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#134 – Memphis Wrestling TV, March 10, 1984

This week Dre and Black Cat visit the Memphis television studios to review an episode of CWA wrestling from March 10, 1984 including such wrestling personalities as Jimmy Hart, Dirty Rhodes, Austin Idol, Harley Davidson, Joe LeDuc, Rick Rude, Bugsy McGraw, and of course, Lance Russell. We’re also pleased to announce that the OSWP 500 book […]

#133 – Black Saturday, July 14, 1984

Dre and the Black Cat celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Old School Wrestling Podcast discussing one of the most surreal moments in pro wrestling history – July 14, 1984 – the night Vince McMahon brought his circus to Atlanta, GA and took over the broadcast airwaves of WTBS. We’re also pleased to announce that […]

#132 – Dark Journey vs Missy Hyatt, UWF TV, January 17, 1987

Dre and the Black Cat pack up the Lincoln Continental down in Florida and head on up the road to Tulsa for a look back at an episode of UWF TV from January 1987 featuring a main event between Dark Journey and Missy Hyatt in a LUMBERJACK MATCH! This show also features Michael PS Hayes in […]

#131 – The Saga of the Family of Dusty Rhodes, Ron Bass, and the Mulligans

This week the Old School Wrestling Podcast sit down for some good, old fashion story telling from some all time greats like Dusty Rhodes, Ron Bass, J.J. Dillion, Barry Windham, and the soothing voice of Mr. Gordon Solie in a classic tale of betrayal by an old friend. J.J. takes us down to the Headlock […]

#130 – SummerSlam 1998

We take the highway to hell on the way to SummerSlam to review this Attitude Era classic featuring a main event between Stone Cold and the Undertaker and a classic ladder match between the Rock and HHH the made both men’s careers. We are pleased to announce the THIRD SEASON OSWP box set that is […]

#129 – Baywatch S6E15 and Bash at the Beach 1995

Summers rolls on at the Old School Wrestling Podcast as the podcast mobile pulls into Huntington Beach for Bash at the Beach 1995. Dre and Black Cat also take special look at a 1995 episode of Baywatch starring the Hulkster, Macho Man, Ric Flair, Vader, and Kevin Sullivan. We are pleased to announce the THIRD […]

#128 – Great American Bash 1985

This week the OSWP hop in the corporate helicopter and fly down to Charlotte, North Carolina for the very first Great American Bash as featured on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated RINGMASTERS VHS tape! We join Bill Apter and Gordon Solie in the studio as they guide us through this amazing summer classic with great matches […]

#127 – Cactus Jack and Chainshaw Charlie v New Age Outlaws, March 29, 1998

Dre and the Black Cat review one of the classic Attitude Era moments as Cactus Jack and his old friend Chainsaw Charlie, aka Terry Funk, seek revenge against the fan favorite New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match at WrestleMania. They also take a look at the match the following night on RAW when the […]

#126 – Live at the Squared Circle Restaurant with Box Brown!

This week on the podcast The Black Cat and Dre hop in the OSWP-Mobile and take a drive across town to the Squared Circle Restaurant to hang out with New York Times bestseller BOX BROWN and the listeners of the OSWP to eat some amazing pizza, wontons, craft beer, and discuss two great Andre the Giant matches. […]

#125 – I Like to Hurt People

On the 125th episode and season finale of the podcast, Dre and Black Cat return to the movies to review a video store gem: I Like to Hurt People. This classic is a movie with a complicated and a long road to Laser-Disc production before showing up on your local video store shelves in the […]