#183 – Randy Savage vs La Parka, July 7, 1997

This week we dedicate an episode to one of the greatest luchadors ever – La Parka. Support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and buying a box set, book, or shirt.

#182 – Austin Idol v Eddie Gilbert, October 8, 1990

Dre and the Black Cat review a classic Memphis battle between Austin Idol and Eddie Gilbert on the new episode, and Dusty Rhodes stops by the studio to discuss some allegations from 1978 with Black Cat.

#181 – Oh screw it, the Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy Final Deletion Match

SPECIAL UNSCHEDULED EPISODE TO DISCUSS THE GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCH OF ALL TIME. Seriously. We throw out the FIRST rule of the OSWP – that being the match reviewed MUST be at least ten years old – to review this masterpiece between Jeff and Matt Hardy. Also we are THRILLED to announce the release of the SEASON 5 OSWP BOX SET available NOW at secondperiodindustriespresentstheoldschoolwrestlingpodcast.comaka flairchop.com

#180 – Sgt Slaughter v Russian Assassin, Summer 1988, The County Fair

On the newest OSWP, Black Cat finally gets to tell the story of a match he’s been trying to find for almost 30 years! And he met Sgt. Slaughter with the Awesome 80s Podcast! Please support the OSWP by visiting our website at secondperiodindustriespresentstheoldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com ¬†and purchasing a box set, t-shirt, poster, or book!

#179 – Terry Funk v The Sheik, FMW, May 5, 1994

Dre and the Black Cat are back to their old ways, reviewing a great death match from FMW in Japan, staring the legend himself TERRY FUNK and his ol’ pal, THE SHEIK. Also, a big update on the current state of the OSWP. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting our website and purchasing a box set, book, poster, or t-shirt.