Welcome to the Old School Wrestling Podcast. This podcast is a project of old school wrestling fans Dre and the Black Cat. Dre and Black Cat are children of the 80s who grew up watching all the pro wrestling their parents would let them consume.  Years later they find themselves with too much technology and a brain full of useless wrestling information they feel the need to share with the rest of the world. The Old School Wrestling Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to reviewing their favorite and not so favorite pro wrestling from at least 10 years in the past. Sit back, relax, and relive some of your favorite memories of yesteryear as they discuss pro wrestling from all over including the WWF, NWA, AWA, Texas, Mid-South, Japan, and anything else they can find that’s just fun to watch.



  1. Hiya,

    I left a 5 star review on itunes because theOSWP is far and away my favourite podcast (and I subscribe to quite a few!).

    To show mt dedication, I don’t actually use ITunes to subscribe to your podcast, I am an android bod (down with the Apple hegemony!) So I use Beyondpod, but to boost your profile and ensure the future of the OSWP, I put my disdain for Steve Jobs to oine side and registered with Itunes, just so I could leave a review (and get a free sticker of course).

    One slight issue though – I’m in the UK so postage would eb a bit more expensive so I totally understand if you can’t send one, but if you do, think of the international publicity you would receive!

    Keep up the fine work chaps, the address is below if a sticker is a possibility.

  2. Dead Reckoning (Dr) says:

    Ahoy hoy chaps!

    Thabk you for the shout out on the latest show. I posted an itunbes review under my real name chris powell, or Nacho Man Uk. I can’t remember but I’ve settled on this Id as my alter ego. That expains how I got the sticker which I have been placing in many places around the west midlands. Im spreading the gospel of the OSWP. My wife despairs of such antics but hey ho.

    Its a Suzuki Jimny btw. In the Uk its a hairdressers car, I.e. not manly at all but who cares!

    Another outstanding show, I didn’t get to see much ecw at the time so Im going to seek out the Tanaka vs Awesome bouts.

    One last thing, your archives kept me sane on my recent holiday in France. You kept me sane through 1000+ miles of driving. Appreciate it guys

  3. mason says:

    I love Demolition. In fact next to tully and arn were my favs of the 80’s. I loved the
    Episode about the Monday night wars. Is there some way I can get a copy of the dvd
    You made of the two shows spliced together?

  4. Charles Jones says:

    Whats good guys,

    Ive been listening for a few weeks now, via ITunes podcast and easily gave it a 5 star review. It was a no brainer….


    Your rant on Demolition almost made it a 4.5.

    Ill be keeping a close ear out on a review of your top 5 tag teams of all time(including factions).

    Keep up the amazing podcasts and reviews.

    Mr Wonderful Charles Jones

  5. Hey Dre and Black Cat! Yall are so awsome! Yall are both funny and very intelligent in your podcast! I have heard 12 of them so far! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! P.S as a huge TNA IMPACT fan i cannot wait for the reviews to start coming out in a coup of years! Send me a bunch of stickers so I can advertise some more!

  6. Joe Dick says:

    Hey boys thought I’d drop you a line from the Great White North. I enjoy the show. I enjoy your take on old school wrestling. However I don’t like you guys slamin the Great White North not cool boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work lay of the Canada jokes.

  7. Warren Hicks says:

    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say I am a big fan of the show! Being a guy who dabbled in a (really bad and potentially illegal) podcast show, I know how much time consuming hard work you have to put in. I appreciate your efforts! I just happened to stumble upon your show on ITunes over the summer and downloaded and enjoyed all of them. Hope you guys stick with it through 2012 and beyond! If you guys ever need a replacement just let me know.

    I must now make a reveal that may be more disappointing than the Higher Power, Black Scorpion, Hogan’s renegade, Paul Roma & Mongo as Horsemen and possibly even the Shock Master!!!!(although that was pretty awesome) ………I am Jennifer Hicks! Your one and only female fan…..Vocal female fan anyway….I put the feedback on ITunes on my wife’s account. I did not realize what I had done until you read the feedback on the next show! Midnight X vs. Midnight X I think. I Laughed my ass off! The real Jennifer Hicks did not think it was quite as funny……

    Keep up the Good Work !

