#191 – Starrcade 1989

It’s that time again – it’s time for the annual, and last, Thanksgiving dinner at David Crockett’s house. This year we review FUTURE SHOCK – STARRCADE 1989~! We are broadcasting live this year and get to talk to some friends and have all sorts of fun.


Listen live tonight, Thanksgiving Eve, at 10 PM Central, 11 PM Eastern!

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#190 – Andre the Giant v Blackjack Mulligan, June 5, 1982

This week on the show Dre and the Black Cat go way back to review a classic big man match between Andre and Blackjack Mulligan from 1982. Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and picking up some merch.

#189 – Halloween Havoc 1989

This week on the show Dre and Black Cat review a great old NWA PPVĀ – Halloween Havoc 1989 from Philadelphia, PA featuringĀ a classic tag team match with Sting and Ric Flair taking on Terry Funk and the Great Muta. In the second half, we receiving a very concerning message from Robert of the Atomic Elbow and get a visit from the American Dream. Please support the show by visiting flairchop.com and purchasing a box set, shirt, poster, or the OSWP 500 book.

#188 – Corporal Kirchner v Nikolai Volkoff, January 4, 1986

This week on the podcast, Dre and Black Cat discuss the brief WWF career of Corporal Kirchner in a PEACE MATCH against Nikolai Volkoff from an early Saturday Night’s Main Event. They also talk to Scott Hall in the second half of the show. Support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com or the OSWP merch store at gumroad.com/oswp.