, but he did not.”

    Great show as always, and kudos to Disco Stu for being such a great guest host. Flairchop seems to have found its’ very own Bob Uecker.

    Now Disco Stu, how about you get your foot off of Dre’s shoulder?

  5. Hey guys, New listener/wrestling fan. I was actually at Starrcade 90 at the ripe age of 6 years old and I can *still* remember a bunch of it in detail. I remember our entire family went in the front row and had about 50 different signs.

    I loved the tag team tourney. It was a pretty funny era in terms of which teams were face vs. heel. Canada, for example, randomly bad guys.

    • Dr. C says:

      Just wanted to chime in and let you know that this was one of my favorite episodes ever. I was not a WCW fan in the early ’90s (I was taking a break from wrestling, though now I love that era), so it was interesting to hear you guys discuss how you enjoyed the Black Scorpion angle. I’ve only ever heard of it as a wrestlecrap special -a la the Shockmaster or the White Castle of Fear. Interesting take here, though. Kudos!

      • Black Cat says:

        There’s some quality stuff from this time period, you just have to dig and it’s not always the main event stuff.

    • Black Cat says:

      That’s pretty sweet you were there. Did you ever make camera?

  6. Mike C says:

    Enjoy the show guys. Non wrestling relation question…. what was the loud synth instrumental song you guys closed this show with? I hear it ALL the time, but I’d like to know the name and/or artist. It’s an old sports theme right?

  7. Siskey says:

    Great episode guys. Love the old WCW, Crockett stuff. Keep up the good work. One suggestion do a “fatties” episode.

  8. Quarex says:


    You know, I have to agree, the Steiner Brothers were pretty much my favorite tag team, even though again I have no idea how I was watching NWA/WCW in the first place, but I was. I also liked Sting. Ogre loved the Great Muta but I did not understand why he would like a bad guy 🙁

    My nostalgia is watching wrestling with my FUW buddies 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Jason says:

    FYI: “Simon” and “Speak N Spell” are two completely different toys.

  10. Patrick M says:

    Trying to catchup on your podcast and just listened to this one. Thanks for the Doom love. They were a team I really liked, but I think I was a little out of wrestling when they started to make their title runs. (For example, I believe they were the last placed tag team in Starrcade 1989, and it wasn’t that much longer before they were de-masked).

    I do love how much the crowd was into both teams in the Doom – Horsemen feud. I agre that the Horsemen were intended to be the Face team, but the crowd popped huge for both — and Simmons was more face-ish in the individual bout with Flair.