#48 – ECW Heatwave 1998

The summer heats up in the OSWP studios as we take a look at what is considered by many as one of the greatest ECW shows of all time – ECW Heatwave 1998 and a very special guest stops by the studio and gives the guys a pep talk before the show even starts.

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  1. Joey says:

    Jason wrestled for ECW in the early days and was the TV Champion for a bit. He also wrestled Lex Luger in the main event of the 4th episode of Monday Night Raw, Luger’s WWF debut.

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks. I looked him up after we recorded and remembered he did have the TV title run before the E was Extreme. By the time I was actively watching he was pretty much done being a wrestler. He did have a pretty good schtick as a creepy french dude. I will have to find that match with him and Luger.

  2. Thanks for the image of you sitting on the toilet doing Fonzie poses. My mind is tarnished!

    I never watched ECW, and I tend now to associate them with what “broke” wrestling, but that Mike Awesome match sounds intriguing.

  3. KDSlone says:

    Good stuff! HW 98 was my first ppv to attend live and the bar was set high to say the least…

    • Dre says:

      Did you chant “we-can’t-see-shit-clap-clap-clapclapclap” during the Bam Bam / Taz brawl?

      • KDSlone says:

        10-4, I sure did. I was 5 rows back @ ringside and learned with all the brawling that was not the best idea in the world…

  4. Dean Stahl says:

    I was such a late comer to ECW, they were already on TNN when I saw regular viewings. I know of them from mags and ads on cable for the Wednesday PPV shows, but never saw much of the older stuff till later. I liked the passion of the crowd for the product and the intensity these guys put into it, but I have to feel that the influence it had on WWE’s Attitude Era was its biggest success.

  5. Worst Paul Heyman impression ever.

    Jook cussing is surreal.

    I was at this show too and I believe Skull Von Krush (Big Vito) was in the dark match. I can’t remember who he beat though.

    I loved it that Jason was billed as being from Europe.

    I remember the That’s Incredible from the 2nd rope and the hurrancanrana from the top to the outside through a table from the Jerry Lynn/Justin Credible opener being pretty amazing for the time.

    I remember only hearing “Air Sabu” when he jumped off someone’s back and hit someone in the corner with his outer thigh. I figured Air Sabu was the name of that move.

    I HATE “This is a shoot.”

    Shane Douglas was also mad at the finish of Taz vs. Bam Bam because, according to him, Bammer was reaching for the ropes, not tapping out. He then threw his computer monitor off the stage where the broadcast booth was. What if that monitor hit a fan in the crowd?

    “Tommy Dreamer loves to get his balls smashed in” will always be funny.

    I think Randy Savage’s character’s name on Space Ghost was “Wrasslor”.

    I like how Buh Buh Ray Dudley goes from hick accent to New York accent in that Dudleys promo during the break.

    Dr. Dead Reckoning beat me in the race to get a picture of my car with my OSWP bumper sticker on it. One of these days I will get that photo taken.

  6. Dr. C says:

    To me, this show marked the high point of ECW. The had a good amount of established talent (Douglas/Bigelow/Awesome/Tanaka/Taz/RVD/Sabu) but hadn’t yet suffered from the mass exodus that left the cupboard bare by late 1999-early 2000. Good show choice!

  7. Dead Reckoning (Dr) says:

    Never did the fonzie pose but will always affect a randy savage at WM 5 stylw wheb walking through busy corridors_elbows out a bit, focussed dead ahead, wearing a gaudy robe.

    Sorry I beat yiou Hardcore Badass, I would have done it sooner but Im a lazy SOB. People in my hometown have seen the stickers appeg in all sorts of places_the guys were kind enough to send a few of them.

    Never saw Ecw in its prime but the discussion of the show makes me want to check out Tanaka vs Awesome.

    Anyone esle wish the guys would do weekly shows? Also, how about some articles dre and black cat? U have the talent!

    • Black Cat says:

      Who hasn’t done the Savage?

      There’s a bunch of great Tanaka/Awesome matches from that time.

      I wish we could do weekly shows, but life & work calls. I’ve thought about writing…we’ll see!

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for listening! I have a hard time imagining anyone listening to myself and Dre talk for 1000 miles (see your other comment), but that’s awesome and glad to hear we’ve penetrated the French airwaves.

  8. Dead Reckoning (Dr) says:

    Sorry for the typos, I did the post on my phone, hidden f.rom view while in a meeting

    • Black Cat says:

      We fully support using the OSWP and flairchop.com to get out of work or to distract you in meetings.