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#182 – Austin Idol v Eddie Gilbert, October 8, 1990

Dre and the Black Cat review a classic Memphis battle between Austin Idol and Eddie Gilbert on the new episode, and Dusty Rhodes stops by the studio to discuss some allegations from 1978 with Black Cat.

#181 – Oh screw it, the Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy Final Deletion Match

SPECIAL UNSCHEDULED EPISODE TO DISCUSS THE GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCH OF ALL TIME. Seriously. We throw out the FIRST rule of the OSWP – that being the match reviewed MUST be at least ten years old – to review this masterpiece between Jeff and Matt Hardy. Also we are THRILLED to announce the release of […]

#180 – Sgt Slaughter v Russian Assassin, Summer 1988, The County Fair

On the newest OSWP, Black Cat finally gets to tell the story of a match he’s been trying to find for almost 30 years! And he met Sgt. Slaughter with the Awesome 80s Podcast! Please support the OSWP by visiting our website at ¬†and purchasing a box set, t-shirt, poster, or book!

#179 – Terry Funk v The Sheik, FMW, May 5, 1994

Dre and the Black Cat are back to their old ways, reviewing a great death match from FMW in Japan, staring the legend himself TERRY FUNK and his ol’ pal, THE SHEIK. Also, a big update on the current state of the OSWP. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting our website and […]

#178 – Barry Windham vs Big Bubba Rogers, July 18, 1987

This week we review a fun match from the 87 Bash tour not included on the original VHS release between Barry Wyndham and Big Bubba Rogers. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting our website and purchasing a box set, book, poster, or t-shirt.