#197 – Hulk Hogan v Warrior, Halloween Havoc 1998

Dre and the Black Cat are back in business talking about the epic rematch between Hollywood Hogan and the Warrior at Halloween Havoc as well as all of the other nonsense that went on between the two in the months leading up to the match. They also announce a new contest to COLOR STING’S FACE. The winner will be announced on episode #200 in a couple of months and the winner will receive some tremendous prizes!


Save this image to your computer, print it out and color it in. Digital art on your computer is also encouraged! Email final results to blackcat@flairchop.com or on Twitter to @flairchops!

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  1. Robert from Vienna says:

    Hi guys!

    Halloween Havoc 1999 was scheduled to be 3,5 hours
    instead of the standard 3 hours – without warning
    the pay-perview-companiess.

    So most providers cut of after 3 hours
    and with that the main event.

    WCW at it’s finest…

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