    It’s the Best thing going today!!!Whhooooooo!

    Warren Hicks

  8. a Mark marking out in Tulsa says:

    You guys have a great show. It is a 5 star. When I listen “business is picking up”. It is so much better than so many other commentaries. First off, you guys do not take yourself too seriously. Secondly, you do not talk about how you would have re-booked things or made things better. Lastly, you are appreciative on the good and laugh at the bad. So many others just dwell on how corny it was back then. What needs to be remembered is most things are corny ten years removed. Basically you guys capture the whole reason wrestling is so much fun.

    I need to be ridiculed for my spelling errors, bad grammer, and long winded message but I agree with most things you say. I will start by saying that I did not watch too much NWA as a kid. I as born in 84 so WWF/E was more my scene. I hated the Braves so the superstation was out. They did show about 3 hours of Saved by the Bell after school and I did indulge in that. I too quit watching in the early to mid 90’s or 93-96. Sadly, the Bret Hart championship years. I do agree his book is the bible. I respect Bret but he is very serious at the same time quite the performer. You guys are right about ECW. It was amazing but it is more like milk than a fine wine. It did not age well. Wrestlemania IV was awesome though. Two tapes double the viewing pleasure. More Wrestlmanias need to be 6 hours.

    Thanks again for the show. Also thanks for rocking Illinois as a son of the one true Springfield I appreciate it. Springfield, Il was the locale of the famous Papa Shango making Ultimate Warrior bleed tar not to mention Buff “the stuff” Bagwell was arrested there. Marked out when I found put my wife was the flower girl in Rick Steiner’s wedding and that was the sign she was one. I have an autograph poster which oddly no one in her family wanted. Sorry I was long winded. Thanks for the show.

    • Black Cat says:

      Fellow Illinoisan – If there’s anything we take seriously, it’s not taking ourselves seriously. Fantasy booking is pretty silly (most of the time), so yeah, we don’t do too much of that. As a life-long Cubs fan, I also hated the Braves, but that never stopped me from watching The Mothaship WTBS! 😉 ECW is good in small doses. Thanks for listening!

  9. Canadian Bulldog says:

    Hey Guys the tag team that Owen formed with koko b ware after the anvil left was called High energy Keep up the good work guys take it easy Canadian bulldog

  10. Posh says:

    I just discovered OSWP at the end of the year and I love it guys. As a life long pro wrestling fan I have to thank you for the awesome show. I quickly learned while listening to the show at the gym I need to pause my iPod when drinking my mid work out protein shake, after one hilarious line lead to me doing a spit take of my shake all over the locker room. The only bad thing about the greatness of OSWP is you guys have my pro wrestling nerd running more wild than Hulkamania in 88! Instead of doing my reading for school I’m rereading the “wresting bible” Bret Hart’s biography. My better half was not smart enough to get out the army when I did, so she is out of town a lot training. While the wifey is away I’m watching all the wrestling you tube has to offer, and need to request you guys do Slamboree 2000. That show was so amazingly terrible that bunch of cops pointing guns at Hogan was not the dumbest thing on that show. Thanks for the great show guys I’m off to comment on iTunes as y’all ask.

    • Black Cat says:

      Glad we can entertain you while your better half is away. I also support the use of the term “wifey,” as that is the name entry for my spouse on my phone. I might have to take up drinking again to review Slamboree 2000! Thanks for listening. Email me your address and we’ll get you some stickers.

      • Posh says:

        Oh I must have left that out, i had more than a few to get threw the russotasic Slamboree 2000

  11. Brick says:

    Just received. Disc’s in the mail. Now. I can finally listen to the early. Ones.

  12. Scott Mairs says:

    Hey guys! I just left ‘yall a GREAT iTunes review. Any chance of getting a sticker mailed to me?

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks! Email me at blackcat at flairchop dot com and get me your address.

