OSWP Special Missions – The Search for Eddie Graham’s Boat Part 1

As a special holiday treat, we are reposting “The Search for Eddie Graham’s Boat” all by itself so everyone can enjoy or listen to this for the first time if you are a new listener! This week we are posting part one and will be posting part two after the next episode! When will we see part three? Stay tuned!

#192 – Jack Brisco vs Black Jack Slade, World Championship Wrestling, 1973

By order of Robert from the Atomic Elbow, we are reviewing this classic from 1973 – a match between NWA Champion Jack Brisco and Black Jack Slade. Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and pick up some official merch. We’ll see you…at the matches!

#191 – Starrcade 1989

It’s that time again – it’s time for the annual, and last, Thanksgiving dinner at David Crockett’s house. This year we review FUTURE SHOCK – STARRCADE 1989~! We are broadcasting live this year and get to talk to some friends and have all sorts of fun.


Listen live tonight, Thanksgiving Eve, at 10 PM Central, 11 PM Eastern!

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#190 – Andre the Giant v Blackjack Mulligan, June 5, 1982

This week on the show Dre and the Black Cat go way back to review a classic big man match between Andre and Blackjack Mulligan from 1982. Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and picking up some merch.