  13. richard hinkley says:

    bad news
    your “favourite wrestler” was selected as the best theme song in the wwe

    After a month of voting and countless discussions, it is now official. The fans have voted and it has been determined that Edge has the Greatest Entrance Theme in wrestling history. It was a close vote, but in the end, Edge defeated CM Punk’s “Cult of Personality” with 52 per cent of the vote

  14. Joe Dick says:

    Hey Boys keep up the good work. I love the show. There is nothing else out there like it

  15. American Male says:

    Hey guys – love the show. Just got my copy of the first 50 episodes and can’t wait to listen. Keep up the great work! Black Cat…I thought I was the only Scotty Riggs fan out there who couldn’t explain the fanfare. Nice to know that I’m not alone…although it is still a bit disconcerting.

  16. The Irresistable Object says:

    I received my Disk set in the mail last week. I absolutly love it. The show is “tits” guys. Keep it up.

  17. This is a doozy of a song and music video about pro wrestling. Lots of great classic pro wrestling footage and enough oddball fun to fill a steel cage.


  18. kristirae says:

    Hi guys! Love the podcast — my boyfriend was thoughtful enough to spread the good word about you guys, and now I’m hooked. Incidentally, he and I have been together 10 years and just now realized that we both have the same Kerry von Erich autographed glossy in our baby books at our parents’ houses…just another reason why we were meant to be. Thanks for keeping the great memories and the love alive for us!

  19. Brick says:

    What happened to episodes 57-62 69-70 I can no longer up load them on my blackberry. Play book

  20. Mil Mascaras Son says:

    Hey guys great show! I found your show a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since! I’m about your guys age give or take a couple years and growing up a wrestling fan here in WWF territory (L.A. Cali.) I started watching Pro Wrestling mainly WWF but also going to the legendary Olympic Auditorium and watch some Mexican Wrestling every other month with my dad I’d say I was a true fan! after reading about other territories on PWI and reading about Ric Flair and others I eventually discovered NWA on TV in 84 on Superstation WTBS, At the same time I discovered AWA on ESPN and WCCW late nights on a public access channel also. But after watching the NWA that was were my allegiance lied! I loved it! Crockett promotions was the shit! I even attended a couple of shows here they had at the Los Angeles Forum in 86 as I witnessed Wahoo defeating Tully for the National belt in one of the house shows! (Didn’t see that coming) Anyway I will be purchasing the DVD set. I hope the artwork still comes included with it. It sounds awesome! You guys are hilarious! Keep it !

  21. mikeyaz. says:

    great show. Like hearing the old shows. I forgot about so much fun, and so much of the crap.It is fun!!!

  22. StevieFranchise says:

    After listening to 1 show I became hooked and had to order the 50 episode box set. It came within a week, and looks pretty darn professional. To my wonderment along with this disc came some old school wrestling cards, including a Tom Zenk, an action shot of the Iron Sheik putting the hurt on Ivan Putski, and a Hulk Hogan posing card. That Hogan card is like a 1952 Mickey Mantle. I’m assuming you sent it by mistake, as the value must be pretty close to a million dollars. I’m having it graded and framed. I understand if you want it back, but I’m going to hold on to it as a nest egg for my retirement.
    Keep up the good work, and I especially love the respect you show old school ecw, as I was one of those people standing in line at the elk’s lodge in the mid-late nineties for 8-10 hours hoping to get the best seat for my $20.

  23. mikeyazmn says:

    Really like this podcast. It is fun remembering some of the matches i have watched. The Crusher and Dick The Bruiser match was great.

  24. Eric John says:

    Dre and Black Cat,

    Thank you for a great podcast. I’m 44 years old and started watching wrestling when I was 7 growing up in Hawaii watching Ed Francis’ Big Time Wrestling. When we got WTBS I got to watch Georgia Championship Wrestling. My favorite period was Jim Crockett in the mid 80’s. I’m so thankful that you guys remember us guys who still love the SPORT of professional wrestling. I love the banter between the both of you. Very entertaining. Thanks so much.



  25. Tony Crisler says:


    Heard about your podcast on the Karl Stern show on the wol website.

    I have rated you 5 stars and I mean it.

    Its cool to find a podcast that shares my taste in Wrestling and humor.

    Love the show